Avoid Condo Board Burnout! Keeping Your Board Refreshed

Avoid Condo Board Burnout! Keeping Your Board Refreshed

Condo board burnout is happening.

Whether president, treasurer, or simply bog-standard member, the demands placed on condo boards can be taxing, leading to members phoning it in (sometimes even literally!) and governing bodies that become stagnant, tired, and ineffective.

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Just because board burnout happens doesn’t mean you have to just sit back and accept it, though.

We’ve seen even the most complacent condo board of directors receive a rejuvenating shot in the arm that helped them spring back to life and start taking caring of business once again.

It’s all in how you approach it – and that’s exactly what we’re here to chat about today.

The Causes Of Burnout

Just like with any other job or responsibility, there are a number of potential causes for board burnout.

Unbalanced duties is a reason we frequently see cited – most often by those sitting in leadership positions, but also fairly frequently from directors who feel their specific role takes up too much of their free time.

This concern can also include within its scope the need for too many meetings, which again, will surely lead to board members becoming frustrated and exhausted – and rightfully so.

Lack of turnover leading to long-serving terms is also a big factor when it comes to burnout – if a board member feels that they’d like to step down and there aren’t any other condo community members willing to take up the torch, there can oftentimes be a perceived (or very real) pressure to stay in their role.

This ends up leading to feelings of complacency and sometimes even resentment, none of which are obviously conducive to running a functional and effective governing body.

Coming Back From The Brink

So, your board’s burnt out.

Don’t give up hope! Instead, take some time to focus, pump yourself up, and bring these tried-and-true tactics (enthusiastically!) to your next board meeting:

  • Make the job manageable. We never cease to be amazed at some of the hours we learn board members end up dedicating to the cause. Put an end to this issue by taking a moment during the next AGM to set some limits on how much of a time commitment is expected of members. Residents shouldn’t be doing much more than one to two hours of condo-related work each week, providing the board’s healthy and running as it should. If more work is constantly required, then that’s a whole different conversation worth having.
  • Show members they’re appreciated. When your board shares a victory, celebrate! Did that reserve fund study go off without a hitch? Did the big landscaping project just wrap up successfully? Arrange a board members appreciation night – it doesn’t even have to be more than just wings and drinks to make your members feel good about their contributions.
  • Root out problem members. Nothing makes a condo board more miserable than a member with a bad attitude – or, worse, a bullying streak. It can be tough to oust problematic board members, but there are plenty of ways to make it more difficult to get away with things, including open communication, consistent operational standards, and a code of conduct review.

These bits of advice should help you get your board back on the road to success.

Remember that bringing members back from the brink is a process, through – patience and persistence will be your virtues in tackling condo board burnout.

Beat Burnout Before It Begins

Now that you’ve set your board straight again, the next step is ensuring you don’t find yourselves in the same position further on down the line. To rout out burnout before it has a chance to set in, consider the following approaches:

  • Ensure duties and expected time commitments are well-defined and properly dispersed for all board members, regardless of station – and create an atmosphere in which members feel comfortable calling for help if they need it.
  • Foster open and transparent communication at all times. This will be your best defence against board member burnout – present and future.
  • Build and regularly highlight consistent operational standards and codes of conduct to ensure all members are treated fairly, equally, and with respect.

These steps should help your board avoid any big bouts of burnout in the future – or at least aid in identifying and addressing it if it does come up again.

Source: Catalyst Condo Management

Need a bit more advice in tackling board complacency? Give us a call or contact Condo Management Companies Red Deer.

We’ve worked with plenty of burnt-out boards in the past and will be happy to offer our best advice to help your team get back in the swing of things once again!

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