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About Daniel Wiley – The Author

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My name is Daniel Wiley, I am the author and administrator at Sapana House, and I’m just a husband and a dad of a little boy like many other fathers.

I was a programmer, then became an Amazon Affiliate marketer after struggled with shopping online for home uses products.

I did a lot of research in order to purchase the right product that I need, and I know what a buyer wants when shopping for home uses products especially shopping online and from Amazon.com.

I build this website to share my experience as a way to help other shoppers save time and effort of researching as I did.

Please get in touch with me in case of any concern:


About Sapana House

Sapana means dream in Hindi language, Sapana House means A Dream House where people can live the most convenient life.

Sapana House (including website, Facebook fan page, Youtube channel, Pinterest Board) is created to help other people shopping for home uses products easier, faster, and cheaper.

https://sapanahouse.com is the official website of Sapana House where you can find the most useful buyer’s guides and product reviews in home improvement categories.

We studied every detail including advantages and disadvantages as well as customers’ feedback about the products that we listed here at sapanahouse.com in order to help others know about the products and decide to purchase the right ones in the easiest way.

Our buyer’s guides can be reference sources for everyone while the products that we reviewed are taken from Amazon.com. The products reviews are mostly for American shoppers. We will do products reviews for other countries soon.