Hi, my name is Daniel, I’m just a young dad like you and many others. I have dreams, living in a model and beautiful house is one of the dreams, the same to you, right?
Sapana House is a personal blog created to “write down” all my goals and expectation about a “dream house”, you also can find my guidelines as tips and reviews on the things we need to have in a house in order to have a better life. Almost of the information are my experiences, some other I collected and quotes from other sources. I hope this website can help you in the way to improve your house and your life.

What is Sapana House?

Sapana means dream in the Hindi language, Sapana House means Dream House, that is the way we have sapanahouse.com.

Why Sapana House?

The slogan of Sapana House is “build your dream house”, it doesn’t mean I am trying to help you to build your dream house but just share my knowledge and experience about tools and equipment or furniture we need to build the dream house.