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I love keeping my yard in top condition. A garden hose reel is a simple tool that helps me stay organized and on top of lawn and garden tasks. It keeps my garden hose handy when I need it, and stored neatly when I’m done watering or cleaning.

I searched for the best garden hose reel to suit my house and I found three products I liked.

I’d like to tell you first about the one I chose for my home, and this is the best garden hose reel for me.

Liberty Garden Products Decorative with 125-Foot Capacity

When I saw the Liberty Garden Products garden hose reel, I immediately liked the elegant design.

Yes, it’s a tool, but it’s also a decoration. I chose the Antique Finish 704 color as it best suited my house’s paint and brick.

The reel comes fully assembled. All I had to do was mount it.

The reel comes with 5 feet of hose to connect it to a spigot. Then I connected my own hose to the brass fixture on the reel. I used Teflon pipe thread tape on both junctions because I’d read that some users experienced leaks.

The reel is made to hold up to 125 feet of 5/8” hose. My own 100-foot hose fit with a little room to spare.

Once everything was in its place, it felt very sturdy.

The reel moves smoothly as I wind and unwind the hose, and the handle is plenty large enough to hold while I turn it.

Liberty Garden Products says they used a powder coating on the cast aluminum body. It resists scratches and rust.

The 7-inch by 14-inch shelf above the reel now holds a potted plant, but it could also hold tools or hose attachments.

It doesn’t come with mounting hardware, so I had to visit the hardware store to purchase the bolts that secure it to the wall. Once I drilled the holes, it was easy to hang the reel from its four mounting points.

This was okay with me since I could choose the correct kind for my home.

I feel like this garden hose reel adds to the external beauty of my house.

These are some main pros and cons of this hose reel you should know.


  • Sturdy cast aluminum and brass with powder coating
  • Elegant design includes a useful shelf for hose attachments or other items
  • Holds up to 125 feet of 5/8” garden hose
  • Comes assembled with 5 feet of hose


  • No mounting hardware included
  • It’s wall mounted hose reel, hence you can’t move it around your garden

I’m enjoying this reel at my home because it helps me keep the hose stored neatly out of the way.

In case you’re not sure that this is the best garden hose reel for you, I’d like to tell you about another one I liked.

Rapid Reel Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Model #1043 sold by Eley

I considered the Rapid Reel garden hose reel cart because it would allow me to easily transport a hose around the yard.

It has a dolly-like design with ten-inch solid rubber tires. The palm-size handle turns the wheel smoothly to wind up the hose. Then just tilt the cart back and roll it wherever you need it to be.

Like the Liberty Products reel, this one also has a brass fitting and a 5-foot supply (or leader) hose. The hose that comes with it is 5/8” but the fitting accepts both ¾ and 5/8 hoses.

The cart itself can hold up to 100 feet of ¾-inch or 125 feet of 5/8-inch hose.

Unfortunately, the cart must be assembled before you use it.

Since the design is simple, most users have reported that it takes less than half an hour to put together.

Of course, it has pros and cons as below.


  • Large solid rubber tires roll easily over bumpy terrain
  • Comes with brass fitting and 5-foot supply hose
  • Sturdy design holds up to 125 feet of hose
  • You can move it around your garden easily


  • Must be assembled before use
  • You will need extra hose if you want to move it

There is one other garden hose reel I found that you may want for your home.

I’d like to tell you about it below.

Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder 125-Foot Capacity Hose Reel

The Suncast Aquawinder Reel makes hose cleanup super easy because it’s auto-retractable.

Flip a lever and it winds up the hose for you. No batteries or electricity is needed, only water pressure. It even has a hose guide to keep hose evenly wound.

Like the other two garden hose reels in this review, the Aquawinder can hold up to 125 feet of 5/8-inch hose.

The body is made of strong plastic resin and it comes fully assembled with leader hose.

The casing looks like painted wicker so you can leave it on your patio.

The three downsides I found for this reel.

First, it wastes some water and it’s hard to move. You can’t turn off the water until the hose is wound, then you can drain what’s left.

Two. the auto-retraction feature also means you’ll need to remember to pull out the hose before turning on the water or else it’s very difficult.

Three, there are no wheels or handles to make it easier to relocate.

Let me recap some main pros and cons of this garden hose reel.


  • Auto-rewinds hose without electricity or batteries
  • Holds up to 125 feet of 5/8-inch hose
  • Looks like wicker so it blends in with some kinds of outdoor furniture


  • Not very portable with no wheels or handles
  • Wastes a small amount of water
  • You have to setup a source water hose with a certain pressure for auto-retractable

Top 3 Garden Hose Reels Comparison

Liberty Non-Rust Cast Aluminum Wall Mounted Garden Hose ReelWall mounted125 feet of 5/8” hoseManual
Eley Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Model 10432 wheels cart100 feet of ¾-inch or 125 feet of 5/8-inch hoseManual
Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder® 125-Foot Capacity Hose ReelGarden stakes 125 feet of 5/8-inch hoseAutomatic with water presure (no power needed)

Now that you’ve seen my top three picks and wonder how to find the best garden hose reel.

Keep reading!

4 Criteria I Used To Find My Best Garden Hose Reel

A simple purchase like my garden hose reel makes it easier to care for my lawn and garden and keep things looking neat around my home.

When I started looking for the best reel for my needs I set some criteria of features I would find in the best reels.

  • Sufficient capacity for my garden hose
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Design that suits my home’s exterior

My garden hose is 100 feet long, so I wanted to be sure that I chose a reel with sufficient capacity to hold it all neatly.

Besides the room to hold all the hose, I looked for a reel that was sturdy and rust-resistant to stand up to regular use.

I also wanted a reel that was easy to use. That meant a comfortable handle, smooth winding and unwinding, and something that wasn’t difficult to assemble or mount.

Finally, I wanted a hose reel with a design that would match my home’s exterior. That way I could have it at hand outside when I needed to use it.

Are they applicable to you?


I hope this buyer’s guide helps you find the best garden hose reel for your home. Here is a short summary of the best features of the three I reviewed.

The Liberty Garden Products garden hose reel has an elegant and useful design that enhanced the appearance of the exterior of my home. It holds up to 125 feet of hose and turns smoothly with the handle mounted on the side. The shelf on top can hold a potted plant, tools, or hose attachments.

If you prefer a useful and beautiful design that keeps your hose hooked up to water and ready to use at all times, consider getting the Liberty Garden Products reel.

The Rapid Reel garden hose reel cart sold by Eley has two large rubber tires that allow you to roll the cart like a dolly. The sturdy body holds up to 125 feet of hose.

If you would like a mobile reel, you may enjoy having the Rapid Reel cart to transport your garden hose.

The Suncast Aquawinder reel also holds up to 125 feet of hose inside its rectangular wicker-like case. It auto-retracts the garden hose using only water pressure.

If you want to disguise the fact that you have a garden hose nearby, or if you like the auto-retraction feature, check out the Suncast Aquawinder.

I hope you enjoyed reading the reviews of these three top garden hose reels.

If you have any question or experience to share, please feel free to leave your comment below!

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