6 Key Elements To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

6 Key Elements To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be small and only house a couple of necessary appliances to ease in the process of outdoor entertaining or they can contain each and everything you could want or need for your next party.

outdoor kitchen plan 6 key elements

There are several key elements to keep in mind when choosing the type of outdoor kitchen you need.

1. Budget

Figuring out what your budget is for a project is typically one of the least fun steps. However, it is very important to think of this upfront and come up with a firm number.

The difference between even a $15,000 outdoor kitchen and a $25,000 outdoor kitchen can be huge.

You will want to know what you can afford so that your “shopping list” fits accordingly.

2. Size

Your next step is to determine the size of the area you will be using.

Do you have an existing covered porch which you are converting into your new outdoor haven?

Are you building an addition onto your home?

Or are you building a new home and trying to figure out how much outdoor space your home plan needs?

The size of the space available will greatly affect the type of outdoor kitchen you are able to achieve.

You can have all the fancy new appliances in the world but if you cannot walk around the space to use them it was all for naught!

3. Prioritize

Once you have your budget set you need to prioritize. You probably have some idea for your dream to get together with family and friends which is what started this process.

In that dream party are you smoking up a nice juicy pork butt in your beautiful new smoker?

Are you grilling burgers while grabbing a beer from the refreshment fridge all the while hanging out with friends seated around the large island?

Or are you looking for a classy night with wine and a cheese platter while waiting for the hors d’oeuvres to be ready to be pulled out of the oven?

Whatever your idea is you will want to be sure that you choose your appliances wisely.

You may not have room in the budget for every idea you have but you can at least make sure that you have prioritized what is first on the list.

Your perfect evening will be easily achieved if you can do this.

4. Create the Optimal Layout

Now that you have the size, budget and goal figured out its time to create the optimal layout for the outdoor kitchen. Take graph paper and draw out the space using proper scaling.

Once you have the shell-drawn out you can start to add each element you are wanting.

Be sure to leave 4 feet of walking space to ensure plenty of room to maneuver. Also keep in mind that you will need electric, water and/or gas hook-ups for each of your different appliances.

5. Read Reviews and Choose Your Appliances

You have your full game plan now so it’s time to do your research. We all know research is never the fun part of a project but it can save you a lot of headache down the road!

Reviews will be a very helpful resource in this stage. Look for reviews left by customers after they have been using the item for an extended period of time.

You will get a more accurate representation of the quality of the item this way.

6. Hire a Professional

Saving a bit of money by building/installing your new outdoor kitchen by yourself can seem like a great idea in the beginning.

However, it is always smart to hire a professional when dealing with electrical or plumbing additions. It will be well worth your while to hire the professional.

You do not want to end up in a DIY bind later down the road.

These steps can seem like a no-brainer to some but it is very important to think each one through.

If you follow each of these you will be well on your way to hosting that perfect party in your new outdoor kitchen.

Source: Nelson Design Group – Residental Planners & Designers

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