Over The Toilet Storage – Ultimate Guide

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in the house. Keeping it neat can be a challenge.

Your makeup stuff like a mess. Let’s try a makeup organizer.

Most of us have a lot of stuff in there. There’s usually not enough space for everything. That means items get left out on the counter. Or they’re squirreled away in over-stuffed cupboards and drawers where we can’t find them later.

The best solution is a better organization.

And an over the toilet organizer is one of the solutions, it keeps essential items in order and closes at hand, and it is a space saver, too.

That old adage about “a place for everything and everything in its place” is true.

You have the perfect place to add more storage. The area around and above your toilet is most likely empty.

Let’s help you fill it with the shelves, racks, or cabinets you need to stay organized.

This article is where you’ll find answers to questions that come to mind while you shop online in order to select the best one for your home, and also how to make one yourself.

For example, you might be thinking about which type of toilet topper best fits in your bathroom. We’ll discuss the different styles, materials, sizes and more to help you decide.

Sounds cool, right?

First of all, there are two main kinds of over the toilet organizers, freestanding and wall-mounted.

1. Freestanding vs. Wall-mounted

1.1 Free-Standing

Free-standing toilet storage is a straightforward solution. Although you’ll probably need to assemble the structure, you won’t have to mount it to a wall.

Standalone shelves and racks are easier to manage than fixed furniture. You can move them for cleaning or repainting the wall.

And it’s easy to upgrade them if you desire.

1.2. Wall-Mounted

Wall-mounted toilet organizers become a fixed part of your décor. They can be a sturdier option than a free-standing rack, though. They may also add to the value of your home.

Mounting shelves on the wall requires correct measurements, the right tools, and at least two people.

Once the wall-mounted toilet storage is in place, it’s difficult to upgrade.

Here are some ideas for your new over the toilet cabinet.

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2. Functions

2.1. Towel Storage

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have more space to hang towels to dry? And what if you could store extra washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels in the bathroom?

2.2. Vanity

If you share a bathroom with someone else, it’s handy to have a vanity with a large counter and plenty of storage. But you could turn your toilet shelf unit into an extra vanity. Add a lighted mirror as a place to put on makeup.

2.3. Medicine Cupboard

When you put a bathroom cabinet above the toilet, you can turn it into a medicine cupboard. It’s a smart location to keep a first-aid kit, too.

2.4. Space Saver

Use the space surrounding the toilet to store extra toilet paper and cleaning essentials.

3. Types

3.1. Organizer (Shelf/Rack/Ladder/Etagere)

One of the most common types of over the toilet organizers is the open shelf or etagere. Hotels often have racks over the toilet like these for extra towels. Some shelves are stepped like a ladder.

3.2. Cabinet (Drawer)

Instead of an etagere, you might feel more comfortable with enclosed storage like a cabinet. Some over the toilet stands have compartments with drawers or doors.

4. Materials

Various materials have different advantages. Some hold up better than others in a humid bathroom.

Also, consider whether the material goes well with your decorations and if you can give it a new look in the future.

4.1. Wood

It’s possible to purchase both wall-mounted and free-standing wooden toilet cupboards.

Many of them are made of engineered wood like MDF with a veneer. Others are built from pine or oak.

Wooden toilet organizers are easy to refinish if you repaint the bathroom. They don’t rust and they are sturdier than wicker or glass bathroom shelves.

On the other hand, they may warp from too much moisture.

Additionally, they can be more expensive than the ones made from other materials.

4.2. Metal (chrome/brushed nickel)

Over the toilet shelf units made of metal are sturdy and modern-looking.

Depending on the metal, you may be able to paint it a different color. Those made of chrome, brushed nickel, or aluminum are more corrosion-resistant compared to those built of stainless steel.

4.3. Glass

Toilet shelving units made of glass look contemporary.

They don’t have as obvious a presence as wooden or metal shelves which makes them a better fit for crowded bathrooms.

4.4. Wicker

Wicker bath shelves have a classic appeal.

They are lightweight and deals well with moisture.

It’s a little hard to dust, though.

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5. Colors

Typical top of the toilet storage units come in a basic assortment of colors.

If you want a bolder shade, you’ll probably have to paint it yourself.

5.1. White

White is, without a doubt, the most popular color for bathroom organizers. But this innocuous shade goes with practically everything.

5.2. Black

You’ll also see around the toilet storage in black. It’s less widespread but makes for a striking accent.

5.3. Espresso

Espresso, or dark brown, is less common but fits right into some bathrooms.

5.4. Gray

Gray and metallic tones like steel or chrome are a regular choice for metal toilet organizers.

5.5. Others (Brown/Cherry/Gold)

You’re also likely to discover bathroom cabinets in natural wood tones. Those include honey-colored pine, cherry, and brown walnut.

It’s unlikely that you’ll run across gold-colored shelving unless it’s small.

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6. Sizes & Dimension

Once you’ve measured the bathroom, it’s time to decide how big you want the over the toilet décor to be. There is an immense variety of sizes to fit any bathroom situation.

6.1. Small (Short / Narrow)

To illustrate, there are short toilet toppers that sit directly above and on the sides of the toilet.

Try one of these if you already have bathroom cupboards higher up on the wall.

If your toilet doesn’t have room on the sides, experiment with a narrow organizer.

This type lets you make use of free vertical space.

Many wall-mounted toilet hutches are small, too.

6.2. Large (Tall)

Then there are large organizers that provide etagere shelves, cupboards, hooks, towel racks, and more.

7. Conclusion

If you’d like to make your own toilet organizer, we have some ideas to get you started.

Upcycling is a trendy way to repurpose old furniture into something fashionably new. Take an old dresser drawer and refinish it to hang on the wall above your toilet. Or mount a wine rack to support rolled up towels.

If you don’t want to drill holes in the wall, make a freestanding organizer from an old ladder.

Next, it’s possible to build an inexpensive bathroom wall shelf for under $20.

The how-to video takes you step-by-step through the process.

Over the toilet storage puts free space to good use.

Now you have some bright ideas for whipping your bathroom into shape. Adding extra shelves and cabinets is an inexpensive investment that pays off with better organization of your home.

We hope our guide to the best over the toilet space savers helped you today.

Note: The price ($) marks are our rating present for a price range, please click the link to see the accurate price.

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