Ninja Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker

In this article, we’re going to be doing our product review for the new Ninja Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker (new version – NC501).

Let’s get into this.

Just a quick note: our reviews are based on features and functions that we feel are important.

Those might be a little bit different for you.

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Ninja Creami Deluxe Ice Cream & Frozen Treat Maker

Ninja Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker – Features and Functions

The new Ninja Creami Deluxe ice maker (NC501) consists of the base unit, a pitcher, couple of containers called creamy pints.

These are the actual containers that you put in your freezer.

Lids for the creamy pints, that just kind of snap on the top.

Also a lid for the pitcher.

And in the bottom of the lid, you got your creamy paddle.

That’s actually detachable by pulling the lever on the top and then you can just pull it out.

What happens is, when you let go of the lever, the mechanism inside the lid just kind of holds the paddle in there in place.

And then, when you start your machine up, the shaft comes down to the Pint attaches to that paddle, and then goes ahead and processes through the container.

Pretty interesting actually.

The way this all goes together

The lid with the blades installed slides right onto the top and locks into place.

And then the whole thing slides right onto the machine, and then once you turn it to the right, it locks the container in.

Then, you’re ready to process.

Once you lock the pitcher into the Creami Deluxe, the first thing you have to do is decide what capacity you’re going to do.

You have the option to process just the top half of the Frozen creamy pint, the bottom half assuming you’ve already used up the top half.

And you’re putting back in a half-full Pint or you can do what I generally do which is just processing the entire thing once you decide what you want to do.

In my case, we’re doing full then you get presented with a bunch of different options.

The Ninja Creami Deluxe allows you to turn almost anything into frozen treats.

Like ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and all your favorite mix-ins.

You can make scoopable and drinkable ice-based treats like Italian ice slushy cremation, frozen drinks, and frozen yogurt right at home.

The Creami Deluxe has five new functions which include:

Italian ice: that’s designed to transform water in your favorite fruity flavors into refreshing scoops of Italian Ice.

Frozen yogurt: take any store-bought yogurt and creamy it into a smooth Frozen treat with the touch of a button.

The three drinkable functions are frozen drinks.

You can make beverages that bring the vacation to your home like margaritas and pina Coladas slushies.

Recreate a favorite childhood treat by turning water and pouring a drink mix or syrup into silky smooth sippable slushies the cream of Chino.

You can create Coffee House quality frozen coffee drinks with your preferred coffee and sugar along with any creamer milk or milk.

Alternatively, you desire the Creami Deluxe has a powerful motor base and comes equipped with an outer bowl and lid.

To house your Deluxe pint while processing, the deluxe creamer Riser paddle which transforms Frozen mixtures into the perfect creamy texture.

Two extra large family-size Deluxe pints and Lids to store your creamy treats right in your freezer.

It also includes an inspiration guide with recipes and tips to help you get started with your Creami Deluxe.

All of your scoopable options are on the left side, start from the top at ice cream, and come all the way down to Italian ice.

On the right side are all your drinkable stuff, from creamy Chino all the way down here to milkshakes.

Depending on which one of these options you select will determine how long it’s going to take, and the Machine will actually show you right up on the screen exactly how long that’s going to be in minutes.

So, if we were doing regular ice cream and it’ll be two minutes.

You have two extra buttons that you would use after.

Let’s say you want to mix in some chocolate chips or some M and M’s, or some Oreo cookies,

In that case, all you would do is let the process finish.

Put your mix-ins in, close the container, back up, and hit that button and it’ll just rotate it a few times just to mix it in

For the respin button, you’d use this if you process some ice cream and it gets done and it still looks a little bit granule.

You can go ahead and lock it back in push that button and it’ll give it a quick respin.

Usually, that will take care of that problem.

If you process enough ice cream in the pitcher, you’re gonna have that happen from time to time.

Not a big deal, respins are quick, not a problem.

Making Ice Cream With The Ninja Creami Deluxe

I’m going to be making a vanilla ice cream recipe with chocolate chips to show you how to work at the Ninja Creami Deluxe.

For this recipe, you’re going to need one and a half tablespoons of cream cheese and half a cup of granulated sugar.

One and a half teaspoons of vanilla extract.

One cup plus two tablespoons of heavy cream.

One and a half cups of whole milk and 1 3 cups of chocolate chips to mix in now.

First, we want to microwave the cream cheese for about 10 seconds in a large microwave-safe Bowl.

Add your sugar and vanilla extract with a rubber spatula.

Combine it until the mixture looks like frosting.

Next, slowly mix in the heavy cream and milk until fully combined and your sugar is dissolved.

Pour your base into an empty Creami Deluxe.

Pint to the scoopable max fill line.

Place your storage lid on your pint and freeze it for 24 hours.

The next day remove your pint from the freezer and remove the lid from the paint.

Once your pint is prepped Frozen and ready to go plug in the unit then place your pint into the outer Bowl.

Press and hold the latch on top of the lid then insert the paddle into the bottom of the lid.

Release the latch to secure the paddle the paddle will feel a little loose when installed position.

The tab of the lid just slightly to the right of the outer Bowl handle so that the arrows on the lid and handle are aligned.

Rotate the lid clockwise to lock and place the outer Bowl on the motor base with the handle in the middle of the unit.

Twist the handle to the right to erase the platform and lock the bowl in place.

Next, select full, then use the dial to select ice cream.

You must always select a processing mode top full or bottom before selecting a one-touch program.

If making a drinkable program only full is available after processing.

Add your mixings by creating a one-and-a-half-inch wide hole that reaches the bottom of the paint.

Add your chocolate chips to the hole in the Pint and process.

Again, using the mix-in program.

Once complete, remove your ice cream from the Pint, serve, and enjoy.

Now, a funny thing about the Creami Deluxe is that you can personalize any recipe to your liking.

To make this recipe light, just use 3 per 4 teaspoons of stevia and 3 and 3 per 4 tablespoons of raw agave nectar.

For granular-related sugar, you can process it in the light ice cream program and you’re set.

Testing the ice maker

For our testing, we made four different recipes.

Light protein vanilla ice cream

First up, we made some light protein vanilla ice cream.

We mixed up and cooked all of our ingredients.

Poured it into the creamy pint and let it freeze overnight.

The next day, we went ahead and pulled that out, put it in the Ninja Creami Delux, and did a light ice cream process on it.

The entire process took four minutes and the result was absolutely fantastic.

If you look at the result, it’s almost totally indiscernible from high-end store-bought ice cream.

That’s pretty amazing.

Considering we’re not churning the ingredients before freezing.

Next up, we tried the cremation feature.

Cremation feature

What we did there was pour our sweetener into the creamy pint.

Mix in some hot coffee and stir it enough to make sure all of that sweetener was dissolved.

And then, we filled it up to the drinkable freezer.

Line with half and a half we put that mixture into the freezer to let it Harden overnight.

The next day, we had our base.

With that base, you poured a little bit of additional room-temperature coffee over the top.

Put it into the machine and process and this ended up being almost an exact replica of something that you get out of Starbucks or coffee bean.

Our next test was the slushie function.

Slushie function

Doing this is a lot like making the cream of chinos.

We took some lemonade mix and threw it into the Pint.

Stirred in some hot water until it was dissolved all the way.

And we made sure it was filled up no higher than the drinkable freezer line.

Then we went ahead and put that mix into the freezer overnight.

And when we pulled it out the next day, we went ahead and topped that off with water.

Threw it into the machine, and pushed the start on the slushie function.

And in about five minutes, we finished the product.

The results of the slushie were extremely close to something you get out of 7-Eleven or something like that.

It was mixed all nice and smooth and we didn’t have any chunks of ice in there or anything.

The last function we tried was processing just half of a pint.

Processing just half of a pint

So, we went ahead and set this process in the top half.

Set it to light ice cream and we put in a pint of our chocolate ice cream.

Once that was locked in and ready to go, we went ahead and processed just the top half.

When it got done, about two minutes later, we had nice creamy ice cream on top.

We’re able to scoop all that out really easily.

It came out really nice and the bottom half there was left pretty much untouched.

We were able to throw a lid back on that and toss it back into the freezer and save it for another time.

It seems like all the new features are pretty darn good.

I especially like the fact that we don’t have the progress bar across the top anymore.

Kind of gives you an estimate of how much time you got left in your process I much prefer that it shows you actual minutes instead it’s just a lot more intuitive to me.

Also, another thing to note is that they changed the locking mechanism a little bit.

You still have to push the button to unlock the Pint and then turn it back to the left to swivel it down.

But before you use it, you have to kind of find where it sits.

One negative I do have to mention about this cream maker though is the noise.

If you don’t like noise, you’re not going to like the Ninja Creami Deluxe because it’s loud like you bring in power tools from the garage and run them in your kitchen.

It really is that loud.

I don’t care about noise too much myself but you might be a little bit different.

It has a few extra features up its sleeve.

In my opinion, it’s a nicer-looking machine too.

There’s that if you’ve ever used the original creamy then you should be right at home using this one.

It’s very similar in both Form and Function is it a Poco jet killer though like I’ve heard some people say definitely not.

But keep in mind that a Poco jet is four thousand dollars and that’s not a fair comparison at all.

For the features you get out of the box, definitely, for the results you get out of the machine, I’d say that this is definitely something that you really want to take a look at.

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