Magic Bullet Mini Juicer

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the new Nutribullet product – the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer.

Now, if you’re already familiar with Nutribullet’s products, you may already be aware that they have a pro juicer.

That similarity is no coincidence as the Mini juicer is a mini version of the Pro one.

When you may be familiar with the Nutribullet company, you may know that they also have a Mini blender as well.

Blending and juicing are not the same, and this new Mini juicer is different from the Mini blender.

So let’s take a look at it to see what it has to offer and whether it’s captured some of that magic that has made its older sibling so popular.

Nitribullet Magic Bullet Mini Juicer

Magic Bullet Mini Juicer Review

Starting from the top the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer is yet another self-feeding juicer.

That’s not much of a surprise but this model does shake things up as it’s a fair bit cheaper than Nutribullet’s other self-feeding products.

Although it does lose out in other areas as a result even so the self-feeding mechanism itself proves to be as sturdy and reliable as ever.

However, due to its reduced size and capacity, it can’t handle whole fruits and vegetables as well as its full-size siblings enforcing.

The need to do a little bit of prep in advance.

Despite this, it is still much less time-consuming to use than a fully manual juicer though.

Moving on the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer also makes use of the h300s multi-screw mechanism able.

It in a more compact form this mechanism is the latest and greatest to be released from Nutribullet’s product development team.

And aside from being very easy to clean and reducing the number of core parts it also proves to be very efficient although.

We’ll touch on that some more when we assess the Magic Bullet Mini Juicers’ juicing performance alongside.

The multi-screw and the other juicing parts have also been optimized to provide a top user experience with a number of small features.

That makes a large difference when it comes to assembly or cleaning.

Aside from the core juicing parts, the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer doesn’t offer much in the way of accessories, but it does have a pulse juice collection container and a cleaning brush.

And realistically these are the only necessities.

Plus this is an intentional move by Nutribullet to reduce plastic and packaging waste making the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer a more environmentally friendly product overall.

Now with the features out of the way, let’s talk about its actual juicing ability.

At this point, we feel it’s quite important to clarify that the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer is a mini slow juicer, therefore it’s not really suited to producing more than one glass of juice at a time.

Does that mean it’s bad?

Not in our opinion but it does mean that it’s not necessarily the right choice for everyone with that caveat in mind.

We’ve been impressed by the Magic Bullet Mini Juicers’ performance and its single glass.

It matches its larger siblings in terms of yield extraction which we had not anticipated in the run-up to our testing.

As a result, it leaves behind dry and well-pressed pulp and a glass full of juice from a single load.

Since it is a Magic Bullet Mini juicer it does of course make use of their patented slow squeeze technology to effectively draw out nutrients at a slow and steady speed of 43 rotations per minute, this paste gives ingredients plenty of contact time.

The multi-screw auger in combination with its large surface area allows it to quickly and efficiently extract high yields keeping any friction to an absolute minimum.

As a vertical-style juicer, the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer is at its best when it’s working with fruits and root vegetables although.

it can handle smaller amounts of leafy greens or celery as long as they’re mixed in with other ingredients.

That can be used to aid in processing the fibrous pulp now while performance is often seen by many.

As the most important area for a juicer we believe that user experience is just as important.

And it’s little surprise that the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer offers an exquisite one from the perspective of juicing.

It’s incredibly easy to use and the self-feeding technology quite literally does all the work by itself really.

The only involvement a user has to have is filling the top container with some ingredients.

Plus when it’s running the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer’s motor is really quiet even among juicers.

This allows it to easily blend in as standard background noise.

Of course, it’s not all about juicing though.

And for many people, an easy cleaning experience counts for more.

Luckily the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer has that base cover too as it only has three parts.

All of which can rinse clean under warm water very quickly.

Most of the time you won’t even need to use the scrubbing brush.

The minimal amount of parts also allows for the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer to be assembled ridiculously easily.

By sticking the multi-screw auger into the juicing bowl, and then screwing the self-feeding container on top.

A complete beginner could have it ready for action in a matter of seconds.

Now before we wrap up it’s time to review the build quality of the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer.

Considering its relatively low price tag, we had expected to find some concessions here.

But much to our surprise we haven’t actually found any yet as far as the overall construction is.

Concerned the juicing parts are all made of high-quality BPA-free plastics.

This ensures that they won’t leech chemicals whilst also giving them great structural integrity and durability against the pressure they will experience whilst juicing.

Nutribullet has also maintained its usual standard on these small parts such as the seals which are still made of silicon – the ideal material.

The parts are also machined to the usual high standards with minimal marks from the manufacturing process.

And a nice overall finish.

Stepping back the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer also benefits from a very compact form.

The factor making it easy to store or even travel with.

If so desired it also has an understated and minimalist style that’s available in a variety of colors to quietly complement almost any kitchen although.

Beyond just being stylish the Magic Bullet Mini Juicers’ body does have some practical advantages.

not only is it very lightweight and easy to move but its textured finish is very tactile and grippy while also working well to hide scratches and signs of wear that it picks up over time.

overall we found the Nutribullet Magic Bullet Mini Juicer to be a very impressive juicer, especially considering how much it costs in particular.

It’s really nice to see a self-feeding model that’s more accessible to a wider audience.

And Magic Bullet Mini’s endless attention to detail has really allowed the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer to offer up a tremendous user experience.

It’s very clear that a lot of care and time was put into the design process for this product.

Although in spite of its many successes, this new style of mini juicer definitely isn’t the right choice for everybody.

Put simply if you want a juicer that you can make numerous juices in a row the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer isn’t the one for you.

However, if you’re single or the only person in your household who drinks juice, it could instead be the perfect option saving you time and money while still outputting high-quality juice.

And offering up a majority of features typically only seen in much more expensive juicers.

So if you fit into that group we strongly recommend considering the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer as your next user.

As always thank you for joining us and we really hope that you found this review useful.

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