iSpring RCC7P Reverse Osmosis Systems Review

Behind the curtain

The reverse osmosis systems are manufactured by various brands across the world. But one of the most established brands in this line of business is the iSpring Water Systems. With products ranging to meet residential and light commercial water treatment, the brand is driven by a commitment to earn maximum customer satisfaction.

In this review, we will focus on the RCC7P product and highlights its specifications and usage. There two main reverse osmosis systems under the Ispring RCC7P brand.

iSpring RCC7P 5-Stage 75 GPD [With Booster Pump]

Specifications and features

This system can be used to purify water which can be used for domestic consumption or in aquariums. The system has five filtration stages ensuring a cost effective water purification system. Below are the five purification stages.

  • Stage one – The five micros 10- inch high capacity polypropylene sediment filter removes sediment, dust, sand, particles and rust
  • Stage two- Here is where chlorine together with its unpleasant taste and smell are eradicated thanks to the 5 microns 10-inch granular activated carbon. The water gets much clearer and colorless.
  • Stage three – The 5-micron 10-inch carbon block is responsible for removing chlorine residual ensuring the water tastes and smells great.
  • Stage four – This is where the reverse osmosis happens. The high rejection membrane filters the water to less concentration.
  • Stage Five – The ten inch inline carbon removes any possible residual odors accumulated in the tank

Additional features in the system include:

  • Its price varies from $400 to $280
  • A 3.2 gallon pressurized tank
  • Faucet.
  • Tubing – Transports the water from one point to another
  • Automatic valves to monitor and manage water levels to avoid spillage.
  • A booster pump of 100 PSI, 24V to improve low water pressure and ensure it attains the requisite minimum levels of 30PSI.
  • A user manual

Consumer reviews and recommendations

Out of the 129 reviews received, the product has a 4.7-star rating out of 5. Many of the reviewers enjoyed the great taste in the water and efficiency of the product. Users have been with the fact that they get value for their money. However, there were those users who found difficulties in the installation. While others got something they didn’t pay for.

PS: It is worth noting that all the above components are certified to meet the NSF/ANSI water standards.

Ispring RCC7P-AK – 6 Stage [With Boost Pump and Alkaline Mineral Stage]

Specifications and features

This system uses six stages to purify the water. Just like its counterpart, an additional stage has been included to replace the minerals back to the water. The alkaline filter on the sixth stage retains calcium and magnesium minerals in the water whilst increasing the pH levels of the water. The system has the capacity to produce 75 gallons of water each day.

Other features include;

  • The price ranges from $429.99 to $297.73.
  • A 3.2-gallon water storage tank
  • A pump to boost the water pressure to optimum required levels of 30PSI.
  • Consumer reviews and recommendations

Users enjoyed the product and provided quite some positive reception. The product has a good star rating of 4.4 out of 5- stars. There were many who praised it for its quality service, giving users value for money.


Buying this product will not only save you money but will ensure you get clean and healthy water. Its daily production of 75 gallons per day coupled with the 3.2-gallon storage tank guarantees you of sufficient water supply. Its boost pump comes in handy since it enables users in low water pressure to enjoy its effectiveness.

The advantages

  • Water so fresh and tasty- The purification stages deal with chlorine and any other chemicals leaving you with tasty, clear and odorless water.
  • Users enjoy cost savings- The filters last for up to 6-12 months before replacements. The need for buying water bottles gets eliminated.
  • Easy to install and manage- The video tutorials provided by iSpring Water Systems coupled with the user manual will assist users during installation. The system has mechanisms which monitor the water levels to avoid spillage.
  • Active customer service – The brand works to ensure it meets customer concerns. Customers have options on how they can get in touch with the brand representatives.


  • Wastage – The system filters allot of water, leaving up to two-thirds of the water being wasted. There are instances of leakages when using the system.
  • Installation and management – Installing the hardware components together might not be that easy for everyone. Most people are forced to seek additional information online via the company’s website or video tutorials. The filters require periodic replacements which are inconvenient. Periodic cleaning of the membrane to clean is also necessary to remove any attached residuals.

Usage and maintain

Users are advised to make sure that they properly install the system well. The recommended water temperature should be at 37~`4 degree Celsius, at a pH range of 3-11 to avoid damaging the system.

The filters are supposed to be replaced often. Each filter has the recommended changes frequency mostly ranging from 6-12 months. Below are some of the filter service life and periods of changing.

The sediment filter recommended changing frequency is every 3-6 months

The granular activated carbon filter needs to be changed every 6 months

Carbon block filter requires to be changed every 6 months

The TFC membrane should be changed every 24 months

The Inline carbon filter is supposed to be changed every 12 months

The Alkaline filter is recommended to be replaced every 12 months

The O-rings will give a good service for three years thereafter it is advisable to have them replaced.

Leaking areas need to be tightened or replacement of the O-rings.


The best systems for cleaning and filtering your water have been the reverse osmosis systems. For ensuring that your water is purified from salt, industrial chemicals, chlorine and metals such as arsenic then this is the best bet. The numerous positive reviews confirm that the RCC7P gives you value for your money.

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