iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis System review


The iSpring water brand is an established name specializing in reverse osmosis water treatment. It deals with products both for commercial and residential use. The reverse osmosis system uses pressure and a membrane to eliminate contaminants found in water.

The I-spring RCC7AK has two popular versions which will be highlighted below.

iSpring RCC7AK–UV [With Flow Sensor]

To start us off will be this product and below are some of the key features detailing how it functions.

Features and usage

This product has 7 purification stages incorporates polypropylene sediment (PP), granular active carbon (GAC), carbon block (CTO), the reverse osmosis membrane, inline Carbon, an alkaline filter and ultra-violet light bulb. These components combine to form a seven stage reverse osmosis system and are as articulated below.

  • 1st stage – This stage is where sediments, dust, sand, particles, and rust are removed. This is achieved by use of 5microns ten-inch high capacity PP filter
  • 2nd stage – The 5 micron 10-inch GAC eradicates chlorine making the water clearer and odorless. This stage gives water that nice taste as it eliminates the cloudiness colors in the water
  • 3rd stage – An additional carbon consisting of 5 microns 10-inch CTO removes any residual color, tastes and odor, industrial chemicals and other contaminating chemicals in the water
  • 4th stage – This is where the reverse osmosis takes place thanks to the high rejection RO membrane. Here is where microorganisms, lead, chromium, copper, and sodium are removed.
  • 5th stage – The water stored in the tank is filtered further for any residual and odor by a 10-inch polishing inline carbon.
  • 6th stage – Water is allowed to retain minerals lost at this point. Using an alkaline filter, water pH levels are increased as well as minerals such as calcium and magnesium are added back.
  • 7stage – The final stage utilizes the 11W ultraviolet light to eradicate bacteria and other viruses. The UV has a flow sensor switch which switches automatically when in use and off when not in use.

Apart from that there are other features available which include:

  • A pressurized storage tank
  • A faucet- A lead-free water delivery.
  • Water transportation tubes
  • User manual
  • Automatic shut off valve
  • Produces 75 gallons of water per day
  • More than 72 consumers have reviewed the product and so far the product has a 4.1-star rating out of 5.
  • All of these components are NSF/ANSI certified.

iSpring RCC7AK  6 Stage RO water filter with sensor

The second product borrows most of its features and functions of the preceding product. Below we will highlight some of its specifications.

Features and Functionality

As mentioned earlier, this product shares similar specifications and used as its counterpart. However, apart from a 7 staged systems, this one has only up to 6 stages. It does not include the UV light bulb meant for eradicating bacteria. Its major emphasis is on the alkaline and mineral filter which adds the pH levels of the water making leaving it a higher alkalinity. Out of 295 reviews, the customer rated the product at 4.5-stars out of 5.

Benefits of the I-spring RCC7 AK

The I-spring RO gives you quality products designed to meet the customers’ water purification needs. With a capacity storage tank of 3.2 gallons produced at a rate of 75 GPD, you will be assured of pure water supply.

The advantages

  • Purified water – Each stage of filtration ensures you get clean and healthy water. The smell and taste of water are also enhanced.
  • Worthwhile investment –Save your money by investing in a product that will ensure you get your money’s worth. The product will last up to six or even a year before a need to replace the filters arises.
  • Economically sound – Many people spend allot of money buying bottled water. This, however, is a better avenue for water treatment.
  • Easy to manage – The automatic valves shut down the moment water gets filled up in the tank. As for the UV, it comes with a monitoring system which goes off whenever it’s not in use.
  • Customer support – The iSpring brand has a vibrant customer relation responding faster to customer concerns.


  • Water wastage
  • The technicality of installing – Installation of the system might require an expert’s assistance since not everyone might be conversant with the system.
  • Pilferage and breakage – Due to the shipping aspect to the sellers, there is a higher likely hood of products not arriving at their destination in one piece.

User’s reviews and recommendations

On average, both products have had a positive response from consumers. The users have given the products a five-star rating and seem quite satisfied with its functionality. Most users seem to be pleased with the taste of water and the benefit of saving on costs. The UV light was also given some positive feedback for its automatic on and off switch.

However, there were a few challenges encountered by customers mostly during installation. Most of who found it hard to follow through the user manuals.

User guide, maintenance, and management

The filters have varying filter service life and users need to ensure they change them for better service delivery. Below is the recommended changing frequency to be used.

  • Sediment filter – Requires changing after three months
  • GAC carbon filter – Best to have it changed every half year.
  • Carbon block filter – Needs to be replaced every half year.
  • High rejection osmosis membrane – To be replaced every two years
  • Inline filter- Recommended replacement is every one year.
  • Alkaline Filter – Replaced is every year.
  • UV filter – Recommended replacement is after one year

It is, however, worth noting that of the De-ionization, alkaline, and UV filter, users has the option of not following the changing frequency.

The user manual is an important document and will guide the buyer of proper ways to install the system. However, there are videos available where users can learn in installation ways. The I spring company contact centers are also available for further engagement and query.

Users should ensure that the water pressure meets 45-80 psi pressure. Water temperatures of 37~`4 degrees Celsius and a pH range of 3-11 are important to avoid damaging the system. Soft water is also highly recommended.


The demand for water grows with each passing day. As population increases and resources get diminished, people are turning to technology for solutions. The reverse osmosis system is a major breakthrough for many. Healthy, clean and good tasting water is something we should all embrace. The I spring RCC7AK seems to have answers to these water treatment concerns.

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