Home Master TMAFC-ERP Review

From the manufacturers of very renowned water treatment products is the Home Master TMAFC–ERP. More than a decade in existence, Perfect Water Technologies have been providing solutions to purify your water. They specialized in reverse osmosis technology, which not only eliminates contaminates in the water, but also enhance that great taste.

Are you comfortable with the kind of water you are consuming? Do you feel short changed by the water supply from the Municipality? Tap water contains microorganisms and chlorine leaves the water with an unpleasant taste and smell.

Home Master TMAFC-ERP uses a reliable technology that will leave your water clean and filled with minerals. To help you be more informed, we will highlight some of the features of this system.

Features & Specifications

This system employs seven stages used in purification of the water. This is believed to remove almost all the contaminants leaving in an almost perfect state. The process also incorporates a stage where water gets additional minerals. Unlike other RO systems, this one guarantees removal of every residual existing in the water.

The Purification Process

Drinking and consuming water should not be a boring and normal affair. Water gathers allot of contaminants in the course of its journey before reaching our home.

The seven processing steps will leave your water to an almost 100% clean from impurities. The seven stages are as articulated below.

  • Step One – At this point, water gets eliminated from dust, particles and other sediments.
  • Step two – Chlorine is a well-known chemical which is used to disinfect most of the water coming from the tap. However, there is another chemical called chloramine, which is harder to eliminate. At this point, carbon is used to remove this chemical and make the water taste and smell better.
  • Step three – Water at this point gets further injected with carbon to eliminate any existing chlorine and other chemical residues.
  • Step four – This is the foundation of the RO process in the system. Using a quality and a very hard to penetrate membrane, water goes through the reverse osmosis purifying water from bacteria and other metals and chemicals including arsenic lead, sodium and copper.
  • Step five – This is the stage where water gets added minerals which increase the pH levels of the water. This enables it to withstand the acidic nature of the rubber tank and avoid any loss contaminates getting into the water.
  • Step Six – Water leaves the storage tank gets filtered further from any residual that might have accumulated.
  • Step Seven – Calcium and magnesium gets added back into the water. This not only enhances the taste, but also makes the water more alkaline.

Apart from those useful procedural purification steps, there are more features that come with this system. This is as articulated below.

  • Advanced design. The system comes with an inbuilt filter component where the filter and the filter housing are together making handling and management easier.
  • Quality and large components and tubing making flow of water run faster.
  • Storage tank
  • A chromed faucet
  • A five year warranty
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • The product is made of high quality and meets international water standards.
  • An automatic shut off mechanism is installed, which monitors and ensures that the system is off whenever the storage tank gets full.
  • Has a permeate pump
  • User’s manual.


The system is designed to give users cleaner and more effective water filtration systems. The filter canister together with housing is designed to ease replacement and avoid chances off any bacteria building up. The system is also designed in a manner that it enhances the water delivery through its high flow components.

The US manufactured product ensures users of quality and effective product. This is boosted by the fact that the company has exclusive ownership to this kind of system. No other brand can therefore emulate this double mineral addition mechanism.

Favorable pointers

  • Handling and management of the system are easy with a stress free filter change structure.
  • The component to the system, enhance the flow of water, making it faster
  • Requires no power to operate
  • Leaves water to be tasty and with no odor
  • Purified water, which saves on the cost of buying.
  • Filters can last up to one year before the need for replacement.
  • Reduces on water wastage while enhancing the water production.
  • Easy to install.

Unfavorable pointer

  • The system is expensive.

Reviews and users’ recommendations

Word of mouth is a very effective tool in marketing. Many people will buy a product or service based on another user’s experience. A good product sells itself and pleased customers will talk great things about it. Out of 18reveiws, the home master TMAF ERP has received favorable reception. This has enabled it to get an average of 5-star out of 5 rating. At a discounted price of $499.95, reviews have been positive from pleased users.

Many were happy with the efficient and fast rate of the system is supplying water. The permeate pump was also a darling to some of its ability to boost the water pressure. Its ease of installation, the quality long lasting system and he great taste of the water made reviewers feel that they got value for their money. There were no complaints which signify that the system has a good rating.

User guide and maintenance

The packaging box contains an owner’s manual. This is a very important which requires users to read it carefully before installation. Inside the package there are additional items including a 3/8 inch adapter with an automatic shutoff valve, RO adapter among others. Users are encouraged to ensure that the there is nothing missing or damaged in the package.

For an efficient service delivery, users should make sure that the system is properly handled and taken care off. Filters need to be replaced often and usually every one year. Ensure that the product is kept in a safe place away from direct sunlight or heat and in a cool environment. Favorable temperatures to avoid damaging the system should be maintained usually at 40-100 degrees C.


Apart from its high cost implication, this is a system that every individual should purchase. It’s a great investment that will give value for money. Water is a key component in our daily lives. Clean and healthy water should therefore not be a luxury. This system also ensures water gets additional minerals useful making its tastes better.

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