Home Master TMAFC Artesian Review

Perfect water technologies Inc. is a manufacturing company based in the United States. It deals with water purification products for residential and commercial use. Founded in 2002, the company has undergone numerous transformations which involved rebranding. Perfect technologies Inc. has patented most of its product and services.

Apart from reverse osmosis products, the company also offers shower filters, garden & hydroponic filters, well water filters amongst others. The home master TMAFC is one of its top RO systems. So we will highlight the key features of this system.


Home Master TMAFC Artesian uses seven stages in the filtration stages. This enhances the removal of contaminations found in water up to 98%. These contaminants include chlorine, heavy metals, particles and other organic chemicals among others.

The system also incorporates additional stages where minerals are added back to the water.

Purification Process

The sediment filters eliminate the dust, particles, and other solids from the water. Home Master TMAFC uses its powerful and highly effective carbon filters to tackle down the chlorine chemical. This chemical tends to be a firm resistance to most reverse osmosis systems.

The carbon filters are made of 5-micron coconut shell carbon, which enhances the taste and smell of the water. A TFC reverse osmosis membrane removes heavy chemicals and other chemicals using the reverse osmosis.

Thereafter, water is added back to more minerals, which include calcium. Once the water goes through the whole purification process, it loses most of its mineral and becomes slightly acidic. This water then gets into contact with the rubber bladder in the tank and dissolves some of it.

With the Home Master Artesian system, the water is added with calcium and magnesium becoming more alkaline. This prevents the water from dissolving some of the storage tank residues.

Water is then given addition minerals as it leaves the storage tank heading for the faucet. This not only makes the water heater but enhances its taste.

Additional features include

  • Easy to manage filters.
  • Fast rate of water flow
  • Larger fittings and tunings doubling the flow of water
  • Integrated design to regulate the water pressure for purposes of optimizing purification and minimize on wastage of water.
  • The design of the filter housing enables the user to dispose both the filter and the canister during replacement.
  • Gives users a 5 year warranty with a 30 day payback for unsatisfied customers.
  • Components are certified by the NSF standards
  • 3.2 gallon Storage tank
  • A faucet which is lead free to ensure purified water does not get contaminated with lead.


Other reverse osmosis brands replace their filter canisters annually leaving the filter housing intact with the systems. This is, however, dangerous since microorganisms can accumulate over time rendering the housing unit not to function properly due to leakages and weakening.

In this Home Master TMAFC Artesian RO system, the user gets to replace the whole unit filter since the filter and the housing are incorporated together.

The brand has patents on its innovative ways of adding minerals to the water on two levels. This retains the alkalinity of water, including the rich minerals after the water leaves the storage tank


  • The water flow components are large enabling for faster flow of water
  • Easy to install and manage.
  • The filters are easy to manage and efficient in preventing buildup of microorganisms. The filters are long lasting and replaced once every year.
  • The water is tasty and economical than buying bottled water
  • The water is clean, odorless and very tasty
  • Has a great design which monitors on water wastage as well as a design to manage the filter replacements.


  • The system is believed to be much more expensive than its rival brands

User Review & Recommendations

Prospecting customers who might want to buy the product can have at the price ranging from $419.95 to $349.99.

The customer reviews have been exceptionally positive with most people giving the product a 5-star rating. However, the product has a star rating of 4.8 out of 5-stars. This is a positive indicator of the reception the product has received.

A couple of reviewer were pleased with the medication and nutritious value that came with the water. Most reviewers were also pleased by the ease of installation and the tasty odorless water they were now consuming.

User Guide & Maintenance

Users are advised to carefully read through the owner manual before embarking on the installation process. Users should also check carefully the contents of the box to make sure everything is intact. Some of the contents to be found include a faucet, a 3.2 gallon capacity tank and an instruction booklet.

Maintaining your system and keeping it at safe environments guarantees you of maximum service. The systems should be kept away from too much heat or excessive cold weather.

The water supply should be maintained at temperature levels of 40-100 degrees C. This ensures your product doesn’t get damaged.

Favorable water pressure should be at 40-95PSI. An adapter with ball which maximizes the amount of water pressure can be purchased to boost your system performance.

The maximum total dissolved solids favorable for consumption should be at 2000ppm. The required pH levels should 4-10 while the maximum water hardness level should be 10 grains per gallon. The filters and the UV bulbs are changed every year.


The Home Master TMAFC Artesian is a reliable component every household should have. It’s quite unique and efficient in its results. The system eliminates harmful contaminates from your water thereafter giving an odorless and very tasty water. In addition to that, it also adds minerals to the water, making it nutritious and healthy.

Although the cost component scares many away from buying the product, the overall investment is worth your money. Saving on health costs and the need to buy bottled waters is a huge saving. The system is also easy to install and manage.

Therefore, investing in the product is a wise move. You will be guaranteed of healthy water supply for you and your family for quite some years. Water is life so why not get the best out of it.

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