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1. Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings: Advantages And Disadvantages

There is an on-going debate about the worthiness of pre-engineered steel frame versus the traditional framework which has been followed till date.

pre engineered steel building advantages disadvantages

But it is a fact that each has its own use and since the end-result is the same in both the processes, it depends on the contractor’s decision which he has to professionally take to ensure that the owner’s objectives are met.

While much is known about the traditional method of building construction, the use of pre-engineered steel frame is a relatively new concept. This deals with the use of pre-fabricated elements generally made of steel to construct the basic skeleton of the building.

In order to understand the practical utility of the concept of pre-engineered steel building, it is important to understand its pros and cons.

Advantages of pre-engineered steel building

There are 4 stages to the construction of a building i.e. creating the design, laying the foundation, steel frame erection and them construction of the walls.

In relation to these basic stages of construction, the advantages of pre-engineered steel building are:

  • Reduction in the construction time: This is facilitated by the fact that when the foundation of a building is being laid, the fabrication of the structural components is already taking place inside the factories. Thus there is a huge reduction in time since these structures can be easily erected thereby resulting in the early completion. On the other hand in the traditional process, the steel frame is constructed after the foundation is laid and hence is relatively time consuming.
  • Reduced cost: Since most of the fabrication of the steel frame is done at the factories, there is a reduced need for labour at the construction worksite. This process of using pre-engineered steel thus leads to a minimisation of the overall expenses involved in the construction of a particular project.
  • Architectural flexibility: The use of computer graphics to design the pre-engineered steel structure and its subsequent fabrication in machines enables the construction of the desired shape without having to compromise on its dynamics. The use of bolts to connect these pre-engineered steel frames leaves ample scope for length-wise expansion thus increasing their flexibility.
  • Low maintenance: The availability of modern metal coatings and finishes and their use on the pre-engineered steel frame makes the steel panels resistant to corrosion, rusting, chemical attacks etc. These steel frames can also be easily repaired and are thus easy to maintain after their construction.
  • Seismic resistant: Pre-engineered steel buildings are lightweight and very flexible. This enables it to offer relatively greater resistance to oncoming seismic waves in comparison to the traditional structures.

Disadvantages of pre-engineered steel buildings

But as every coin has two faces, along with the advantages, pre-engineered steel buildings also have certain disadvantages.

Since steel is a good conductor of heat, the use of pre-engineered steel structures for buildings makes it susceptible to damages caused from fire. Thus in instance of a fire, it is able to spread easily and also has the potency to cause excessive damage including an increased risk to life of those people residing within it.

This conductivity also tends to make the buildings warm during the summers thereby resulting in an uncomfortable situation within the building. Thus buildings made from pre-engineered steel frames have a low thermal resistivity and can also result in an increase in the utility bills due to the excessive use of air conditioners.

Another disadvantage results from improper finishing of the steel frames wherein the metallic coating is not correctly done. This improper way of coating the steel frames can make it susceptible to corrosion and rusting. This leads to an increase in the maintenance cost of the building since the metallic frames need to be refinished with an anti-corrosive coating on a regular basis.

Thus after knowing about the pros and cons of pre-engineered steel building frameworks, it becomes easy to make a choice between the traditional method of constructing a building and using pre-engineered steel frameworks. This also enables the owner to choose the process which best suits his needs.

Source: Azimuth Builders LTD (A Pre-Engineered Steel Building Company in Calgary)


2. Choosing The Perfect Place for Home Elevator

You might have only seen elevators installed in shopping malls, hotels or commercial complexes. But they can also be installed inside modern homes to provide mobility assistance to people.

sapana house home elevator choosing place

Along with that, a home elevator makes easy access between different its floors possible.

In fact, it has also been considered a design element that has its effect upon the beauty of a home.

Unlike commercial complexes or malls, it is very important to decide the rightmost location for the installation of a home elevator.

Some people consider its use at the time of creating the architectural design of their new homes, while others want to get it installed in their existing homes.

Accordingly, the right location inside the home to house a home elevator has to be chosen.

If you are planning to get a home elevator installed in your place of living, here are a few important things you should consider:

1. Consult a Professional Architect to Elevator Installation

As per his experience, a professional architect knows well about helping his clients to get a home elevator installed at the right place.

Forgetting the design plan of your homemade, you must have hired an architect to utilize the available space for home construction in the best way possible. So, it will be best for you to consult him for the home elevator installation. He will help you out as per his expertise to identify the optimum location of the elevator.

This will also ensure that the home elevator installation results in ease of access between floors of a home.

2. Decide About Elevator Installation Beforehand

While building a new home, you should think of the placement of a home elevator earlier at the time of the home designing process.

This is because you will need enough space to make room for the elevator, its machine room and similar other components.

Similarly, you can think of the location of your home elevator as the focal point near the entrance of the home or in its center, like in the lobby, the hallway or beside the stairway.

If incorporation in the design beforehand, you can avoid facing the hassles of home renovation so as to accommodate the elevator in it.

3. Retrofit the Elevator as per Your Home Design

In case you need to get the home elevator installed in your existing home, it needs to be of the shape and size that can fit your existing home.

The best way to consider retrofitting an elevator in your existing home is the one in which little site modification is required.

Minimally, your home elevator will need at least twenty to thirty square feet of space.

Furthermore, you will need additional space for the machine room, as required.

Similarly, the shaftway must be given additional structural support, which should be considered during retrofitting.

4. Look for Creative Ways to Install a Home Elevator

You can also think creatively while choosing the right place in your home to get a home elevator installed in it.

You should also know that other than its utility benefits, a home elevator also enhances the overall impression of your home on the eyes of an onlooker.

So, think of getting it installed around the stairways, hallways, dens or living rooms. Even you can think of getting it installed in the garage, without affecting parking space.

With a garage installation of the elevator, you can have safe, quick access to the interior of your home.

5. Always Call Professionals for Home Elevator Installation

One should also know that a residential home elevator is not simple, but a complex system that needs to be installed properly as per the safety regulations.

Some people think of saving money while getting the elevator installed in their homes without calling the professionals to do the job. But it may cost more repair expense later in time.

A professional residential home elevator Calgary installer has the expertise to first look into the available space, suggest the best place for its installation and then get his work done in adherence to the safety regulations.

This implies that it will be best for you to hire a professional elevator installer so as to meet your specific requirements.

Source: Ascension Elevators

3. Choosing The Best Residential Roof Material [Infographic Guide]

Of the many parts of the house, perhaps one of the most important yet overlooked is the roof — the top shell or “cap” of a house.

Not many realize how essential it is, but a roof is important in protecting the inhabitants of a house against the forces of nature. It is there to keep rain from coming indoors, catch the brunt of strong wind forces, and protect from the heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

It’s especially important that our roofing can act as the first line of defense for our house (and us) against the different weather types and is strong enough to add support to the overall structure of the house.

Poor roofing can do more damage than just letting in water in the house during rains or typhoons.

Because it also shields the house from excessive heat and ultraviolet rays, a damaged or poor roofing will not be able to properly diffuse this heat and will make the inside of the house unbearable during the summer. This can lead to many problems, from a rise in the electric bill as you try to alleviate the unbearable heat by turning on all your electric fans or keeping your air conditioning unit on throughout the day, damage on your upholstery and other household items due to prolonged heat exposure, to possible short-circuiting of your electronics and appliances after being subjected to high levels of heat for long periods of time — which can cause fires.

There is also the obvious case of water coming into the house. It can range from small trickles, flowing water on the walls, or a torrential outpour indoors, which is bad news if the damage on the roof is near an electronic appliance or near a power socket. It can also result to indoor flooding when left alone unaddressed, damage to your interior paint job and household items, and a hefty repair job to everything that was damaged by the water that will cost you a lot of money, time, and effort.

Don’t run the risk of waiting until your house is damaged due to poor roofing conditions. No matter the season — whether it’s rainy or sunny, invest in repairing your roof now if there is already the need to.

Aside from protecting your house, updating your existing roof can also increase the value of your home as it counts to the overall price quote when you decide to sell your house.

Repairs and upgrades, especially in essential elements like the roof, are very desirable towards potential buyers and can attract them to your property. It helps justify your selling price as well, especially towards people who are very critical of the price of the property they are buying.

When updating your existing roof, you’ll most likely look at the basic elements, such as roof framing, preparation, and proper installation, as they influence how durable your roof will be. They also help with maintaining the overall aesthetic of your house.

But the material you choose for your roof can also make a big impact not only on the exterior appeal of your home but also to the overall effect the roofing has on making sure that you are provided with maximum comfort through it.

When choosing the perfect roofing material for your home, having a list of criteria in mind can be helpful, given that there is a myriad of options you can choose from.

You should consider the weight, color and style selection, building codes you need to meet, installation and maintenance requirements, durability during extreme weather conditions, cost, lifespan, and warranty, as the answers to what you need based on these factors will help you determine the best choice for your home.

Here are some of the best roofing materials you can choose from, as seen in this infographic by All County Exteriors.

How to Choose the Best Residential Roof Material? [Infographic]

4. Tips To Make Your Roof Last Longer

Homeowners have a great responsibility of taking care of their investment for which they can avail service from Roofing Repair In Los Angeles .

Among these is the need to ensure that the roof is always in great condition. A quality roof can last for some years but before it eventually needs repair and finally replacement.

Neglecting repairs and maintenance is a risky decision. This is because roof problems might be hardly visible except during professional roof inspection.

The solution is to seek professional services from an expert roofer. If you are home decor enthusiast, then get ready to give your roof a makeover with roofing repair Los Angeles.

roofing repair los angeles

How to choose a roofing company

Making your roof last longer requires professional assistance from a reliable roofing company. Here are a few benchmarks when choosing a roofer.

  • Insured and licensed
  • List of star-studded clients
  • Title 24 California building code
  • References from friends and family
  • Experience and proven track record
  • Online ratings on Better Business Bureau
  • Knowledge of modern roof repair technologies and techniques

Expert tips to protect your roof

A roof is a significant investment on a home. It keeps your home and family safe from danger in cases of dangerous weather that might damage your roof. Weather elements such as hail, rain, snow, and wind cause considerable damage to the roof. Luckily, a few things can help to protect your home roof from damage. This will protect your home interior and exterior. Below is what to do.

Regular roof inspection

The first step to making your roof last longer is to schedule for a roof inspection. Ensure to call professional roofers with a proven track record of handling roofing repair in Los Angeles to do the job. The roofer will make a proper assessment and a detailed report regarding the condition of your roof. This must include the condition of features such as vents, drip edges, ridges, and chimney. Additionally, the roof inspection report must also include the state of your gutter drainage.

In case your roof is okay, the roofer will issue a roofing certification lasting for five years. If your roof needs repairs, the roofer will recommend solutions and give a quote. Your roof needs immediate repair in case it’s no longer 100 percent efficient. Fixing your roof immediately will protect it from further damage and weather elements such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and strong wings. Exposure of a roof to such elements pushes the roof assembly from underneath making it lose with broken adhesion.

Repairing a damaged roof

It’s highly recommended to have your roof replaced immediately. The longer you postpone the repair, the bigger the problems escalate. Ensure to choose a roofer for inspection with the skills, industry experience, and expertise to handle necessary repairs. The roof should repair the roof to make it last for some more years before issues reappear. Immediate roof repair is extremely important with quality material before winter comes. This eliminates chances of ice melting and causing leaks.

How to keep your roof safe in winter

Rain and snow are the most significant causes of roof damage, especially in winter. Luckily, a professional roofer should be able to apply appropriate solutions after an inspection. Materials such as metal, slate, asphalt, and wood are some of the solutions to keep your roof safe from harsh weather elements. Other strategies to protect your roof in winter include elastomeric painting.

This is helpful in preserving the life of roofing materials. Additionally, elastomeric painting lowers energy costs and is applicable to different textures. The good thing about this painting is its affordability and flexibility. This painting is waterproof to protect roof materials. In the long run, you’re less likely to carry out roof repairs and replacements saving a huge sum of money.

Handy tips during a roof repair project

It’s an exciting experience getting your roof repaired before the rains. However, the process is filled with hauling, tearing, ripping, and nailing as the roofers go about their work.

This is extremely dangerous if you have kids and pets. To prevent the work zones from becoming a hazard, below are some safety precautions and preparations to make you 100 percent ready for the project.

  • Cover items in the attic
  • Mind about your kids and pets
  • All materials must be stored in a cool dry place
  • The roofer should come with all appropriate tools
  • Find a temporary place for major repairs or replacement
  • Schedule the project in warm weather for an accelerated process

Bottom line

Regardless of whether you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, ensure to bank on professional assistance from a reliable roofing repair in Los Angeles company. This company should have trained technicians, rely on quality materials, industry experience, and use quality materials.

5. Tips on Installing Emergency Roofing – Infographic

Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your house, maintaining its longevity to adapt to every frigid and severe weather conditions that may affect your home is an essential factor that a homeowner should keep in mind.

Installing an emergency roofing to your home can eliminate certain risks like leaking surfaces and brittle spine of your roof.

It is best to hire a professional contractor when it comes to installing materials that require precise adjustments, and also handle heavy equipment for the project. But, as a homeowner, it is best to know the basic guidelines on how to responsibly install emergency roofing in your house.

You should keep in mind that being safe and comfortable in your own home is the reason why you should always check and identify early damages to prevent fatal and costly renovations.

To give you more information about the different tips and guidelines on how to properly install an emergency rooking, you may check out the infographic below created by Fahey Roofing and Contracting.

6. Repair Your Glass Doors Like A Pro

Your glass doors are exposed to the changing weather conditions throughout the years that can make them withered away with the passage of time.

The glass is one of the most vulnerable substances that can easily get damaged due to the slightest mishandling. Glass doors have become the most commonly seen and used type for the aesthetic enhancement of your homes. With the growing trends of glass door installations, you should also keep yourself abreast with the latest knowledge to repair them as well.

You cannot hire a technician every now and then, and if you are a DIY lover, this one is surely for you.

Repair your glass door like a pro

Learning glass door repair is not too hard if you pay good attention and are equipped with all the necessary tools and materials. Following are the things you are possibly going to need before you start the repair:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Replacement rollers
  • Utility and putty knife
  • Masking tape & sandpaper
  • Clamps & table saw
  • Scrap blocks

For A Stubborn Sliding Door

Sometimes it happens that your patio sliding doors get stuck or jam due to corrosion or rust in the rollers.

Your doors refuse to open once they are closed and to close again once they are opened. This is one of the major issues faced by the glass door users. The frames get expanded and the glass starts to get loose on the frame.

Overlooking this issue can prove to be fatal that is why you should repair it before any serious damage. This is what you will have to do:

Roller Adjustment

When your glass door becomes uncooperative, you are the only one who can bring them back on track.

Open the trim cap at the lower end of your glass door and start leveling it with the help of a screwdriver or wrench. Almost all the garage door frames come with a hidden screw for the adjustment levels in case of a balk or sliding issue.

Try to raise both the trimming screws to an equal level so that the door frame will come back on the track.

Try to slide the door and look for any sort of blockade or jamming in the door’s movement.

Removing The Stop Molding

Once the screw below the doors is leveled, start from the top and start unscrewing the stop molding from the door. Remove any type of paint, polish, or varnish in front or over the stop molding so that you will be easily able to unscrew and remove the molding without a hassle.

It is important that the door slides out smoothly after you remove the molding. If it fails to happen, you will need to move on to the next step.

A smooth glide means that the door does not have any issue with the rollers, while the failure means that you will possibly have to replace the rollers.

Lift The Door & Replace Rollers

You will have to lift the door by yourself if it doesn’t slide out automatically.

Move it only a foot and get it out of the frame. Place the door on the floor and use an adjusting screw-driver to pull out the rollers.

It is not always the case that your rollers are damaged. Sometimes, they just need a thorough cleaning. If they are dirty, it will get all easy for you, but if they are rusty or corroded, you will need to replace them with the new ones.

Crack Repair

If you are struggling with a cracked glass door, you can simply use a putty knife and inject proper glue to cover the crack. Seal the cracks properly and tape them with plastic wrap. Leave the glue to dry overnight. After that, remove the paper wrap and scrape out the glue. Inject the wood glue and fill up any cracks with the putty crayons.

If you don’t want to spend on hiring any glass repair services, repairing your glass doors is the best way through which you can save and learn at the same time.

7. 6 Key Elements To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be small and only house a couple of necessary appliances to ease in the process of outdoor entertaining or they can contain each and everything you could want or need for your next party.

outdoor kitchen plan 6 key elements

There are several key elements to keep in mind when choosing the type of outdoor kitchen you need.

1. Budget

Figuring out what your budget is for a project is typically one of the least fun steps. However, it is very important to think of this upfront and come up with a firm number.

The difference between even a $15,000 outdoor kitchen and a $25,000 outdoor kitchen can be huge.

You will want to know what you can afford so that your “shopping list” fits accordingly.

2. Size

Your next step is to determine the size of the area you will be using.

Do you have an existing covered porch which you are converting into your new outdoor haven?

Are you building an addition onto your home?

Or are you building a new home and trying to figure out how much outdoor space your home plan needs?

The size of the space available will greatly affect the type of outdoor kitchen you are able to achieve.

You can have all the fancy new appliances in the world but if you cannot walk around the space to use them it was all for naught!

3. Prioritize

Once you have your budget set you need to prioritize. You probably have some idea for your dream to get together with family and friends which is what started this process.

In that dream party are you smoking up a nice juicy pork butt in your beautiful new smoker?

Are you grilling burgers while grabbing a beer from the refreshment fridge all the while hanging out with friends seated around the large island?

Or are you looking for a classy night with wine and a cheese platter while waiting for the hors d’oeuvres to be ready to be pulled out of the oven?

Whatever your idea is you will want to be sure that you choose your appliances wisely.

You may not have room in the budget for every idea you have but you can at least make sure that you have prioritized what is first on the list.

Your perfect evening will be easily achieved if you can do this.

4. Create the Optimal Layout

Now that you have the size, budget and goal figured out its time to create the optimal layout for the outdoor kitchen. Take graph paper and draw out the space using proper scaling.

Once you have the shell-drawn out you can start to add each element you are wanting.

Be sure to leave 4 feet of walking space to ensure plenty of room to maneuver. Also keep in mind that you will need electric, water and/or gas hook-ups for each of your different appliances.

5. Read Reviews and Choose Your Appliances

You have your full game plan now so it’s time to do your research. We all know research is never the fun part of a project but it can save you a lot of headache down the road!

Reviews will be a very helpful resource in this stage. Look for reviews left by customers after they have been using the item for an extended period of time.

You will get a more accurate representation of the quality of the item this way.

6. Hire a Professional

Saving a bit of money by building/installing your new outdoor kitchen by yourself can seem like a great idea in the beginning.

However, it is always smart to hire a professional when dealing with electrical or plumbing additions. It will be well worth your while to hire the professional.

You do not want to end up in a DIY bind later down the road.

These steps can seem like a no-brainer to some but it is very important to think each one through.

If you follow each of these you will be well on your way to hosting that perfect party in your new outdoor kitchen.

Source: Nelson Design Group – Residental Planners & Designers

8. Avail Warm & Cozy Lifestyle With Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Marble Hill Fireplaces excel in a wide range of the finest Balanced flue gas fires and unique fireplaces throughout the UK. The fireplaces are designed keeping in mind both the comfort and style.

No wonder, Marble Hill Fireplaces flaunt about high profile revamping projects like that of Royal Residences, The Savoy and Ritz Hotels. They make sure all the needs concerning fireplaces are satisfied at one place itself.

sapana house balanced flue gas fires

Know all about the fabulous range of Marble Hill Fireplaces products

Marble Hill Fireplaces products are divided into Balanced Flue Gas Fires, Fireplace Mantles, Wood Burners and Fire Baskets.

Check out the trendiest items that are offered under these various categories below.

The Modern Fireplaces- Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Balanced flue gas fires are the modern fireplaces that come sealed with glass. These are designed with a vision to achieve an enhanced heating efficiency of the fire, placed inside the sealed glass.

The Balanced flue gas fires have two openings that are connected via a pipe to exhaust vents.

One pipe brings the fresh air (oxygen) necessary for the combustion while other pipe takes the combusted gases out of the fireplace.

Marble Hill Fireplaces bring to you stunning variety of balanced flue gas fires which are sure to leave you astonished by their effortless elegant look.

These include:

1. Balanced Flue Gas Stoves

The appearance of the balanced flue gasstoves has been maintained that of a traditional stove with a modern touch that includes operating the stove with remote control.

Through the remote, the heat output can be controlled easily. The best part of this design is it requires no cleaning after the usage. Balanced flue gasstoves come in Box gas and Rais gas stove types.

2. The Bellfires Collection

Bellfires are one of the seemingly the excellent collection one can come across. These are designed keeping in mind of various customer requirements. These collections include Horizon Bell range, Original Bell range, View Bell range, Room divider range, Corner Bell places, Vertical Bell fireplaces and Smart Bell.

One can avail Bellfires designs for different sections of their home according to their choice. These collections of Balanced Flue Gas Fires give up to a whopping 85 percent fire efficiency.

3. Bio Ethanol Fires

These come with a burner through which you can pour bio-fuel (bio-ethanol) and can be set to burn with just a click of a button. The bio-ethanol fire designs are enchanting in their own way and will lit the interiors of your home in the most elegant style.

4. Flueless Fires/Ekofires

These fireplaces come with a coal fuel bed that runs the ribbon burner to produce the heat. The design does not require any flue or chimney outlet. The heat produced is not allowed to lose through a chimney and gets distributed into the whole room.

Ekofires offers two designs, one that of traditional and another that of modern, which the customers can pick from.

Fabulously designed Fireplace Mantles

Fireplace mantles are other awesome products offered in various options by the Marble Hill Fireplaces. They are designed not only using different materials but also in different styles, varying from classical look to modern contemporary look.

These breath-taking pieces of Mantle are availed in the following ways:

1. English Stone Mantles

English stone mantles are made out of Rosal limestones that are handcrafted by the UK masons. The design availed in this category is numerous that are sure to spoil you.

2. The Hempel/ Hole-in-the-Wall

The Hempel also is made out of Rosal limestone and come with minimalistic design. This design is soothing and classy in its own way. It is suitable for those who do not prefer something too extravagant.

Antique Marble Chimney

Those who are the fan of the French legacy, Antique Marble chimneys are sure to woo you to the core. The Louis XV and Louis XVI design chimneys will give your home a very royal look.

Marble Mantles

Marble mantle is a work of explicit art. The Marble Hill Fireplaces have given options in this category as well and they come in white or Carrara marbles.

Reproduction French Marble Mantles

These awesomely designed mantles come in styles of Roses and Macaroon, Napoleon, The Laurel, The small Laurel, Josephine, and Antoinette.

Bespoke Fireplaces

For the people who love contemporary designs, Bespoke fireplaces come in coloured marbles and fantastic modern look.

Apart from these, various options are available in wood burners and fire baskets too. The Marble Hill Fireplaces is an ultimate place one can settle and shop for all their needs of fireplaces. Visit them today!

9. Avoid Condo Board Burnout! Keeping Your Board Refreshed

Condo board burnout is happening.

Whether president, treasurer, or simply bog-standard member, the demands placed on condo boards can be taxing, leading to members phoning it in (sometimes even literally!) and governing bodies that become stagnant, tired, and ineffective.

condo management avoid condo board burnout

Just because board burnout happens doesn’t mean you have to just sit back and accept it, though.

We’ve seen even the most complacent condo board of directors receive a rejuvenating shot in the arm that helped them spring back to life and start taking caring of business once again.

It’s all in how you approach it – and that’s exactly what we’re here to chat about today.

The Causes Of Burnout

Just like with any other job or responsibility, there are a number of potential causes for board burnout.

Unbalanced duties is a reason we frequently see cited – most often by those sitting in leadership positions, but also fairly frequently from directors who feel their specific role takes up too much of their free time.

This concern can also include within its scope the need for too many meetings, which again, will surely lead to board members becoming frustrated and exhausted – and rightfully so.

Lack of turnover leading to long-serving terms is also a big factor when it comes to burnout – if a board member feels that they’d like to step down and there aren’t any other condo community members willing to take up the torch, there can oftentimes be a perceived (or very real) pressure to stay in their role.

This ends up leading to feelings of complacency and sometimes even resentment, none of which are obviously conducive to running a functional and effective governing body.

Coming Back From The Brink

So, your board’s burnt out.

Don’t give up hope! Instead, take some time to focus, pump yourself up, and bring these tried-and-true tactics (enthusiastically!) to your next board meeting:

  • Make the job manageable. We never cease to be amazed at some of the hours we learn board members end up dedicating to the cause. Put an end to this issue by taking a moment during the next AGM to set some limits on how much of a time commitment is expected of members. Residents shouldn’t be doing much more than one to two hours of condo-related work each week, providing the board’s healthy and running as it should. If more work is constantly required, then that’s a whole different conversation worth having.
  • Show members they’re appreciated. When your board shares a victory, celebrate! Did that reserve fund study go off without a hitch? Did the big landscaping project just wrap up successfully? Arrange a board members appreciation night – it doesn’t even have to be more than just wings and drinks to make your members feel good about their contributions.
  • Root out problem members. Nothing makes a condo board more miserable than a member with a bad attitude – or, worse, a bullying streak. It can be tough to oust problematic board members, but there are plenty of ways to make it more difficult to get away with things, including open communication, consistent operational standards, and a code of conduct review.

These bits of advice should help you get your board back on the road to success.

Remember that bringing members back from the brink is a process, through – patience and persistence will be your virtues in tackling condo board burnout.

Beat Burnout Before It Begins

Now that you’ve set your board straight again, the next step is ensuring you don’t find yourselves in the same position further on down the line. To rout out burnout before it has a chance to set in, consider the following approaches:

  • Ensure duties and expected time commitments are well-defined and properly dispersed for all board members, regardless of station – and create an atmosphere in which members feel comfortable calling for help if they need it.
  • Foster open and transparent communication at all times. This will be your best defence against board member burnout – present and future.
  • Build and regularly highlight consistent operational standards and codes of conduct to ensure all members are treated fairly, equally, and with respect.

These steps should help your board avoid any big bouts of burnout in the future – or at least aid in identifying and addressing it if it does come up again.

Source: Catalyst Condo Management

Need a bit more advice in tackling board complacency? Give us a call or contact Condo Management Companies Red Deer.

We’ve worked with plenty of burnt-out boards in the past and will be happy to offer our best advice to help your team get back in the swing of things once again!

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