Express Water RO5DX Review

RO5DX reverse osmosis system is made by a leading reverse osmosis company – Express Water. Its major emphasis is on producing highly effective and efficient water treatment systems for users across the globe.

There are more products associated with the brand Express Water. each of which is applicable at various points including the kitchen, the shower, the gardens and the aquariums. The above mentioned brand will be the subject of our discussion here. Here are the key highlights.


The Express Water RO5dx has five processes which are believed to eradicate over 90% of water impurities. This is made possible by the use of the reverse osmosis. The stages incorporate internationally certified filters and other components.

The Process

Why drink any other water while you can get tasty and clean water? They say water is life so why not make your life fresher. Usually water contains contaminants and other bacteria which ordinary purification mechanisms cannot eliminate. That is why this system uses the finest technology, leaving your water at almost perfectly clean with less or no contaminates.

The convenient and easy to monitor process has the following stages.

  • One – Water passes through the first compartment where particles are removed, leaving the water in a fine state.
  • Two – Here is where the taste, smell and content of chlorine chemical is separated from the water.
  • Three – A carbon separator with more intensity than the one on stage two is involved. This one further eradicates any chemical residual existing in the water.
  • Four – Bacteria and chemicals are separated using a fine RO membrane. This leaves the water contaminant free to almost 100%.
  • Five – The final stage is where that good taste and smell is enhanced. Any residual particles that might be existing in the water is filtered.

The system has more features which include.

  • A storage tank
  • The system shuts off automatically with the help of valves whenever the tank is almost full.
  • A quality designed faucet.
  • Colorful sets of water tubes.
  • The system weighs around 28 pounds.
  • A one year warranty.
  • All components are made of high quality and contain no lead. They are also certified by international standards


The filtration technology employed eliminates water impurities which ordinary purification mechanisms may not handle. Express Water RO5DX has reliable components which include additional replacement filters. The daily water production capacity is at 50 gallons ensuring users get a maximum supply of water.

Favorable points

  • The system is managed and with easy installation steps.
  • Filters can live for up to 6 months before requiring replacement.
  • Users benefit from a constant supply of clean and tasty water.
  • Eliminates the need for buying filtered water, thus saving the owner some money.
  • Fits easily in the kitchen.
  • Can be used for aquariums.
  •  Fast and reliable consumer trouble response.
  • The system requires no power to operate

Unfavorable points

  • The system does not support low pressured water
  • Installation of the system might be easier for some user and some might require additional support.

Reviews & Recommendations

Express Water RO5DX received many positive customer reviews. Most of users were pleased with the products effective water management and treatment. Many liked the results of the purified water and enjoyed its tastes.

The brand’s support mechanism was highly praised. They were quite supportive without any additional charges for their services.

However, there were complaints in regards to the complexity of installing the system. Some of the reviewers felt that the user manual was not reliable and did little to help. This did little to spoil the good name as the system enjoyed great reviews.

Most of the respondents felt that the systems deserved a maximum five-star rating. The average rating that the system attained was a 4.9 star. This is exceptional review and gives prospective buyers an affirmation that the system is reliable and useful.

A Guide To Maintenance

For new owners of the system, there is a need to ensure that they carefully go through the package before installation. This is important to make sure that the content is intact with no breakages or loss. It is advisable to read the installation manual carefully.

A well-taken care system will not only live for long but will most defiantly serve you better. This product needs to be kept away from the reach of children. This also entails keeping the system in favorable conditions away from too much heat or unfavorable cold weather.

The water temperatures should be maintained at levels of between 40 to 100 degrees C. This is to prevent damage to the system.

The water pressure should be at approximate levels of 100psi; however, users can boost the pressure by buying booster pump.

Video instructions are available with much more detailed and enhanced procedures. Users can also get in touch the manufacturer in case of any queries or concerns. Caution and patience are advisable for effective results.

The manufactures do not engage with other sellers or agent on any of the e-commerce platforms. Buyers are warned not to engage with seller who might have products which are not genuine. The one year warranty is applicable to those products that are defective due to manufacturing fault.


Water carries with it contaminants visible and non-visible to human eyes. The advent of numerous industries and chemical plants makes water very prone to chemical contamination. However, the reverse osmosis technology is bound to tackle this problem. This not only makes water purifier for healthy consumption, but makes tastier.

Express Water RO5DX is a product made and designed at high quality to meet certified standards. The products are capable of removing chemicals and harmful bacteria, leaving water to be almost perfectly pure.

Although the product seems quite affordable as compared to different brands, it does have its setbacks. Its five stage process is not that effective as compared to other RO products. It however covers the basic water treatment requirements and user therefore appropriate for home use.

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