Avail Warm & Cozy Lifestyle With Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Avail Warm & Cozy Lifestyle With Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Marble Hill Fireplaces excel in a wide range of the finest Balanced flue gas fires and unique fireplaces throughout the UK. The fireplaces are designed keeping in mind both the comfort and style.

No wonder, Marble Hill Fireplaces flaunt about high profile revamping projects like that of Royal Residences, The Savoy and Ritz Hotels. They make sure all the needs concerning fireplaces are satisfied at one place itself.

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Know all about the fabulous range of Marble Hill Fireplaces products

Marble Hill Fireplaces products are divided into Balanced Flue Gas Fires, Fireplace Mantles, Wood Burners and Fire Baskets.

Check out the trendiest items that are offered under these various categories below.

The Modern Fireplaces- Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Balanced flue gas fires are the modern fireplaces that come sealed with glass. These are designed with a vision to achieve an enhanced heating efficiency of the fire, placed inside the sealed glass.

The Balanced flue gas fires have two openings that are connected via a pipe to exhaust vents.

One pipe brings the fresh air (oxygen) necessary for the combustion while other pipe takes the combusted gases out of the fireplace.

Marble Hill Fireplaces bring to you stunning variety of balanced flue gas fires which are sure to leave you astonished by their effortless elegant look.

These include:

1. Balanced Flue Gas Stoves

The appearance of the balanced flue gasstoves has been maintained that of a traditional stove with a modern touch that includes operating the stove with remote control.

Through the remote, the heat output can be controlled easily. The best part of this design is it requires no cleaning after the usage. Balanced flue gasstoves come in Box gas and Rais gas stove types.

2. The Bellfires Collection

Bellfires are one of the seemingly the excellent collection one can come across. These are designed keeping in mind of various customer requirements. These collections include Horizon Bell range, Original Bell range, View Bell range, Room divider range, Corner Bell places, Vertical Bell fireplaces and Smart Bell.

One can avail Bellfires designs for different sections of their home according to their choice. These collections of Balanced Flue Gas Fires give up to a whopping 85 percent fire efficiency.

3. Bio Ethanol Fires

These come with a burner through which you can pour bio-fuel (bio-ethanol) and can be set to burn with just a click of a button. The bio-ethanol fire designs are enchanting in their own way and will lit the interiors of your home in the most elegant style.

4. Flueless Fires/Ekofires

These fireplaces come with a coal fuel bed that runs the ribbon burner to produce the heat. The design does not require any flue or chimney outlet. The heat produced is not allowed to lose through a chimney and gets distributed into the whole room.

Ekofires offers two designs, one that of traditional and another that of modern, which the customers can pick from. 

Fabulously designed Fireplace Mantles

Fireplace mantles are other awesome products offered in various options by the Marble Hill Fireplaces. They are designed not only using different materials but also in different styles, varying from classical look to modern contemporary look.

These breath-taking pieces of Mantle are availed in the following ways:

1. English Stone Mantles

English stone mantles are made out of Rosal limestones that are handcrafted by the UK masons. The design availed in this category is numerous that are sure to spoil you.

2. The Hempel/ Hole-in-the-Wall

The Hempel also is made out of Rosal limestone and come with minimalistic design. This design is soothing and classy in its own way. It is suitable for those who do not prefer something too extravagant.

Antique Marble Chimney

Those who are the fan of the French legacy, Antique Marble chimneys are sure to woo you to the core. The Louis XV and Louis XVI design chimneys will give your home a very royal look.

Marble Mantles

Marble mantle is a work of explicit art. The Marble Hill Fireplaces have given options in this category as well and they come in white or Carrara marbles.

Reproduction French Marble Mantles

These awesomely designed mantles come in styles of Roses and Macaroon, Napoleon, The Laurel, The small Laurel, Josephine, and Antoinette.

Bespoke Fireplaces

For the people who love contemporary designs, Bespoke fireplaces come in coloured marbles and fantastic modern look.

Apart from these, various options are available in wood burners and fire baskets too. The Marble Hill Fireplaces is an ultimate place one can settle and shop for all their needs of fireplaces. Visit them today!



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