Best Zero Gravity Chair – Six-Step Guide

This year (2018), we’ve spent fifty days studying what makes up the best zero gravity chair.

Here are what we have done to have this ultimate guide.

We chose the top 33 in 4 main groups of zero gravity chairs to study every detail.

The 4 groups are:

  • Regular size
  • Oversized
  • With Canopy & Drink tray
  • … and Luxury Leathers

Then, we created comparison tables (one of each group) – You will have an overview.

After that, we composed quick reviews for all the 33 chairs with pros and cons – You will see the details.

We included a 6-step buying guide (with infographic) – You will know what you want.

And we also have our top picks (the best choices) – You can decide easier.

That’s all you will find in this guide…

… and that’s all you need to know to find out the best zero gravity chair you should have.

Before we go to find out what’s the best one for you, let’s take a look at the benefits of this type of chair make it popular.

What does a zero gravity chair do?

A zero gravity chair (known as a recliner) places you in the naturally relaxed position a human body assumes in a weightless environment.

Zero gravity chairs provide 5-star relaxation in a way no other patio lounge can.

Is zero gravity chair for back pain?

Yes, it is, that’s because it reclines in the perfect position to put your back at ease.

Still doubt? See this video [short].

… or see an explanation of how zero gravity chairs relieve stress at HowStuffWorks.

As a result of their popularity and accessible prices, there are scores of zero gravity recliners available.

The fact is…

…not all lounge chairs are equal.

Some are better for tall people. Others come with enticing accessories.

If you want to cut to the chase and see our favorite chairs, here are the table of content:

Table Of Content

Now that you’ve had a taste of what’s to come, let’s dig into the reviews of each chair to find the best zero gravity chair that you want.

Group #1 – Regular Size [Top 3]

Comparison Table

ImageTitleCup HolderRatingPrice
Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs – Set of 2 regular size loungesBest Choice Products [Set of 2]YesCheck Price
Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair – StandardCaravan Sports InfinityNoCheck Price
Le Papillon All Seasonal Zero Gravity ChairLe PapillonNoCheck Price

Detailed Reviews

Best Choice Products [Set Of 2]

Best Choice Products simplifies shopping for patio furniture by offering two matching chairs in a set.

Both of these zero gravity recliners fold up for transport to outdoor events, too.

Each chair weighs about 16 pounds and supports up to 250 pounds.

They are built from UV-resistant Textilene fabric suspended on an elastic bungee cord woven into the tubular steel frame.

While that’s heavier than a typical lawn chair, these recliners are considerably more comfortable.

For example, each lounge lets the user recline while maintaining their knees slightly bent. This “zero gravity position” relieves back pain. And each chair comes with a removable pillow that doubles as lumbar support.

Further, there are three other things to know about this pair of recliners.

First, they come with detachable cup holder trays.

Second, their dimensions are suitable for persons who don’t want an oversized lounge.

Third, the chairs are available in a variety of colors, too.


  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Textilene fabric resists fading and stays cool
  • Elastic suspension system


  • Not 100% rust-proof

In conclusion, if you’re shopping for a set of inexpensive zero gravity chairs, this pair of Best Choice Products are ideal for lounging with a cool drink close at hand.

Caravan Sports Infinity

The Infinity Zero Gravity Chair from Caravan Sports supports up to 300 pounds, and its seat is 20.7 inches wide.

If you prefer more width than that, take a look at the oversized Infinity Zero recliner below.

This Infinity chair has a new and improved system for reclining.

You’ll find a ring located underneath each armrest. The ring system is both reliable and easier to manipulate than knobs that turn.

The recliner is built with Texteline fabric that resists fading and is easy to wipe clean.

It’s available in six colors, from beige, blue, and black to burgundy and camouflage.

The recliner also includes a Texteline pillow on an elastic strap. It adjusts up or down or detaches completely.

In summary, the Infinity folds down to 6.3 inches in width and weighs 18 pounds. It’s covered by a 60-day warranty against defects in the chair.


  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Textilene fabric resists fading in sunlight
  • Improved dual fingertip locking system
  • A 60-day warranty against defects


  • Accessory tray sold separately

If you’re shopping for a budget-priced zero gravity chair, the Infinity from Caravan Sports offers good value.

Le Papillon [All Seasonal]

The most appealing feature of Le Papillon’s zero gravity chair is the removable suede seat cushion.

Although Le Papillon says the two-inch thick cushion insulates the chair for cool weather use, it’s an item that owners will want to use all year round.

The padding is surface-washable and secures to the frame with elastic straps. If you remove it, you’re left with a Texteline body suspended on a tubular steel frame.

It supports up to 330 pounds of weight and has a 20.5-inch-wide seat.

The recliner locks into position when you flip the tabs underneath the armrests. Then you can move the adjustable headrest into place.

The no-mar feet on the frame protect delicate surfaces from scratches.


  • Includes a washable and removable plush suede seat cushion
  • Breathable and resistant to fading Textiline fabric
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Supports up to 330 pounds


  • The full length of the chair is not mentioned in the specifications

Group #2 – Oversized – XL [For Tall Guys]

It’s hard to rest and relax if you’re not comfortable. Many typical lawn chairs are too cramped for tall guys.

That’s why we researched oversized zero gravity chairs for tall people. These recliners are both roomy and able to support more weight.

There’s a surprising variety of pleasing features among these models, too.

Some of them invite you to take it easy in the shade with their adjustable canopies. Others have cup holders to keep your cool drink close at hand. And a few offer extra padding to relieve pressure on your back and legs.

Overall, these are the chairs that will make time at the beach more enjoyable. They can turn a campout more tranquil as you contemplate nature. Or let you take more pleasure in a quiet evening on your patio.

Let’s look at the comparison table and reviews below to find out the best oversized zero gravity chair suits your needs.

Comparison Table

ImageTitleSeat WidthReclined LengthMax Weight SupportsRatingPrice
Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity ChairCaravan Sport Infinity24.5Full: 64.5"
Back: 31"
330See Lastest Price
PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Patio Adjustable Recliner Wooden Armrest with Cup Holder
PHI VILLA29Full: 65"
Back: 32.48" - 44.09"
350See Lastest Price
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair Oversize XL Padded Adjustable Recliner
Timber Ridge21Full: 72"
Back: 28.9"
350See Lastest Price
Best Choice Products Oversized Zero Gravity Outdoor Reclining Lounge Patio Chair w/Cup Holder
BCP Oversized18.5Full: 62"
Back: 29.25"
250See Lastest Price
Best Choice Products 2-Person Double Wide Folding Zero Gravity Chair Patio Lounger w/Cup Holders
BCP Double Wide 2 Person50Full: 65"
Back: 30.5"
450See Lastest Price
Akari Decor Extra Large Oversized XL 3pcs Zero Gravity Chair Patio Adjustable Recliner with Canopy Sunshade and Cupholder
Akari Decor21Full: 69.5"
Back: NA
350See Lastest Price
LUCKYBERRY Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair XL Black&Brown Lounge Patio Chairs
LUCKYBERRY Deluxe29Full: 65"
Back: 32.48" - 44.09"
350See Lastest Price
KingCamp Zero Gravity Chair Oversized XL Folding Patio Lounge Chaise Bed with Cup Holder
KingCamp Lounge Chaise Bed19.5Full: 66"
Back: NA
300See Lastest Price
Abba Patio Zero Gravity Lounge Chair 2-Pack Oversized Adjustable Folding Recliner with Sunshade and Drink Tray
Abba Patio19Full: 64.5"
Back: 29.53"
300See Lastest Price
KingCamp Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair Oversized XL Padded
KingCamp Oversized Zero Gravity Chair19Full: 65"
Back: NA
300See Lastest Price

Detailed Reviews

Timber Ridge [Padded]

How does the Timber Ridge Oversize Recliner compare to other XL models?

Let’s just say that if you’re over 6-feet tall, this may be the best choice for you.

When the chair is fully open, it measures 72 inches in length. That’s almost a foot longer than most competing brands.

Although it’s considerably longer, it’s not as wide as some oversized chairs.

It measures 21.3 inches in width. To give you an idea of what that means, it’s wider than an airline seat or a typical lawn chair. But it’s not as roomy as the Caravan Sports Infinity chair that we reviewed below.

On the other hand, it supports up to 350 pounds. Furthermore, it’s covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s rare to find a warranty this long at this price point.

Appealing features

Let’s examine the other highlights of this zero gravity recliner.

For one, the body of the chair consists of padded polyester fabric. This padding is pleasant because it reduces pressure on sore muscles and joints. Plus, there is also a removable headrest pillow that can serve as lumbar support.

Next, the plastic armrests are topped by a layer of finished wood. That’s not just for decoration; it also keeps the arms of the chair from getting too hot in the sun. Similar to the PHI VILLA above.

Finally, the Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair is available in blue, earth tone, and camouflage color schemes. It folds up for convenient transport outdoors and around the house.


  • Measures 6 feet long when fully reclined
  • Padded polyester fabric is available in three patterns
  • Wooden armrests stay cooler than plastic in the hot sun
  • Covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The 21.3-inch width isn’t as spacious as some competing models

Caravan Sports Infinity [Oversized]

Caravan Sports sells an oversized zero gravity chair that’s 5.3 inches wider than the Infinity standard model. Moreover, it supports 350 pounds.

Even though the recliner doesn’t have any additional length, the extra width is a definite advantage.

The 25.8-inch width is comparable to roomy seats in modern-day cinemas. And that’s far better than the 19-inch average of standard zero gravity recliners.

The entire length of the chair fabric is 64 inches or 5’4” long.

What does that mean for tall people?

Owners who self-report as being over 6 feet tall express mixed opinions. It appears that some are satisfied with the size of the chair, while others wish it were longer.

Additional benefits

Similar to the standard model, the oversized Infinity chair is comprised of Textilene fabric.

Textilene is resistant to UV light so it won’t fade easily. That’s convenient since this recliner is available in nine colors to match your patio décor.

Plus, this synthetic material is breathable and dries quickly.

Another benefit of the Infinity recliner is that it uses a fingertip locking system with rings under the armrests. This appears to be both reliable and straightforward to use.

Subsequently, other highlights illustrate how this chair is comfortable.

For example, the armrests themselves have a pleasant ergonomic design. Also, there’s an adjustable pillow that serves as either a headrest or lumbar support.

Finally, although this is an oversized chair, it folds down to only 6.9 inches in thickness. Since it weighs only 22 pounds, it’s suitably portable for outdoor events and time at the beach.


  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • supports up to 350 pounds
  • Dual fingertip locking system is easy to use
  • 60-day warranty against defects


  • Although the width is oversize, the length is the same as the standard model


The PHI VILLA XL Zero Gravity lounge chair is appealing on many levels.

It is 65 inches long when fully reclined and it measures 29.14 inches in width. Those two numbers alone reveal that it’s larger than the Caravan Sports Infinity oversized chair.

While both of these chairs support up to 350 pounds, the PHI VILLA has a unique attraction.

That’s because it’s padded. The material that forms the seat and back of the recliner is not plastic fiber. Instead, it’s a soft and robust Oxford weave in a two-tone design.

But there are other features that we appreciated.

For example, the armrests are covered with decorative wood accents. As a result, they feel cooler to the touch than black plastic on a hot day.

We also liked the removable pillow. It does double-duty as either a headrest or lumbar support.

What’s more?

The powder-coated steel frame has non-skid feet. Also, the frame has reinforced joints and a lever-locking system. It’s possible to lock the chair into any position between 90 and over 130°.

In addition, the recliner comes with a removable tray. The tray has one opening to hold a cup as well as a flat space to hold snacks or a book.

It’s possible to mount the tray on either side of the chair, and it remains level even when the chair is reclined.

In conclusion, although the chair weighs 24.1 pounds, it folds down to 6 inches thick for storage and transport. It’s easy to imagine that it will be a favorite companion on the patio or at the park.


  • 29 inches wide
  • Durable padded Oxford fabric
  • Available in a variety of two-tone colors
  • Wooden armrests stay cool on a hot day
  • Easy-to-use levers lock chair any position
  • Non-skid feet on the frame
  • Supports up to 350 pounds


  • Fabric doesn’t dry as quickly as Textilene

Best Choice Products [Oversized With Cup Holder]

The Best Choice Products oversized lounge isn’t as long as some of the others in our reviews, but it is quite wide.

It comes with a convenient accessory tray. Instead of arranging your chair by a table, you can store necessities nearby.

This removable tray has space for a coffee mug plus another drink, a phone, and a tablet or book.

As for the recliner’s specifications, it supports up to 250 pounds and measures 62.25 inches when fully reclined. That makes it about a foot shorter than the Timber Ridge model above.

But there’s another fact to consider.

The highlight of this recliner is that its width is an astonishing 32 inches. So while it may not be the best choice for very tall users, it’s certainly roomy.

It’s more than 6 inches wider than the typical cinema seat.

Additional benefits

Like many of the zero gravity chairs in our reviews, this one is made of breathable, UV-resistant fabric supported by a double bungee cord system.

The chair fabric is available in several colors. And it includes a matching adjustable pillow that serves as a headrest or support for your lower back.

Next, the ergonomically-shaped armrests sport finger-sized rings underneath. These rings allow you to lock the recliner into any position you desire.

As a final point, the Best Choice Products chair weighs only 19 pounds. That makes it one of the lightest choices in our reviews.


  • 32 inches wide
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • UV-resistant fabric available in several colors
  • Dual fingertip locking system


  • Although the width is oversize, the length is a little shorter than standard models

Best Choice Products [2-Person Double-Wide\

The only thing that might be more fun than having your own zero gravity chair is sharing one with someone special.

This double-wide recliner from Best Choice Products is 50 inches across, and it supports up to 450 pounds.

In it, one person can spread out, or two can nestle.

Besides the impressive width, you’ll also get two accessory trays, one for each side. Each tray has a cup holder, a slot for a phone or remote control, and room for snacks.

Other highlights

Even though this chair is significantly wider than standard versions, it folds down to only 8 inches thick. Of course, it weighs a little more at 32 pounds.

And its length when fully reclined is only average.

There’s also an adjustable headrest that’s made of the same UV-resistant mesh fabric that forms the body of the chair. This material is breathable and can be wiped clean. Moreover, it’s suspended on a double bungee system for comfort.

In conclusion, the recliner has twin levers that lock the chair into position. Plus, it has a powder-coated steel frame and non-skid feet.


  • 50-inch width
  • Supports up to 450 pounds
  • Detachable accessory trays with cup holders
  • Non-skid feet and powder-coated steel frame


  • Although it’s double-wide, it’s no longer than the standard model

Akari Decor [Extra Large – XL]

The Akari Decor zero gravity chair is an all-in-one kit for lounging in maximum comfort.

First, it is approximately 69.5 inches long when fully extended, 5 to 7 inches longer than the average and that’s great news for tall people.

Next, the chair is 30 inches wide. That includes both the armrests plus the fabric itself, which is 21 inches across.

While it’s not as wide as some chair models in our reviews, it’s noticeably better than the average lawn chair.

Furthermore, the tubular steel frame is strong enough to support up to 350 pounds.

But size isn’t everything.

The Akari Decor recliner comes with an adjustable sunshade canopy. Those two layers of fabric protection provide cool shade on a sunny day, at least for your head and shoulders.

Also, there is a detachable drink tray. The tray has two round openings for drinks, a small slot for a remote control or phone, and a larger slot for a tablet or a magazine.

And the tray remains level no matter how far back the user reclines.

Lastly, the chair comes with a detachable pillow made of the same UV-resistant material as the body of the chair. It’s possible to reposition it to serve as a headrest or lumbar support.

Overall, the Akari Decor zero gravity recliner includes everything you need to relax by the pool or on the porch.


  • 69.5 inches long
  • Textilene fabric resists fading
  • Rust-resistant powder-coated tubular steel frame
  • Easy-to-use lever to lock position
  • Comes with detachable drink tray plus sunshade canopy


  • Currently available in only three colors

LUCKYBERRY [Deluxe Padded]

LUCKYBERRY’s deluxe oversized recliner is 65 inches long when it’s reclined to the maximum.

It supports up to 350 pounds. Plus, it’s 23.2 inches wide between the ergonomic armrests. All of these measurements indicate that it’s roomy and comfortable for taller users.

The padded polyester fabric of the chair only makes it comfier. This fabric is suspended on the sturdy steel frame by a double bungee cord. And although it doesn’t dry quickly if it gets wet, it’s easy to wipe clean.

Instead of bare metal or black plastic, the armrests are covered with a wooden finish. Not only does it look classy, but the finish also stays cooler in the hot sunshine.

Besides that, there’s an adjustable headrest that you can slide down to support your lower back.

Or you can remove it entirely if you prefer to use a different pillow.

As for the chair in general, it reclines and locks into any position between 90 and 170°. This is accomplished by flipping the levers located under the armrests. Additionally, it folds down to just 6 inches in thickness.


  • 65 inches long
  • Padded polyester fabric
  • Wooden armrests
  • Easy-to-use levers lock recliner in any position between 90° and 170°
  • Supports up to 350 pounds


  • Padded fabric doesn’t dry as quickly as Textilene mesh

If you would prefer a lightweight lounge chair, you may enjoy the next one below.

KingCamp [XL]

KingCamp calls it a zero gravity chair, but their oversized lounger is a little different from the other models in our article today.

The first difference is that it’s 66 inches long and has no bottom footrest. Also, the design of the chair allows the user to extend their legs fully.

Altogether, these details can make it more comfortable for tall users.

Next, the lounge only weighs 9.2 pounds or a little over half the weight of a typical zero gravity patio chair.

That’s a significant difference that makes the chair more appealing if you plan to take it camping. Moreover, it comes with a carrying sack.

There are still other features to enjoy.

For instance, the chair includes a cup holder on the right-hand side.

And you’ll never have to worry about fiddling with the levers or rings to lock it into place. There’s only one reclining position available.

Furthermore, the KingCamp chaise supports up to 300 pounds.

Its durability comes from the 1200D polyester fabric suspended on a reinforced aluminum tube frame. Plus, there is a padded headrest.

Although it’s not adjustable, it’s also not overstuffed to not get in the way.


  • Lounge measures 66 inches long
  • 1200D polyester fabric for durability
  • Aluminum frame keeps weight down to only 9.2 pounds
  • Padded headrest and cup holder
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Comes with a carrying sack


  • Only one recline position

Abba Patio – With Sunshade and Drink Tray

The Abba Patio oversized recliner is 29.13 inches wide, 64.5 inches long, and it supports up to 330 pounds.

These specifications make it appreciably larger than flying economy class. In fact, this chair is about 4 inches wider than the standard zero gravity models, and it’s a little longer than some, too.

But there are other highlights too, like the adjustable canopy.

This canopy casts shade on your head and reading material.

Plus, the Texteline material of both the canopy and the chair is excellent for outdoor use. It resists fading, it’s breathable, and it dries quickly.

Subsequently, the recliner includes a detachable tray with a cup holder. It mounts on either side of the frame. That way you can rest your phone or a snack next to your drink. Even better, this little side table stays level when you recline the chair.

Even if the recliner doesn’t lie completely flat, it does lay back into a full zero gravity position. All you need to do is push the two tabs located underneath the armrests to lock the chair into place. Then you can adjust the pillow to serve as your headrest or lower back support.

As a final point, you can fold down the Abba Patio oversize chair into a surprisingly compact shape.


  • Seat is wider than standard models
  • Adjustable canopy shades shoulders and face from the sun
  • Accessory tray table with cup holder mounts on either side
  • Fingertip locking system makes it easy to recline
  • Durable and breathable fade-resistant fabric
  • Steel frame supports up to 330 pounds
  • Pillow doubles as a lumbar support
  • Folds for transport and storage


  • Only one color, although it’s a pattern with neutral shades

Lafuma Futura [XL]

Lafuma Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner is also a popular product, this recliner may suit you better if you have taller people in your family.

When the chair is fully reclined, it opens out to 71 inches in length as opposed to the 64.5 inches for the chairs described above. It supports up to 330 pounds like the Infinity XL recliner.

Lafuma says their fabric, Batyline, won’t stretch out of shape, fade, or mildew, and it is washable. The body of the chair is suspended by elastic clips, not a cord. Because of this design, you can take the chair apart and wash the fabric.

There is a difference between the Lafuma and the Caravan Sports chairs are their system for reclining the chair. While the Caravan Sports Infinity chairs have a simple lock-on, lock-off system, the Lafuma has resistance levers. This means you can move the chair while it’s “locked” and it returns to the original position.

Its price lot higher than the others.


  • Fits taller people because it opens out to 71 inches
  • Supports up to 330 pounds of weight
  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Fabric doesn’t fade or mildew or stretch, and it can be washed
  • Elastic clips reportedly distribute weight better
  • Resistance levers allow some movement without losing position


  • I saw several reports about it falling apart, although this is somewhat mitigated by Lafuma’s 2-year warranty

Group #3 – With Canopy & Drink Tray [For Outdoor]

Lounge chairs are nice, but a zero gravity chair with canopy is the best companion for a sunny day outdoors. The combination provides shade plus maximum comfort for your back.

Why shop for a recliner with a canopy?

It’s because it will be the last time you squint at your screen. A sunshade will give you protection from the sun to help you see well.

It’s also pleasant for a little nap.

Also, you’ll discover that many canopy chairs come with a cup holder tray. This accessory keeps your refreshment and entertainment close at hand.

Don’t be surprised if you enjoy your new recliner so much that you invent excuses to use it more often.

Before we go into the detailed review of top 10 zero gravity chairs with canopy, let’s take a glance on the comparison chart below to have an overview.

Comparison Table

ImageTitleCup HolderOversizedRatingPrice
Best Choice Products Zero Gravity With CanopyBest Choice ProductsYesNoCheck Price
Abba Patio Oversized Zero Gravity Chair With Canopy - 2 PackAbba Patio - 2 PackYesYesCheck Price
Super Decor Zero Gravity With Canopy and Drink Tray - Set of 2Super Decor - Set of 2YesNoCheck Price
Abba Patio Oversized Zero Gravity Chair with Sunshade and Drink TrayAbba Patio OversizedYesYesCheck Price
Ollieroo Zero Gravity Lounge Chair with Pillow and Utility TrayOllierooYesNoCheck Price
Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair Sun Shade Canopy and Drink TrayBliss Hammocks, Inc.YesNoCheck Price
Artist Hand Zero Gravity Chair with Sunshade Canopy - Set of 2Artist Hand - 2 PacksYesNoCheck Price
PHI VILLA Zero Gravity With Sunshade CanopyPHI VILLANoYesCheck Price
Goplus Zero Gravity Chair With Sunshade Canopy, TrayGoplusYesNoCheck Price
Just Relax Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow, Canopy, and Clip-On TableJust RelaxYesNoCheck Price

Detailed Reviews

Best Choice Products [With Canopy]

Did you know that Best Choice Products sells their classic outdoor recliner with an adjustable canopy?

There’s only a small difference in price, but there’s a big difference in comfort.

Under the canopy, you can take off your hat and relax. The sunshade makes it possible to enjoy screen time outdoors, and it reduces glare on the pages of your book.

Let’s examine the canopy up close. Initially, you can see that it measures about two feet by a foot and a half.

That’s just large enough to shade your head and shoulders on a sunny day.

After that, notice that it consists of a double layer of the same fabric as the body of the chair. This material is called Textilene. It’s a PVC mesh that is resistant to UV light. It also dries quickly if it gets wet.

Subsequently, the canopy is suspended on an angled metal frame attached to the chair. You can pull the frame forward or push it back to block the sun.

It’s also possible to clip it against the back of the chair out of the way.

But the sunshade isn’t the only convenient part of the Best Choice recliner. There’s also a snap-on tray.

The tray has places to hold a bottle and a coffee cup, a phone, and a tablet or a book. You won’t need to park the recliner next to a table because all your essentials will be close at hand. Or if you don’t want to use the tray, just pull it off the frame.

Let’s move on to the chair itself.

As we mentioned, the body of the chair is breathable Texteline fabric. That’s suspended on a double bungee cord system for comfort and durability. There’s also a pillow made of the same material. It’s on a Velcro strap that lets you move it down to serve as lumbar support if you prefer.

When you want to recline, unlock the chair with the levers under the armrests. Then lean back and push on the arms. Once you reach the perfect position, lock it into place with the levers.

The recliner supports up to 250 pounds, and it’s about 61 inches long when fully open. Its seat width is about 19 inches between the armrests. Therefore, this chair best fits persons of average size.

While it’s certainly more comfortable than the average lawn chair, there are oversize recliners that are more pleasant for large and tall users.

As a final point about the Best Choice Products chair, it’s available in a variety of colors to suit your patio décor. There are seven shades, from black and gray to blues and burgundy.


  • Canopy clips behind the chair when not needed
  • Durable UV-resistant fabric lets air circulate and dries quickly
  • Locking levers underneath the armrests
  • Steel frame supports up to 250 pounds


  • Suitable for average-size persons; not for those who prefer oversize chairs

Abba Patio [2-Pack]

The Abba Patio Zero Gravity Lounge Chair comes in a set of two. But that’s not the only advantage. Not only are the chairs oversized, they also come with drink trays and sunshades.

Let’s get into the details to learn more.

First, the removable drink trays have a simple design like a small table. There is an opening for a cup or bottle plus a flat area, and that’s all. It provides a place to lay your phone or keys and keep a beverage nearby.

Next, the adjustable canopy on each chair is approximately a foot and a half long. It’s big enough to shade the top part of your body, depending on the angle of the sun. It provides relief on a hot day and cuts down glare on your screen. And you can rotate the sunshade to the back of the chair out of the way, too.

Another feature that appeals to customers is that the Abba Patio loungers are marketed as oversized.

They each hold up to 300 pounds and measure 64.5 inches in length when fully reclined. But their seats are only 18.9 inches wide. That’s not as roomy as some recliners we’ve reviewed.

Like many of the outdoor zero gravity loungers, the Abba Patio chairs rely on breathable and UV-resistant Texteline material supported by a dual bungee system.

They have powder-coated steel frames and a fingertip locking system for reclining. In addition, they come with adjustable pillows that can double as lumbar support.


  • Two matching chairs in a set
  • Steel frame supports up to 300 pounds
  • Accessory tray table with cup holder
  • Fingertip locking system


  • Although it supports more weight and is a few inches longer, the seat width is not as wide as some chairs

Super Decor [Set Of 2 with Sunshade + Cup Holder]

The Super Decor zero gravity chairs reveal attention to details that add a lot of value.

For example, the ring locking system is very easy to use when adjusting the recliner’s position. Besides this, the armrests are ergonomic and extra comfortable.

But that’s not all we liked about these loungers.

A glance at the cup holders shows they hold a lot more than cups. There is space for a bottle and a mug, as well as a phone and an iPad. Also, the plastic tray is detachable when you want to fold up the chair.

Subsequently, the canopies have a slightly modified design that looks classier than other sunshade styles.

They have elegant cutout corners. But they are just as handy and adjustable, and they shade your shoulders and face while you relax. Or you can flip them over to the back of the chairs if you like.

After that, you might notice other things like the protective pads on the bottom of the frames. Or the fact that the pillows are rounded and adjustable.

They work well as a cushion for your lower back, too.

Although these chairs come in a handful of colors, they are built with steel frames and fade-resistant Texteline mesh.

The mesh allows air to circulate and it dries quickly.

One point to consider when purchasing a recliner is its size.

The Super Decor chairs measure 65 inches long by 25.2 inches wide. The width includes the armrests, so the actual seat size is smaller. But the chairs support up to 300 pounds.

Finally, when the recliners are fully extended, they don’t lay flat. But they do open to 150 degrees to relieve pressure on your back and legs.


  • Two matching chairs in a set
  • Steel frame and breathable mesh support up to 300 pounds
  • Chairs open to 150 degrees for pressure relief
  • Accessory tray table with dual cup holders
  • Ergonomic pillow and armrests
  • Fingertip ring locking system


  • Few colors available

Abba Patio [With Drink Tray]

We previously reviewed a set of zero gravity recliners from Abba Patio. If you liked what you saw, but hoped for a roomier chair, you’ll like this one.

It’s 29.13 inches wide, 64.5 inches long, and it supports up to 330 pounds. But what does that mean?

We’ll explain.

Most zero gravity recliners are a little wider than an economy-class airline seat. But the Abba Patio chair surpasses this. Although the measurement above includes the armrests, it’s still about four inches wider than the typical zero gravity chair.

Let’s move on to the other highlights like the adjustable canopy and the drink tray.

You may have observed that the sunshade matches the fabric of the chair. Both are a tasteful checkered pattern. And the Texteline material is excellent for outdoor use.

It resists fading, it’s breathable, and it dries fast.

The matching sunshade adjusts to block the sun from hitting your head and shoulders. That fact makes sitting outdoors more pleasant.

You can also move the canopy behind the chair and clip it there.

Next, there is a detachable tray with a cup holder. It’s almost a foot long and about eight inches wide. You can mount it on either side of the frame. Then you can rest your phone or a snack next to your drink. Even better, this little side table stays steady while you recline the chair.

In order to stretch out and enjoy the magic of a zero gravity chair, push the two tabs inward. They are located underneath the armrests. Afterward, once you’re comfy, lock the chair by pushing the tabs outward.

Although the recliner doesn’t lie completely flat, it does lay back into a full zero gravity position.

Once you’ve reached that point, it relieves pressure along your spine. Then you can adjust the pillow to serve as your headrest or lower back support.

As a final point, at the end of the day, you can fold up the Abba Patio oversize chair. It compresses down to a surprisingly compact shape.


  • Accessory tray mounts on either side
  • Fingertip locking system maintains the reclined position
  • Steel frame supports up to 330 pounds


  • Although it’s wide, it’s not any longer than most zero gravity recliners
  • Only one color, although it’s a pattern with neutral shades



The accessory tray that comes with the Ollieroo lounge is small, but that’s a helpful feature.

Its diminutive size allows you to keep your refreshment close at hand even at crowded events. Moreover, the tray has indentations for a phone or remote plus a mug. And there’s a flat space for a snack or your keys.

The zero gravity chair itself is also compact.

It’s just over 20 inches wide and about 75 inches long when fully open. Although it’s not described as an oversize recliner, it can hold up to 300 pounds.

When you lounge outdoors, you can shift the adjustable canopy to block the sun.

This stylish sunshade is as wide as the chair and more than a foot long. It’s large enough to shade your head and shoulders or cast a shadow on the screen of your device. If you decide not to use it, you can flip it over the back of the chair and clip it securely out of the way. Or, since it’s mounted to the chair frame with screws, it is possible to remove it completely.

Another highlight of the chair is the fingertip ring locking system.

The rings are located under the armrests. If you pull on them, you’ll unlock the chair to change position. Then release the rings and the chair locks at the angle you chose.

Next, the steel frame of the chair is powder-coated to combat moisture and physical damage. Plus, the bottom of the frame has non-skid protectors.

Although the Ollieroo recliner is available in only three colors, it’s made with hard-wearing Textilene fabric. This material allows air to circulate and dries quickly. It’s also resistant to fading in sunlight.

And the same fabric makes up the adjustable pillow and the canopy.


  • Canopy clips behind the chair when not in use
  • The long-lasting UV-resistant fabric is breathable and dries quickly
  • Fingertip ring locking system underneath the armrests
  • Steel frame supports up to 300 pounds and has nonskid feet


  • Sold in only three colors

Bliss Hammocks [With Drink Tray]


The Bliss Hammocks Gravity-Free Recliner comes in sage green, terra-cotta, raven black, and cocoa brown jacquard.

These are colors you don’t see very often when shopping for lounge chairs. And each one has a matching sunshade.

You may recognize that the Bliss chair is similar to the ones from Best Choice Products.

Like the other chairs, its canopy is a double layer of Textilene fabric for better protection from the sun. This material is PVC-coated polyester that’s long-lasting and stain-resistant.

The fabric of the chair is mounted on a double bungee system on a powder-coated steel frame. This makes for a durable lounge that supports up to 300 pounds. It’s also 26 inches wide (including the armrests) and 65 inches long which makes it rather roomy.

Furthermore, it’s easy to enjoy this recliner.

The system that locks the chair into position is straightforward to use. It’s based on levers located underneath the armrests. Once you’ve tilted the chair enough to feel maximum relief, tip the canopy up or down the block the sun from your face.

Also, the detachable accessory tray clips onto either side of the frame. That’s convenient because it doesn’t matter if you’re right-handed or left-handed.

The tray has an indentation for a cup, and space for other items, too.

One thing to note if you’re shopping for a chair to take to events is its size and weight.

The Bliss lounger weighs 21 pounds and compresses to only 6 x 26 x 38 inches. Chances are you can fit it into the trunk of your car with room to spare.


  • Removable tray mounts on either side
  • Stain-resistant fabric is durable and dries quickly
  • Easy-to-use locking system has levers, not rings


  • A small selection of unusual colors

Artist Hand [2-Pack]


You might notice that this two-pack of zero gravity chairs from Artist Hand is comparable to the set from Super Decor. Although the colors are different, the design is the same.

We like both sets of chairs for similar reasons.

The first is that they use a reliable ring locking system to maintain the chair’s position. That’s important because the chairs recline to 150 degrees. That’s not entirely flat, but it’s ideal for taking pressure off your back.

When you lounge in one of these chairs, you can adjust the canopy to shade your face. It’s covered with a double layer of the same Textilene fabric as the rest of the recliner.

This material is resistant to UV light and blocks up to 80% of the sun’s rays. It’s also durable and breathable.

While you’re enjoying the relief that results from the zero gravity position, you can keep your refreshment nearby. Each chair comes with its own accessory tray that clips onto either side of the frame. And each tray has space for two cups, a phone, or other items.

You may be wondering about the size of the chairs.

They measure 65 inches long by 25.6 inches wide, including the armrests. And they support up to 300 pounds each.

Finally, to enhance your comfort, each recliner includes an adjustable pillow and ergonomic armrests.

Also, the bottom of the frame is protected by non-skid feet.


  • Two matching chairs in a set
  • Sunshade that blocks up to 80% of the sun’s rays
  • Accessory tray table with dual cup holders
  • The steel frame and durable fabric support up to 300 pounds
  • Chairs recline to 150 degrees for maximum pressure relief
  • Ergonomic pillow and armrests
  • Fingertip ring locking system


  • Only a few colors available



PHI VILLA provides detailed information to explain why their chair is both stable and durable. It supports up to 300 pounds.

Let’s take a closer look at its construction.

Like most of the zero gravity chairs in our reviews, this one sports a Textilene mesh body. Textilene is a smart choice for patio furniture because it’s resistant to fading in sunlight and dries rapidly if it gets wet. Even the canopy of the chair is covered with Textilene because it blocks up to 80% of the sun’s rays.

Of course, the steel frame of the chair is powder-coated to prevent corrosion. But PHI VILLA points out other important features. For example, there are skid-proof protectors on the bottom of the chair. Also, the frame is reinforced at key points.

Next, instead of awkward old-school knobs that twist, this chair has locking clips.

All you have to do to adjust the recline is push the clip forward, change your position, then pull the clip back to lock it.

Once you’ve settled into the recliner, you can tip the canopy up or down to provide shade for your face and shoulders. Plus, your refreshment is close at hand because this chair comes with a detachable cup holder.

Although it’s not featured in the photos, it’s mentioned in the description.

Even the headrest itself is durable. It’s covered by Textilene fabric that’s easy to wipe clean. Moreover, you can slide it down the back of the chair to use it as a pillow for your back.

With regards to the size of the lounger, it measures 25.59 inches wide including the armrests. Then, the specifications state that the chair is 65 inches long when open all the way. And when it’s folded, it’s only 6 inches thick.

Those numbers describe a recliner that’s comfortable and convenient for taking to events or relaxing in your backyard.


  • Adjustable sunshade blocks up to 80% of UV rays
  • Removable cup holder
  • Weather-resistant fabric is durable and dries quickly
  • Steel frame supports up to 300 pounds and is reinforced at key points
  • Easy-to-use system has levers to lock the chair and position


  • Only available in one color

Goplus [With Drink Tray]

Furniture becomes soiled; it’s a fact of life. But the brown color and woven pattern of the Goplus chair disguises wear.

Even the powder-coating on the frame is lightly textured to stand up to regular use. It also looks nicer than the smooth black paint seen on most of the other recliners we reviewed.

Furthermore, other details set this chair apart from its competition.

To begin, it makes use of an aluminum structure for the seat that rests on steel leg posts. Then those legs are protected with bumpers. As a result, the chair weighs less than many of its competitors. But it also only supports up to 265 pounds of weight.

Although Goplus never specifies if the fabric is Texteline, they say the material is well-ventilated and durable. You can also remove the headrest to clean it or scoot it down to support your back.

The chair comes with a detachable tray that keeps your drink and phone close at hand. You can mount it on either side.

Also, the sunshade is mounted on angled arms that keep it out of the way overhead. You can maneuver it up and down to block the light. Moreover, it’s upholstered with the same fabric as the body of the chair.

To conclude, the Goplus chair measures 63 inches long by 27 inches wide, making it both wider and shorter than many of the other brands we’ve covered so far.

That’s advantageous if you wanted a more spacious recliner without concern for its length.


  • Steel and aluminum frame supports up to 265 pounds but weighs only 19 pounds
  • Lever locking system is easy to manipulate
  • Durable fabric is well-ventilated
  • Removable cup holder tray


  • Available in one color only
  • Slightly shorter length than some competing models

Just Relax [With Pillow + Clip-On Table]

The Just Relax chair has an appropriate name because it’s spacious.

It’s 69 inches long and 21.25 inches wide. It also holds up to 330 pounds. Those measurements make it four inches longer and two inches wider than many of the other recliners in this review.

You might be thinking, “What’s the catch? What’s different about this chair?”

The first difference has to do with the pillow. Then the second involves the method for locking the chair into a reclined position.

To begin, the pillow included with the Just Relax chair is larger than what you’ll see on other models. It can’t slide down to support your lower back because it’s fixed at the top of the chair. But you can flip it up out of the way.

Incidentally, the same is true for the sunshade. You can angle the canopy up and down to shade your head and shoulders or your tablet screen. And if you don’t want to use it, you can move it behind the chair.

To get back to the point, there’s also a different method for locking the chair into place.

There are no levers or finger rings. Instead, you’ll find knobs that you’ll need to rotate. Some customers find the knobs less convenient than the other systems.

Overall we find that it’s a matter of comfort. If you want a roomier chair, this one beats some of the ones sold as oversized models.

Finally, the Just Relax recliner comes with a clip-on tray. The tray holds a drink, a phone, snacks, or a book. Not to mention you can move it to either side of the chair.


  • Steel frame holds up to 330 pounds
  • Detachable cup holder tray
  • Folds for transport and storage
  • Large pillow


  • Knobs for locking the chair into position
  • Pillow can’t double as lumbar support

If you’re going to get a zero gravity chair, then maximize your comfort with a sunshade canopy and a drink tray. These extras make your relaxation time more pleasant.

They are also very practical.

A canopy will let you enjoy your mobile device or reading material in full sunlight because it will shade the screen. It also keeps the sun off your face.

Additionally, a tray is convenient for keeping a cool drink by your side instead of having to reach down to the ground.

The extra space lets you place entertainment and snacks close by, too.

We selected the recliners with the most appealing features and examined them in detail. Therefore, we hope our reviews of the top zero gravity chairs with canopies helped you find the perfect one today.

Group #4 – Leather & Massage [Cheap]

There are certain types of furniture that make us want to sit down and relax on them. We’re enticed by plush leather recliners.

It’s even more exciting when they diminish back pain with heat and massage.

The chair you sit in the most should be satisfying. It ought to be restful.

That’s why we liked our top ten selections today.

They have cushioned zero gravity recliners that reduce pressure on the back and legs. Some actively ease away the soreness. And one even lifts you up into a standing position.

Just as important, we chose lounge chairs with durable upholstery. In most cases, the material is long-wearing polyurethane leather that has taken the furniture industry by storm.

Let’s take a closer look at these attractive recliners. Perhaps you’ll discover the perfect one for your home today.

Comparison Table

ImageTitleZero GravityMassageWith OttomanRatingPrice
Giantex Manual Recliner Chair Black Lounger Leather Sofa Seat Home TheaterGiantex Manual Recliner ChairNoNoNoCheck price
Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped BaseFlash Furniture Leather Massage ReclinerNoYesYesCheck price
Best Choice Products PU Leather Massage Recliner Ottoman w/Control, 5 Heat & Massage Modes,Best Choice ProductsYesYesYesCheck price
Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black PU Leather Living Room ReclinerHomall Single ReclinerYesNoNoCheck price
BestMassage Modern Leather Chaise Couch Single Recliner ChairBestMassage Modern LeatherYesNoNoCheck price
Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree SwivelEsright Massage ReclinerYesYesNoCheck price
Divano Roma Furniture Classic Plush Bonded Leather Power Lift ReclinerDivano Roma FurnitureYesNoNoCheck price
HOMCOM Massage Heated PU Leather 360 Degree Swivel Recliner Chair with RemoteHOMCOM Massage Heated ReclinerYesYesNoCheck price
BONZY Oversized Recliner Chair Leather Cover Living Room Lounge ChairBONZY Oversized ReclinerYesNoNoCheck price
Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black LeatherSoft Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped BaseFlash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GGNoNoYesCheck price

Detailed Reviews

Giantex [Manual Recliner]

If you’ve always wanted a leather recliner, but you just don’t have the space or the budget for it, Giantex has a solution. Their manual recliner chair is compact and comfortable. Plus, it’s covered in eco-friendly leather that’s easy to clean.

Let’s look at the black upholstery first.

The surface is PU leather, also known as bi-cast. It’s an embossed polyurethane coating over a split leather backing. This type of furniture is resistant to stains and isn’t as high maintenance as full-grain leather.

Next, the chair is thickly cushioned with foam in the back and seat. There is a folding padded footrest as well. Although the armrests have less padding, that’s beneficial as you’ll need to press on them to lean back the chair.

To recline, you only need to click the switch on the right-hand side. Then the lounge unlocks so that the footrest rises and the chair tilts backward as you push.

At its fullest extension, it lies almost flat. Customers comment that the recliner is quite comfy and relaxing for hours at a time.

The sturdy structure of the Giantex chair supports up to 250 pounds. Moreover, it measures 64-13/32-inches long by 25-19/32-inches wide.

That width includes the armrests, so the actual size of the seat is slightly less. It’s the perfect fit for a small room.

One last thing you should know is that the chair requires a little assembly when it arrives. But the instructions are easy to understand and the process goes quickly.


  • Eco-friendly leather that is easy to maintain
  • Compact recliner for a small room
  • Reclines almost flat
  • Supports up to 250 pounds


  • Some assembly required
  • Manual recline

Flash Furniture [With Ottoman]


The Flash Furniture recliner and Ottoman have a very appealing feature. They offer both heat and massage for your back and legs.

Prop up your feet and set the timer to relax with nine massage modes and five levels of intensity. Then store the remote in the right-hand side pocket.

Owners of the chair say that the massage feature is quiet and soothing. They describe the vibration as similar to sitting in a hot tub. Just turn the knob to recline almost flat and enjoy it in maximum comfort.

The sumptuous LeatherSoft upholstery contributes to your deep relaxation.

There is plenty of cushioning built into the chair from the headrest to the armrests, the back, and seat. Along with that, the recliner swivels, making it more convenient than a typical lounge.

We like its contemporary design down to the leather-wrapped bases on the chair and ottoman. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

There aren’t any real downsides to this chair when compared to its value. Yes, it requires electricity to operate so it will need to be placed near an outlet.

And when it arrives, it requires assembly. But those are small details compared to the pleasure it offers.


  • Remote controls intensity and zones
  • Reclines almost prone and swivels
  • Ottoman is detachable
  • 2-year warranty


  • Assembly required
  • Must be plugged in to operate massage and heat

Best Choice Products [Massage Recliner With Ottoman]


Best Choice Products sells a Zero Gravity Massage Chair for back pain that’s similar to the one we reviewed above.

The advantage is that it’s available in brown, not just black. And the description includes more details that you might wish to know.

We learned that the chair supports up to 250 pounds and the Ottoman up to 200 pounds.

Next, the recliner is 29 inches wide and 46 inches long. The link includes the 29-inch tall backrest.

Those measurements are good to know if you’re tall and find it challenging to shop for chairs.

But let’s get into the real reason why this recliner is desirable.

Not only is it cushioned and comfortable, but it also offers massage and heat for your back and legs. The detachable Ottoman has the same features and is controlled, like the chair, with the included remote.

The remote allows you to choose which zones you’ll treat, from your upper and lower back to your thighs and lower legs. You can prop your feet on the Ottoman and massage them, too.

Choose from five massage programs and nine intensity levels.

Both the chair and the Ottoman are upholstered in PU leather that is durable and easy to maintain. The same material wraps the bases and makes up the pocket on the right-hand side of the chair. That pocket is convenient for storing the remote. It’s right next to the knob that allows you to recline the chair almost flat.

Finally, although you will need to do some assembly when it arrives, it’s covered by a 60-day warranty.


  • Remote controls intensity and zones
  • Reclines almost prone
  • Chair swivels
  • Ottoman is detachable


  • Assembly required
  • Must be plugged in to operate massage and heat

Homall Living Room Recliner Chair


Homall ‘s classy black recliner allows you to have the comfort of a full-size chair in a small room.

It’s upholstered in PU leather, which is split-grain leather coated with polyurethane. This material is popular in the furniture industry because it’s durable and easier to clean than full-grain leather.

It retains a “like new” appearance for a long time and doesn’t have a strong odor.

Underneath the leather-like surface is high-density foam that springs back into shape easily. This padding covers the seat, backrest, leg rest, and headrest to maximize your relaxation when you recline.

And to tip the chair back and bring up the footrest, all you need to do is press your body backward.

The smooth reclining action is made possible by the 3mm-thick sturdy steel frame that supports up to 265 pounds. Lots of customers say that the Homall recliner is simple to use.

They don’t need to exert much force to recline the chair or push it back upright. But there is no way to lock the position.

The only other downside to the Homall recliner is that it requires assembly. Owners report that it’s not difficult to put together since there are only two pieces. And the company offers free exchanges (or a refund) in case there are missing parts or any other problems.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the comfortable characteristics of the recliner, let’s take a look at its dimensions.

The seat is 17.7 inches off the ground. Compare that to the average height of a dining room chair which is 18 inches.

Next, the seat cushion is 22.1 inches deep and 19.7 inches wide. That is a little roomier than an airline seat. And when the chair is fully open, it measures 62.6 inches from the tip of the footrest to the top of the headrest.

This much recline is rarely available even in first-class.


  • Smooth reclining action
  • Steel frame supports up to 265 pounds
  • Non-marking rubber feet
  • Covered by a free exchange or full refund policy


  • Assembly is required, but there are only two pieces plus the protective feet

BestMassage Modern Leather Single Recliner Chair

The BestMassage recliner is quite similar to the one from Homall that we reviewed above. But the advantage to this chair is that it’s available in two colors, not just one.

Although the name might lead you to believe that the recliner offers massage, it does not. Instead, you’ll find that it’s a compact lounge ideal for a study, a bedroom, or a small living room.

It’s 26.5 inches wide so you can imagine how much space you can save compared to a full-size recliner. And the 19-inch seat width is appreciable for a chair of this size.

Next, the chair is covered with long-lasting polyurethane leather. This material resists spills and doesn’t break in and wear down like full-grain leather.

It wipes clean easily and doesn’t have a strong smell.

At this accessible price, the recliner is surprisingly durable. It holds up to 250 pounds. And it’s stuffed with soft filling in all the vital places like the seat, the backrest, the footrest, and the headrest.

Customers say it doesn’t take much to recline the chair and bring up the footrest. There’s no lever to operate, but on the other hand, there’s nothing to lock it into position.

Instead, as you shift in the chair, it moves with you.

In conclusion, the assembly is straightforward. It only requires joining the top and bottom of the recliner and installing the non-skid rubber feet.


  • Smooth reclining action with no need for a lever
  • Polyurethane leather surface is easy to clean
  • Non-marking rubber feet


  • Assembly is required
  • No mention of a warranty

Esright [Heated Ergonomic Recliner]

The Esright Massage Recliner is stunning. Not only is it plushly upholstered with plenty of cushion in all the right places, it includes very attractive features.

To start with, once you’re seated, you can enjoy heat and massage for your back and legs.

The massage functions include five modes with two levels of intensity.

You’ll control them with the included remote that you can store in one of the four onboard pockets. And the only downside is that the heat function only works when the massage function is operating.

Besides the large pockets on the sides of the chair, there are two small pockets on the front along with two cup holders. In other words, you can keep everything you need close at hand, from your phone or tablet to reading material and refreshment.

The chair swivels 360°, and it reclines up to 150°, which allows you to lie almost prone.

But that’s not all. The recliner rocks, too.

The soft foam padding cushions your body while you enjoy the luxurious texture of the upholstery. It’s PU leather which stands up well to regular use and is easy to wipe clean.

It doesn’t require the same amount of care and attention as more expensive leather.

Finally, you’ll find that the dimensions of this chair are spacious. They include a 35.8-inch seat width and a 28.7-inch backrest.


  • Vibrating massage and heat for back and legs
  • Polyurethane-coated leather that is easy to maintain
  • Soft foam cushioning
  • Reclines to 150°, swivels 360°, and rocks
  • Two cup holders and four storage pockets


  • Some assembly required
  • Heat function requires massage function to operate

Divano Roma Furniture [Classic + Power Lift]

The primary advantage of the Divano Roma recliner is that it has a power lift. By using the remote control, you can raise the chair off the ground.

This is a definite benefit to users with mobility challenges. Several customers commented on how it helped them recover from surgery or assists them in day-to-day living.

On the downside, there’s no mention of weight limit or how high the seat rises. But customers report that the German-made motor works silently to boost them to their feet.

What’s more?

The recliner provides firm but comfortable support. It’s upholstered in bonded leather and padded throughout the back and seat.

And there’s a little cushioning on the armrests which are pleasant since you need to press on them to recline the chair manually.

To keep things neat, the remote stores out of sight in a pocket on the right side of the chair. But to enjoy the power lift feature, you’ll need to position the chair near an electrical outlet.

If you’re wondering whether the chair’s measurements will suit your needs, let’s discuss them now.

The chair measures 28 inches wide from side to side with a 21.5-inch seat width between the armrests. That’s noticeably roomier than the typical airline seat.

Then the seat is 22 inches deep, and it stands 17 inches off the floor. Finally, the backrest is 28 inches tall.

In other words, the recliner is suitable for a variety of users.


  • Power lift raises chair off the ground
  • Silent motor controlled by remote
  • Well-cushioned and upholstered with bonded leather
  • Pocket for storing the remote


  • Some assembly required
  • Manual Recline
  • Needs to be placed near an electric outlet

HOMCOM [Massage Heated Swivel with Remote]


If your back aches, there’s nothing like a heated massage chair.

The vibrating massage feature targets four areas across your back and legs. You can zero in on one zone at a time, or treat them all at once.

Additionally, it’s not just the seat and backrest but also the footrest that massages you.

There are two levels of intensity and five modes to select. The modes include functions like pulse and wave. On top of that, you can add heat to optimize your relaxation.

Further, you can change options with the easy-to-read remote. (And you won’t need batteries for the controller.)

If you want to settle down for a while, bring your entertainment and refreshments with you. The recliner has two cup holders and four storage pockets to keep needed items nearby. This is convenient for stashing the chair’s remote control.

You can see that this HOMCOM swivel recliner resembles the Esright Massage Recliner we reviewed earlier. But at the time of writing, the HOMCOM chair was available in additional colors, from black and brown to cream and red.

Furthermore, it’s crafted for comfort with polyurethane leather over extra thick foam. The headrest and back of the chair are especially well-padded. The armrests are nicely cushioned, too.

Of course, the chair reclines to multiple positions, and it swivels and rocks to boot. But be aware you’ll need sufficient space to get the most from this recliner.

Shoppers who love oversize chairs with ample room will love the dimensions of this recliner. That’s because the seat is 21.7 inches wide and the backrest stands 27.6 inches tall. Plus, the seat is 18.9 inches off the ground.


  • Vibrating massage and heat to relieve back pain and improve circulation
  • Polyurethane-coated leather is durable and attractive
  • Ample dimensions
  • Reclines, swivels 360°, and rocks
  • Two cup holders and four storage pockets


  • Some assembly required

BONZY [Oversized]


The BONZY oversized recliner invites you to sit down and relax on its pillow-top cushions.

One pull of the lever and you can relax and put up your feet. Then, run your hand over the soft upholstery.

It looks like Italian leather but has a breathable backing to keep you cooler.

The chair has decorative crafting including nailhead trim and a tufted pattern on the front of the arms. This gives it a look that blends well with the rustic or classic decor.

While there is no massage action, and the chair doesn’t swivel or rock, you’ll sink into its soft and cozy padding.

The roomy dimensions include a 22-inch wide seat that stands 19 inches high. Moreover, the chair is 64 inches long when fully reclined. In addition, the chair supports up to 300 pounds.

The manufacturer points out that the chair was tested 25,000 times to guarantee its durability.

It has a frame built from laminated veneer lumber reinforced with metal. And the materials used in its construction comply with low emissions standards.

BONZY offers a three-year warranty on the frame and one-year warranty on the upholstery. Although the chair requires some assembly, the manufacturer points out that it’s easy to disassemble if you need to move.


  • Leather gel upholstery looks expensive and has a breathable backing
  • Decorative nailhead trim and tufting
  • Constructed with sturdy LVL lumber reinforced with metal
  • Low VOC materials
  • Reclines up to 145°
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty on the frame and 1-year on the upholstery


  • Some assembly required

Flash Furniture [With Ottoman]


Flash Furniture’s LeatherSoft recliner has a modern minimalistic appearance, but it’s quite relaxing. It includes an Ottoman for a footrest when you want to rest your tired feet.

Just turn the knob under the right arm and lean back.

The pleasing texture of the LeatherSoft upholstery is straightforward to clean and maintain. You won’t need to go the extra mile with conditioner and polish to keep it looking new. Besides, the chair is available in black, brown, burgundy, cream, and Palomino to match your style.

Even the base of the recliner and stool are stylishly wrapped in leather.

Although this lounge chair doesn’t seem as luxurious as some we reviewed, it has abundant cushioning. Every part is padded, from the headrest down to the footstool.

What’s more?

The recliner swivels, which makes it more attractive.

To sum up, when it arrives, the chair needs basic assembly. It measures 27.25-inches wide by 37.50 inches tall and needs a little over three feet of space.


  • LeatherSoft upholstery that is easy to clean
  • CA 117 (California-approved) fire-retardant padding
  • Generous padding throughout the chair
  • Reclines almost flat and swivels, too
  • Leather-wrapped bases on chair and ottoman
  • 2-year warranty for parts


  • Some assembly required

You’ve reached the end of our reviews with top 10 leather recliners and Zero Gravity Massage Chairs for back pain.

We’re content to show you that there are many accessible options available. If you love to relax, there are many enjoyable chairs to choose from in the article above.

We found these luxurious leather lounge chairs absolutely alluring.

The ones with vibrating massage and heat are especially inviting after a long day. And some are decadently cushioned to the point you may never want to leave them.

You might say the selection is overwhelming. That’s because the choice isn’t just between colors – it involves a lot more.

As you know, shopping online is both easier and more challenging.

Although it’s convenient and usually less expensive, it’s fraught with difficulties.

For example, it’s very important to examine the specifications. Otherwise, you might end up with unexpected results.

But we did the hard work for you.

We dug deep into measurements and features to determine which chairs best suit certain situations.

6 Steps To Find Your Best Zero Gravity Chair

The infographic below with 6 simple steps you can follow and consider when purchasing a zero gravity chair.

six-step guide to find the best zero gravity chair

Click the image to see the original (larger) version.

And here is the six-step guide from the infographic above in words.

Step #1 – Indoor vs. Outdoor

The first point to consider is where do you want to use your zero gravity chair?

Will it be indoors only?

Or will you use it outdoors?

Or will you use it as a spare chair (both indoor and outdoor)?

To illustrate what we mean, the best lounge chairs for a pool would be those made with quick-drying Texteline instead of padded ones that soak up water.

The same is true if you want to take your recliner to the beach.

In those cases, you’ll want a recliner that can stand up to the weather and is easy to clean.

But pretty much any zero gravity chair can be used indoors because it will provide a comfy place to relax.

In any case, it’s handy to have an extra chair that folds up to save space and isn’t too heavy.

Step #2 – Regular Size vs. Oversized

Will you prefer regular size or an oversized zero gravity chair for tall people?

There are both regular size and oversized zero gravity chairs on the market. Some oversized ones are just wider and support more weight while some others recliners are longer especially for tall people.

Case in point, you’re likely to see reviews where a customer says their feet hang over the bottom bar of the chair when they recline. But if the chair were a couple of inches longer, it would have suited them better.

Be sure to look closely at the measurements, especially the length of the chair. They can make all the difference in how comfortable you are.

Step #3 – With/Without A Canopy Sunshade

Having a canopy makes reading and screen time outdoors more pleasant. It also keeps the sun out of your face while you watch a game or when you’re taking a nap.

Step #4 – With/Without A Drink Tray

What about a drink tray?

Or do you prefer a separate side table?

Many brands include a drink tray with their zero gravity chairs, but some others don’t and some sell the tray separately.

In reality, it’s practical to keep your beverage nearby. Besides, all the drink trays packaged with the chairs we selected remain level when the chair is reclined.

You don’t need to worry about spills.

Step #5 – Material & Color

The recliner’s material and color have an impact, too. You may want to match the decorations at your home.

For instance, some customers prefer padded Oxford cloth because it’s plush and comfy but find there are few colors available.

On the other hand, Texteline comes in multiple colors plus it resists fading.

Meanwhile, a leather zero gravity chair looks more luxurious and appealing for indoor use, but it’s not ideal to place right on beside a swimming pool or leave outdoors.

Also, keep in mind whether you’ll want a folding chair or not, and how heavy and durable it needs to be.

Step #6 – Price & Budget

Finally, the price is always a factor.

Some chairs come in a set of two for the price of one while others offer free shipping. Some recliners come with a drink tray while some don’t.

Take into account these points to consider which ones matter the most to you.

Bonus Step #1: Massage vs. Normal

Zero gravity chairs already relieve back pain by design. But many indoor models offer heat and massage for active relief of aches and stiffness.

Please note that some massage recliners support the zero gravity position while others don’t.

Overall, a zero gravity massage chair would be the best choice for older adults or people with back pain.

In addition, some recliners have a lift function, too. They are opportune for folks with limited mobility.

Bonus Step #2: With/Without An Ottoman

Although some massage chairs don’t have the zero gravity feature, they include an Ottoman to rest your feet and legs.

Many times this footstool can supply massage and heat to your lower body just as the chair does.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what’s to come, let’s dig into the reviews of each chair to find the best zero gravity chair that you want.

Bottom Lines

Let’s briefly review the buying guide above to refresh those key points in your mind. After all, we want you to enjoy complete relaxation in your new purchase.

Here are the questions to ask yourself to make sure you’ve picked the right recliner.

  • Indoor or outdoor or spare? Will you want a luxury leather padded zero gravity chair or a folding portable lounge?
  • Regular size or Oversized? If you are looking for the best zero gravity chair for tall people, get an oversized one with a longer length.
  • With or Without a Canopy? Choose one with a canopy sunshade if you want to read, or sleep, or watch video while taking a sunbath on a zero gravity chair.
  • With or Without a Drink tray? A removable drink tray is really convenient to keep a cool drink. Or you can place your cell phone or books right beside you.
  • Which Color and Material? There are regular zero gravity chairs with Textilene or Oxford weave fabric in various colors and patterns. Although Textilene is weather-resistant, padded Oxford feels comfier. Otherwise, you may find a padded leather recliner irresistible. Choose the color and material you love to maximize your relaxation.
  • Cheap or Expensive? Choose the one that you are happiest to purchase. Even though a lower price saves money now, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be satisfied in the long run.
  • Want a massage function? Check the description to confirm that the chair offers massage. Also, verify whether it comes with an Ottoman or reclines to the zero gravity position.

We have to warn you that zero gravity chairs are very comfortable. You’ll want to plan for that fact. Soon you’ll be looking for excuses to enjoy your new recliner as much as possible.

We also hope that we simplified your shopping experience.

Now it’s time to wrap up. But please come back and visit us again soon. That’s because we’ll be adding new reviews as we discover new zero gravity lounges.

In the meantime, happy shopping. We wish you many hours of enjoyment ahead.

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