Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights

When it comes to putting on makeup, having the right mirror and lighting is of utmost importance.

You can have every beauty products you need, but with dim light falling on your face, your chances of ending up with unwanted messy makeup are very high.

Dim lights always give a false impression and it’s easy to look horrendous due to some funny or weird makeup application that you could avoid.

This is where the best vanity mirror with lights comes into play.  

Whether it’s just applying eye cream or doing some intricate shading on the cheekbones, having a vanity mirror with lights can make all the difference to your makeup look. It can not only solve your lighting woes but also facilitate a flawless makeup application every time. 

Therefore, to help you transform your makeup experience, we’ve picked the top 13 lighted vanity mirrors that we believe are really worth checking out.

These are the best options out there and in our reviews below you will get to know what each model has to offer. 

Choosing the best makeup mirror requires keen attention to detail. With this in mind, the guide we’ve prepared herein will give you insight too on selecting the right mirror that can certainly enhance your beauty routines. So, read on and find out more. 

Vanity Mirrors With Lights

A vanity makeup mirror is a medium-sized personal grooming mirror that’s commonly used by ladies to check their appearance and most importantly, to apply makeup and hair products. 

In fact, lighted vanity mirrors come with LED lights built into their outside edges making them absolutely the best option for applying makeup as they are specifically designed to help you to look your best. 

The biggest benefit of using a vanity makeup mirror with light is the fact that they provide clear visualization much similar to natural light. It produces consistent forward-facing light that hits the face directly allowing you to view yourself clearly even at night. 

Having the appropriate lighting, and a vanity mirror can assist women to apply flawless makeup perfection every time. Men can benefit too from it as it can ensure they never miss a spot on their face when shaving. 

One of the major setbacks of ordinary mirrors is that they tend to fog up, especially after a steamy shower which is often the time we require our mirror most. Some top-lighted vanity mirrors are equipped with anti-fog characteristics that help to combat this problem. 

These mirrors also offer great versatility in terms of where they are placed. They work perfectly even in rooms with poor natural lighting and can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Some are even portable such that you carry them wherever you go. 

Finally, besides being super functional, a vanity mirror with lights can as well double up as a beautiful home décor. They usually come in appealing vanity themes that can accent any décor. In short, you can use it for decorating your room too. 

Generally speaking, a vanity makeup mirror with light is a pretty useful tool for anyone that wants to look good. It’s a valuable tool for women in particular, very essential for proper makeup application and avoiding those hair product mishaps. 

However, it’s not just meant for makeup applicants out there. All the members of the family can use it, including men who shave often. With better lighting, you will be less likely to pierce your skin or miss a spot when shaving. 

It’s also a valuable tool for any makeup artist who wants to transform their work. Investing in a top-quality lighted vanity mirror can allow you to bring out the best in yourself and your clients as well. 

Wall Mounted Vanity Mirrors

A  professional, lighted, wall-mount vanity mirror is basically a large vanity mirror fitted with lights and designed to be hung on the wall. They usually have wide frames and provide an all-in-one solution that not only eliminates the need for installing wall lights but can also add depth and texture to your overall space. 

Professional Free Standing Vanity Mirrors

Free-standing or table-top style vanity mirrors are makeup mirrors that have a stand with a single or double-sided mirror attached to it. These mirror types are typically designed to stand upright such that you can place them flat on a desk or table. 

They offer great portability and some even have the option of mounting on the wall.

Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights Review

smartrun Bathroom LED Vanity Backlit Mirror

Our first top wall mount mirror is the Smartrun bathroom vanity backlit mirror. It easily takes the top spot in our list due to its simple yet stunning design and functionality plus a very competitive price tag. 

The mirror looks fantastic hanging on a wall and the build quality is solid. Measuring 48 inches wide and 36 inches high, it’s large enough to give you a full view of your entire face and upper body. 

It comes in a rectangular shape with a large width which makes your view appear much wider and bigger.  The mirror itself is of silver-backed glass. It provides a clear, crisp, and very flawless reflection. The LED lights do well to add a touch of elegance to the overall design of not just the mirror but anywhere it’s hung. 

The LEDs which run around the entire frame of the mirror create a bright yet soft, super white light that provides clear illumination much similar to natural light. 

It’s a uniform forward-facing light with a 6000K temperature color. It hits the face directly allowing you to see every inch of your face clearly even in low light thereby eliminating any chances of applying your makeup unevenly. 

The light is dimmable and you can adjust it up to three kinds of light intensity. This simply means you can choose how bright you want the light to be in order to ensure you apply your makeup to perfection. 

smartrun has made operating the light very easy. The mirror is equiped with a quite sensitive and responsive touchscreen technology. You only need to press a touch button for three seconds to change the light intensity. 

Even much better, the dimmable switch is designed with memory fucntion. When you turn the light off and turn it on again, it will start with the same light intensity that you selected before turning it off. Therefore, it’s functional and equally convenient. 

There’s a nice blue accent around the touch button when it’s on and it does contribute in giving the mirror an even more stunning, modern look. 

Another commendable feature is the addition of a defogger which is an extra perk that enhances the functionality of this smartrun mirror. It’s equiped with a safe, heating-coil pad that keeps it free of condensation, so you can expect no fogging up after a steamy shower.

The only slight setback is that the defoger remain on throughout, even when you turn off the light. However, you can control it if you have a wall switch. It’s really a feature worth having and there are no hot spots around the whole LED. It’s pretty safe to touch. 

According to the manufacturer, this mirror can last up to 45 years with only 3 hours of use each day. Therefore, it’s indeed durable in terms of build quality plus it’s backed by a 2 year warranty.

When it comes to installation, it’s an easy process with all the plugs and screws needed to mount it included in the package. The mirror has only two mounting holes at the top and it’s meant to be mounted vertically. 

Fortunately, it comes with an aluminum lip, so if you are handy, you can use it to mount the mirror horizontally. It weighs around 39 pounds which makes it fairly heavy but once mounted, it will remain firmly in place. 

To sum it all, if you are looking for a quality vanity mirror that can certainly help amp up your beauty game, then this smartrun vanity backlit mirror is an option we would highly recommend. It’s well built, has reliable LEDs and it’s large enough to accommodate almost every height. 


  • Solidly built with a simple yet elegant design
  • Large-sized reflection glass to accommodate different heights
  • Reliable LEDs that produce a soft, super-white light
  • The silver-backed reflection glass provides clear and crisp view
  • The light can be adjusted up to three different intensity 
  • Easy to operate using a sensitive touch button
  • Easy to mount on the wall and is equipped with a defogger function
  • Comes with a 2 year limited warranty


  • The defogger remains on throughout even with lights turned off
  • It’s not designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting

BHBL 24 x 32 in LED Backlit Mirror 

The next unit in our list of the best wall mount vanity mirrors with lights is none other than the BHBL LED backlit mirror. This is another great allrounder unit that’s built for makeup enthusiasts and artists alike.  

To start off, by just looking at it’s design, the BHBL vanity mirror is indeed a simple but beautiful piece.  It features a sleek 40mm aluminum frame that blends well with the white LED light and the silver reflection layer to give it an appealing modern look that would perfectly pair with many decorative plans. 

The structure is very light weighing only 20.7 pounds but it’s quite reliable due to the aluminum. When secured to a wall, you can be sure that it will remain stable and last for a long time. 

One thing though that really stands out in it’s design is the aluminum frame which is a moisture proof stripe. This means no constant cleaning of water stains and it will do well to extend the lifetime of the mirror. It’s a feature that makes it ideal for installation in a bathroom. 

The unit has a portrait rectangular shape measuring 24 inches wide and 32 inches high with a depth of 2 inches. It’s somewhat small compared to the smartrun model above but fairly large enough to give you a full view of your face and upper body.

Bordering the silvered reflection layer is a standard LED strip which is 6000K temperature color. It deliver a soft, super white light that’s bright enough to facilitate a high rate of reflection. 

Coupled with with the sleek silver reflection layer, this mirror will give off an accurate and clear reflection of your face. It’s a reliable unit for makeup application, shaving, or just general use.  

Unfortunately, there’s no dim function. You won’t be able to alter the light intensity as it only has an on/off button. That’s a bit dissapointing but if it’s something you can live without, then it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

The on/off button has been placed in the center for quick accessibility and lights up blue when turned on and red when it’s off. You won’t have any difficulties finding it in the dark and it’s a super-sensitve touch button that’s pretty easy to use.  

There’s no defogger function which is another downside, nonetheless, one thing you will appreciate is the fact that the entire frame is water proof. It will not prevent fogging up but you are rest assured no water stains is going to taint this mirror. 

As for installation, it’s a breeze. The installation kits are included and the mirror mounts to the wall on two wall anchors. It’s designed for horizontal mounting and although you can hung it vertically, it will be a bit challenging.

The LED light strip comes already hardwired  but you will have to wire the unit directly into an electrical circuit like you would for wall and ceeling light fixture. There’s wiring in the back and it’s an easy process as the instructions clear and straightfoward. Considering that the LED has a lifetime of 50, 000 hours, it will last many years before you can replace it. 

Besides not featuring a defogger and dim function, the other issue with noted with this unit is that it doesn’t automatically go on everytime you trun on the wall switch. You have to turn it on again using the touch button. It’s not a serious issue but it’s good keeping in mind should consider getting the mirror. 

Overall, this is a fantastic and reliable unit that would no doubt fit well into a bathroom, studio, salon or any other setting. While it may lack the extra features, it’s still a suitable mirror for makeup, hair styling and shaving. If you prefer simplicity, then this is  worth considering.  


  • Quality, durable construction 
  • Sleek, appealing modern design 
  • Fairly large mirror that gives a full view of the face 
  • Water proof aluminum strip to keep water stains away
  • Reliable LED strip that provides a soft, bright white light
  • Super-sensitive touch button for easy operation
  • Easy mount to the wall with the installation kit included 
  • Comes with a convenient 2 year warranty


  • Does not feature a defogger 
  • No dimming function

Stamo 32″x24″ LED Light Backlit Mirror 

This is so far; the best professional wall mount vanity mirror you can get. The level of artistry, quality and attention to detail is astonishing. Every single detail is perfect, from the super-sturdy body and fogless-clear mirrors to the bright lights and innovative made dimmer switch. 

Instead of the square dimensions, stamo backlit mirror stands at 32″ of height and 24″ of width perfect size for professional makeup artist or your daily use. It’s large enough that allows you to see your full face image of what you are working on.

Sophisticated and yet simple design with no visible screws or switches, adds a feeling of class and can fit almost any decoration. Without a frame, this glass mirror has a thickness of only 1.37-inches. Plus, it doesn’t occupy too much of your vanity space.

The anti-fog function eliminates the trouble of fog automatically forming on your mirror. When the lights are on, you no longer need to worry about your mirror surrounded by steam. To ensure longer service life, this mirror is fully-sealed and waterproof that prevents it from corrosions. 

This large and sturdy energy-efficient LED-backlit professional mirror is a truly functional of art. The mirror is surrounded by a strip of bright LED light that can be turned on and off by simply touching the touchable button. 

Conveniently featured on/off touch dimmer allows easy adjustments of light intensity to get just the right amount of brightness, mood and ambiance.

The 50/60HZ bulbs are not only naturally bright and dimmable but also durable and can last up to 50,000 hours without any replacement. Also, the lights are safe for your eyes with a 5500-6000k color temperature that spreads the warmth all over your room.

The LED-backlit light is hard-wired and conveniently powered by a 100-250V power source, but it doesn’t store energy since there are no built-in batteries. The LED light is bright enough, therefore, there’s is absolutely no need to add extra light features when the backlit light is on.

Like most professional mirrors, this mirror can either be mount horizontally or vertically depending on your vanity size. The mirror comes packed with simple to follow instructions that can only take 30 minutes for installation.

Cleaning this mirror is a breeze, simply wipe it with a clean dry paper towel to get crystal-clear brightness. For quality assurance, this mirror boasts with a 2-year warranty and guaranteed replacement in the event of any quality issues.

Out of all models reviewed, stamo mirror would be ideal in a professional salon or studio. Designed with sophisticated yet smart touch controls, this unit provides a permanent solution for your mirror lighting problems. We’ll definitely recommend.


  • On/off touchable control buttons
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Classy look
  • Anti-fog therefore easy to clean
  • Environment-friendly
  • Large professional mirror view
  • Dimmable soft natural lights


  • Has no magnification properties
  • It doesn’t store an electric charge.

Better Home Better Life

If you’re on a hunt, searching for a backlit makeup mirror that is large enough to cover your entire face and can be mounted on your bathroom wall, Better Home Better Life got you. This mirror is simple and stylish with a frameless design that can go with different bathroom décor. 

To start with, the mirror has a modern contemporary designed. It is a perfect rectangle vertical mirror measuring 24 widths,2.0 length and 32 height inches. The glass is backed with quality silver reflection layer to provide a clear, crisp and perfect reflection. 

Convenient features like the top and back lacquers are moisture and environmental proof, therefore, eliminates the accumulating fog automatically. 

One of the greatest features is the touch button on the bottom center part of the mirror. It is super-sensitive compared to traditional switch and you can just touch to turn the lights on and off. 

This feature makes it simple to use, ideal for makeup application, shaving and doing your hair. A must-have piece for those who want to get perfect unparalleled beauty in their daily appearance.

This solid and sturdy energy-efficient LED-backlit vertical mirror is truly functional art. The LED light is fixed around the rectangular mirror provides a soft bright blue light that lights up the entire mirror for flawless results. 

The lights are designed to save energy hence it can serve your grooming needs for about 500 000 hours of your lifetime. Also, the lights are safe to your eyes and has a 5500-6000K color temperature that glows up your bathroom.

The LED lights are hard-wired to run on 110V power source, but it doesn’t store energy since there’re no built-in batteries attached. Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the socket and then switched on before you turn on the LED mirror lights. This means you’ll probably get an electrician to install it for you.

This mirror is designed to hang vertically on your bathroom vanity. However, for a sturdy hold, you have an option to screw mount it onto the wall. Since the mirror is frameless, it’s easy to clean and built to withstand heavy use. 

With no visible cables, screws, and spot magnification or any extra features, this mirror is designed for simple and efficient use. 

Better Home Better Life guarantees you a certain degree of satisfaction. The mirror has a strong packaging to ensure you get your mirror in perfect condition. 

Upon arrival in case of any defects, you can get either full replacement or refund. Including on the package is a step to step instruction and 2 years manufacturer warranty.  

Overall, while it doesn’t have magnification abilities, it definitely checks all the boxes in term of design, lights, power source, size and stability. This high-quality mirror might be the ideal wall mount backlit mirror for you.


  • On/off touch controls button
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish 
  • Soft and natural lights
  • Environmental and moisture proof
  • Large mirror view


  • Expensive 
  • Has no magnification properties

Dealighting 6000K, Wall Mounted Vertical or Horizontal

Carefully designed this lighted bathroom mirror is a true definition of class, aesthetic style and class. Supper high quality accompanied with some great features like dimmer and defogger pad. One of the ETL listed mirror totally perfect for daily use.

This 20 by 30 Inch LED bathroom makeup mirror is perfectly rectangular shaped ideal versatile and attractive accent that can fit single or double vanities. The high-quality silver back glass creates an extra reflection surface. 

You no longer have to worry about steam or fog forming on the glass because the mirror has a convenient defogger pad at the back. Within five minutes of a hot bath, the defogger bag will start to work and prevent fog formation.

With simple to use control buttons, this LED-backlit mirror has a dimmable touch button on the rear bottom of the mirror. Firstly, you need to turn on the main power source in the bathroom and then touch the sensor switch on the mirror to turn on the LED lights. 

Blue switch signs mean the bulb is on, in case you need a dimmer light, you can achieve it by pressing and holding the switch.

The lights can be adjusted from 6000K CRI 90 white light to get the right light level for different ambiance, mood and functionality. The button flashes as you randomly adjust brightness settings. 

The LED light uses less than 40 watts of power considered rather an energy saver. Designed to go all way around the rectangular mirror, the LED lights provides a clean and bright reflection that ensure you get a natural application even at night.

Very easy to install, the mirror requires electrical wire cables and 110V AC adapter. Comes with screws, anchors and installation instructions that will only take you at most 30 minutes for installation. In addition, depending on your bathroom size and space you can either mount it vertically or horizontally.

This mirror is IP44 waterproof, meaning you can use it on a daily basis and many years to come without major damage. Dealighting ensures that you receive a flawless mirror without cracks and marks. The mirror is packed using both honeycomb boxes and foam.

In general, lighted vanity makeup mirror might be the reasonably functional mirror for you if you are looking for a more permanent solution to your lighting problem. Once install can be difficult to move around or change. It is well priced and we would highly recommend.


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High quality waterproof 
  • Touch sensor dimmable LED lights
  • Natural bright light
  • Anti-fog function
  • Large size 


  • No magnifying mirror

Chende Black Hollywood 8065

If you are looking for a table top mirror that can always guarantee perfects results in your makeup application, this is it. The Chande 8065 Hollywood vanity mirror is simple, uncluttered but very efficient and it comes with some impressive features too.

The unit has an eye-catching look with a combination of black-colored frame and white LED bulbs which fit perfectly with the glass mirror at the center. It will surely add personality to any room décor.  

It’s made of metal and wood, no plastic. The frame is a high-quality aluminum while the base is made of a relatively thick wood. It’s very solid and stable allowing the whole unit to stand freely on a table without stability issues.

The switch as well as the outlet are equally sturdy and tight. In other words, the overall build quality of this Chende mirror is really good and you can expect it to last for many years before you can think of a replacement. 

One extra feature you will like about this mirror is the additition of two outlets on the side where you can plug in your hair dryer, straightener or even phone charger. It’s a very convenient feature that you are definitely going to appreciate. 

The reflective layer or rather the mirror itself is decently sized, uniform and without blemish. It measures 24.4 inches wide and 18.5 inches high, so it’s fairly large. It will deliver a full view of your entire face plus two people can use it comfortably. 

The unit comes with 14 well spaced and oriented LED globe-style bulbs that are dimmable. They are super bright and colorless on the highest setting such that it doesn’t cast any shadows. It’s perfect for makeup application in very dark conditions. 

The light projection on the face is sufficient enough to depict even the most finest of details so that your makeup application is always spot-on.  You can deem the lights to your liking. It comes with a rotary switch on the side and the brigtens range is broad. 

As we mentioned earlier, the mirror is designed with two outlets where you can connect other appliances. Now the best part is that the lights don’t surge  even when you plug in the appliances in all the available slots. 

They are quite energy saving as well. They don’t get hot despite being too bright, especially on the highest intensity. So they will do well to keep your monthly electricity costs within affordable range.  

Putting it together won’t require much effort or thinking. It’s a quick and easy process  plus the unit comes with everything you need to set it up and you can even mount it on the wall as it’s fitted with a hook to facilitate easy hanging. 

The lights are replaceables. You can remove them and Chende have even included two extra bulbs in the package which is quite thoughtfull. The mirror plugs into any standard outlet and it has a long cord. 

To sum it all, there’s very little to hate about this mirror. It has everything that you would want in a makeup mirror. It’s worth everything every penny and would certainly not dissapoint. 


  • Solidly built with a very sturdy base
  • Apealing design that can match with most décor 
  • Decent-sized mirror that can accommodate at most to people
  • The LED bulbs are bright perfect for makeup application 
  • You can deem the light to your liking
  • Easy to put together and it even has two outlets on the side 
  • comes with a two year limited warranty 


  • It’s a bit heavy

SUPER DEAL Plus Clear Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Wake up and groom yourself like a true beauty queen with this Super Deal Plus Clear Hollywood vanity mirror. This vintage-inspired makeup mirror is a perfect combination of performance and fantasy. It has dimmable bulbs to offer quality illumination and goes well with any room décor. 

This Super Deal Hollywood vanity mirror involves a light, aluminum frame, detachable sturdy wooden base and a large all mirror construction. Having a frame size of 31.7 by 10.12 by 26.5 inches and wooden strong base that can stand freely on your dresser or countertop. 

The unit incorporates 12 pieces of 110 volts high-quality Hi-Pot LED bulbs that are worry-free, durable and non-flickering. You are assured of quality and perfect makeup lighting as all electrical components are backed with free replacement guarantee to ensures the vanity mirror works for eons.

Besides, the unit contains one-touch dimmer buttons to help you control the illumination of the LEDs. The touch buttons are highly sensitive and have overload protection. It also has the option to switch between soft daylight, cool white, warm glow and natural light. 

This gives you a flawless cosmetics application at any time and an exact look of your makeup in various lighting conditions.

In terms of performance and functionality, the Super Deal lighted vanity mirror boasts of bringing in a new superb timeless vanity to its fashionable line-up of extravagant table-top vanities. 

By combining the latest technology with vintage glam, this vanity mirror will transform your grooming routine to an experience!

With a large screen of 20 inches wide by 25 inches tall, you can easily catch the big picture. This lighted vanity mirror offers a clear view of your entire face. It is ideal for both professional and personal use. You can use it for dressing, hair styling and cosmetic applications.  

The mirror is not just designed for optimal lighting. It comes in a perfect size. Its thickness is ¼ that of other bulky Hollywood mirrors. This ensures the vanity mirror doesn’t take up too much space hence clutter free.

 You can choose to mount it on a wall, place it on a countertop or detach its removable base and hung it for suitability.

Installation is a breeze, the mirror is well built with a free-standing base. If you wish to mount it on the wall, remove the base area then hang it. It arrives with pre-made holes found on the backside of the unit that can be used for wall mounting setups. 

The package includes metal hooks and screws that make installation fast and effortless. With power, all you are needed to do is plug it into any standard power outlet and you are good to go.

This Super Deal vanity mirror is a timeless fixture for any room décor and can be used almost anywhere. Anyone looking for a professional mirror that has free-standing ventures and comes with high-quality properties, this is a great choice for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Light-weight design
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Free-standing ability
  • One-touch control buttons


  • Lack magnification

Hollywood Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

This free-standing vanity mirror design will definitely add personality to your bathroom or room décor. This is the first of our Hollywood-style mirror that features an all-round exterior bulbs. It is similar to those mirrors you see on runway backstage or makeup rooms.

This frameless free-standing table top mirror is carefully constructed with diamond-cut slanting edges. The slim design with 31.5″ Width and 24″ Height illuminated mirror provides a large view mirror for accurate makeup applications, dressing up and hair styling. 

It doesn’t occupy too much space, can be either horizontally or vertically mounted. However, the designed was well thought so that it can be portable. 

It has a strong reflective mirror base that offers support for free-standing effect, plus you can place your small make-up tools.

You will feel like a movie star using this mirror. It features color-correct lightening with a maximum of 1400 lumens and CRI of 90 that provides non-flickering, even lighting free of shadows. 

To achieve a professional light for makeup application, the mirror has multiple glow modes to select from. It can easily switch from 4000K which is a warm glow to a 6000K white daylight. 

This helps you view how your makeup looks in different situations. Hollywood lighted mirror is more than twice bright to reflect your natural skin complexion.  

In contrast to other mirror bulbs which tend to burn out or overheat, this vanity make-up mirror has the safest bulbs. 

These 14 dimmable high-quality LED lights operate on low-voltage to ensure that they never get hot and will still shine bright for more than 50000 hours without any replacement.

Hollywood lighted vanity mirror is best rated for its reliability. The 12V DC safe to use and UL certified adapter comes included with this vanity mirror. 

It also has non-flickering Hi-pot LEDs and a sensor touch dimmer control equipped with advanced technology that prevents the bulb from overheating in case of unstable voltage.

For quality assurance, Hollywood lighted vanity mirror is backed with lifetime free replacement. Installation is quite easy taking only 5 minutes.

The Hollywood lighted makeup vanity mirror is among the best lighted Hollywood style vanity mirrors on the market today. If you are a makeup and fashion enthusiast, this unit can lighten up your days and nights. 


  • Elegantly designed to suit your taste
  • The 110 LED bulbs are durable
  • Perfect size for your small vanity
  • Strong sturdy base
  • Multiples glow setting
  • Dimmable touch switch
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install 


  • Poor packaging might arrive broken
  • No phone mount available

Rebel Poppy 

When looking for an ideal makeup mirror, you will need one with a mirror surface that is large enough to cover your entire face. 

This free-standing LED vanity makeup mirror by Rebel Poppy comes with a beautiful and romantic outlook that will go well with most bathroom countertops and bedroom dressers. 

The mirror has been designed with you in mind. It is a 360 degrees swivel mirror that comes with a unified phone cradle where you can easily mount your phone and watch tutorials while applying makeup and mastering your looks. 

The unit has a mirror that measures 12 by 16 inches and is held inside a durable frame of 14 by 19 inches. Besides the phone mount, this vanity mirror is designed to use LED lights to perfectly illuminate brightness on your face. 

It comes with 12 dimmable LED knobs that can be controlled using three adjustable settings. The three settings allow you to ensure ideal lighting and perfect angle every time. 

These adjustable touch control LED lights make it easy for you to attain fabulous and flawless each and every time.

Another great feature for this Hollywood light up makeup mirror is its ability to plug into power outlet. The unit can effortlessly be plugged into a USB or wall outlet thus no need for batteries. 

It also has a long 10-inch clear power cable and a switch for on and off functions that make it very user friendly.

This unit is a free-standing mirror. The free-standing property makes the unit highly portable as it offers you the option of converting any table, desk or counter into a vanity station. 

This will help you achieve flawless looks while utilizing the light up mirror and master your perfect look anywhere. It is on the top of list than all the expensive vanity mirrors.

The Rebel Poopy vanity mirror is one with great features. It can be used as gifts for mostly teenage girls, women, online video stars and aspiring makeup artists. It has a very beautiful and romantic design makes it easy to place anywhere. We’ll absolutely recommend.


  • Highly Portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comfortably accommodate phone mount 
  • Touch controls Dimmable LEDs
  • Easy to install 
  • Durable LEDs light


  • Pricey compared to same quality and size mirrors
  • Lacks magnification

While they are not  the most straightfoward choice, round mirrors offer a subtle and relaxed softeness  appeal that even rectangular mirrors with their sharp and angular sides and corners can’t provide. They are a classic but interesting choice and quite suitable for makeup application. 

Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror (Frameless, Round)

Opening our list of the top round-shaped lighted vanity mirrors is the Chende hollywood mirror. This is our favourite pick in this category as it’s simply the best model available out there right now in terms quality, design, functionality and convenience.  

First of all, the unit  is built to last for a very long period of time. It has a frameless design but the mirror is backed with a high-grade stainless steel that makes it feel heavy and very solid.

The base is a wood and stainless steel combination firmly fixed to the mirror. It’s equally sturdy and keeps the whole structure stable when placed over the table. You won’t worry about damage or the mirror tumbling over even when you accidentaly push the table. 

As for aesthetics, it’s doesn’t dissapoint either. The glossy stainless steel finish with lights arranged nicely in a full arc all around the perimeter gives it a stunning look that’s bound to add a bit of glamour anywhere it’s placed.

The mirror, on the other hand, is a round-shaped 2.4 inches thick optic-quality glass. It’s a top quality glass that will reflect every little detail of your face clearly without any deformation whatsoever. 

It measures 27.56 inches high and 25.6 inches wide which is pretty large and considering that it has a round, frameless design, it will comfortably give you a full view of your whole face plus upper body.  In addition, the edge smooth all round, so it won’t cut your hand. 

The mirror is surrounded by 12 LED light bulbs that produce a bright yet pleasant soft white light. It’s almost close to natural light and the bulbs are evenly spaced such that the light forms no shadow even in dark conditions.

It will show all the hidden details on your face allowing you to apply your makeup uniformly without missing a single spot so that you are able to achieve great results. 

However, the light is extremely bright when you first turn it on but this won’t be much of a problem as the unit features a dimmer twist switch on the side. Therefore, you can adjust the brighteness in accordance with your needs and since they are LED bulbs, they won’t either hurt your skin when you touch them. 

Installation is simple and straightfoward. There isn’t much to do as almost everything comes already assembled except for the bulbs. It’s something that can take only a few minutes and the structions are very clear. 

The bulbs are replaceable and easy to remove with the package including two extra bulbs to give you a headstart should one or two bulbs get damaged. They are energy-saving LED bulbs which means you won’t have to deal with exorbitant power bills every month. 

So were there downsides to this Chende vanity mirror? Well, there’s really nothing negative to point out. Everything seems built to great quality and it functions perfectly. Probably what is worth mentioning is the fact that’s a frameless model, so you can’t hang it to a wall.

Overall, this is no doubt a superb vanity mirror that offers an accurate reflection of the face  and perfect natural lighting. It’s one of the best mirror particularly for makeup application both during the day and at night. If you are thinking of getting a round-shaped, frameless vanity mirror, then this is an option that should be at top of your list. 


  • Solid, durable construction from the mirror to the base
  • Stunning design with a sleek stainless finish
  • Large-sized, framelss optic glass that offers clear visibility 
  • Energy saving LED bulbs that produce a bright, soft white light
  • You can dim the light intensity to your liking
  • Easy to install and use 


  • Can’t be hanged on the wall

Tangkula 24″ LED Mirror Round

When looking for a vanity lighted makeup mirror, you will need one with a large mirror surface to illuminate your entire face. This mirror by Tangkula features a round shape and beautiful design with fancy backlit LED lights that add an elegant feeling to your vanity.

It has a minimalist round look with the glass material full of texture. As its name suggests, it’s fully round measuring 24-inches in diameter. The mirror size is wide and slightly larger than average mirrors, a perfect size to view yourself without craning your neck.

Durable and made of high-quality material you will be amazed by how sturdy it is, once anchored on the wall. The back of the mirror is coated and the edges safely polished to prevent corrosion or accidentals scratches.

Besides from a large viewing surface, this vanity mirror is designed to use LED lights to perfectly illuminate brightness on your face. It provides corona of illumination which is not too bright to reflect true colors without casting any shadows. 

The standard powered LED lights are controlled by an intelligent touch sensor. However, you can only use the sensor to turn the lights on and off. Given that the LED lights are natural bright there’s no need for a dimmable feature.

The long-lasting LED lights are energy-efficient with no UV, no mercury and no flickering. Plus, the light strip is anti-fingerprint which ensure the LED lights is always clean and clear. The 13-foot long electrical plug for an AC110-240V outlet comes included with this vanity mirror.

Very easy to install, the mirror comes with an easy slide screw tracks for install. Like most mirrors, you can vertically hang it on the wall and make sure it is in a central position and not sliding. Use a leveling tool to ensure it’s installed in the right position.

Despite being batteries free, the lights can give you a lifetime use without replacement. This mirror is IP44 certified meaning that you can use it for your daily makeup application for many years to come without major damage.

Tangkula goes an extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. The mirror is wrapped in a complete foam for safe packaging which also ensures you receive a flawless mirror without cracks and marks.

At first glance, you’ll be astonished of how glamorous and functional this mirror is. Round design with simple intelligent touch sensor and long-lasting LED light. The Tangkula large vanity mirror is a high-quality mirror that can be ideal for you.


  • Large size 
  • Classic round shape
  • Easy to use touch control
  • High quality 
  • Easy to install
  • LED natural cool light
  • Energy-saver lights
  • Back of the mirror is resistant to water corrosion 


  • The LED light is not adjustable
  • It doesn’t store charge

HAUSCHEN R30inch LED Lighted

The Hauschen LED lighted vanity mirror is a marvelous classic mirror. Featured in luxury hotels across the globe, this mirror guarantees you a complete spur experience. 

Mostly known for taking good selfies, it is a high-quality product for your makeup application and hair styling.

Roundly shaped, this mirror is made of only silver without an inch of copper metal. Compared to other silver mirrors produce by most brands, this one is environmentally friendly and can resist water corrosions. 

Measuring 30-inch radius, it is slightly larger than average mirrors, a perfect size for you to apply your make up or shave without craning your neck.

Backed with fogless features, which helps to keep away fog or steam foaming on the mirror, therefore, rendering it clear and clean always. 

To control the LED lights, the support wall switch can be used to turn it on and off. In addition, it has a memory touch sensor, that you can use to control the brightness and color temperature of the LED lights.

This astounding mirror is very smart to use and it will save your last used level of light brightness making it very convenient and reliable mirror. 

Excellent LED lights with CRI of 90 illuminates your bathroom 10 times brighter than a normal bulb. There is no need to add another light source in your bathroom the moment these LED lights are on. 

The LED lights can be adjusted to achieve three different levels of brightness which range between 0-20%-60% up to 100% with each level producing the desired glow. 

In addition to changing light brightness, you can select the color temperature to either 3000K which is a warm white light or 5500K a more daylight light. Be sure of consistent comfortable lightning, free of flicker and UV rays.

The Hauschen LED lights mirror has an external power source due to the use of LED light. The backlit lights up through a standard 110-120V UL listed adapter included in the package. 

Despite being battery free, the LED light is powerful enough to last 50 000 plus hours giving you a lifetime use without replacement. Again, the LED light makes your face completely visible, perfect even when applying eyeliner or mascara.

Like most mirrors, you can mount it on the wall making sure it is in a central position and not sliding. Lightweight and easy to install, you will get yourself taking selfies in no time. Coupled with up to three years warranty that covers any material and manufacture defects. 

At first glance, this mirror speaks glamour and functionality. Design with simple yet smart touch controls, this mirror is set to provide a high-quality dimmable effect. 

The Hauschen LED lighted makeup vanity mirror doesn’t fall short of impressive feature making it ideal for anyone who needs a high-quality lighted mirror.


  • Well priced 
  • Modern design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Touch control Dimmable LED lights
  • Memory sensor
  • Long-lasting LED lights


  • Once, install you cannot carry it around
  • The mirror itself can’t store electric charge

Shopping For The Best Vanity Mirror With Lights

Vanity mirrors are very popular types of mirrors and with that comes a massive variety of options to choose from. There are certain key factors that you need to look out for to help you make a more informed decision and select the best one. These factors are:


The first thing you need to ask yourself before you plan to go shopping is where you want to place the mirror. This is vital because it will determine the type and style of mirror you will get. 


The two major options you have here when it comes to makeup application are wall-mounted and freestanding vanity mirrors. If you’re planning to place it in your bathroom, then a wall-mounted mirror might be more ideal. 

Otherwise, if it’s your bedroom, you might want to go with a freestanding mirror like the ChendeHollywood vanity makeup mirror on our list above. 

There are many different styles to choose from besides these two. However, it will all depend on how you plan to use the mirror and where you are going to place it. 

If it’s on a table, then there should be enough space to accommodate the entire mirror properly. The same goes for wall-mounted mirrors. You should have the required wall space to securely hang the mirror without any chances of it falling off. 


The shapes vary greatly as well and it’s something you want also to factor in when thinking of where you want to hang the mirror. There are basically  four common shapes available for lighted vanity mirrors. 

There’s rectangular, square, round and oval. A big rectangular or square mirror can go with most settings, especially bathroom. Oval and round shaped mirrors which are traditional makeup mirrors are a great choice for bedroom settings, especially freestanding ones. 

Generally, your decision should be governed by the space you have where you plan to hang the mirror and your own personal style. You need to at least try to pick a style that would go with the theme of your room and other things in it.   


Once you know the type and style of mirror you want, the next thing is to look at the size. Like the mirror shape, size is a factor that will majorly rely on the space where you would use the mirror.

While it can range from large to the most compact ones, most standard vanity mirrrors woud range between 24 to 36 inches high. The width on the other hand would vary based on the mirror shape. 

The main idea here should be getting a mirror that gives a clear and full view of your face and upper body. You want to be able to apply your make easily and as well do some different hairstyles and be able to view yourself clearly. 

Framed or Frameless

The vanity makeup mirrors with lights come in either franed or frameless form. The framed mirrors are ideal if you want a mirror that you can match with the particular décor of your room. 

They have a frame strip running around their edge and are of certain color such as white, black or silver. For frameless mirrors, these ones are just plain mirrors with lights surounding it’s edges. There’s no color dependability when it comes to frameless mirrors, so they can fit almost anywhere. 


You want to pick a unit that produces sufficient light to allow you examine every detail of your face more closely. Whether it’s LED lights or LED bulbs, ensure the light produced by the unit you pick is closest to natural sunlight or at least it’s a soft white light. 

It will give you a much realistic view of your face plus your makeup such that you are able to apply everything perfectly and look your best every time. 

For the LED bulbs, you should keep an eye on the number of bulbs and whether they are warm or cool types. The more they are, the more light they will deliver.

 Ensure that the unit is equiped with a dimmer switch, so that you are able as well to adjust the intensity of the light to your preference. 


Doing makeup is without a doubt an essential part of life of most women and a makeup mirror is a critical element in that equation. The stumbling block comes in selecting the appropriate mirror because it’s easy to end up looking horrendous due to some funny or weird makeup application.  

You surely want to consider a unit that’s durable, reliable, and fully functional. All the options on our list above have the quality,  the convenience and  the durability required in any top vanity mirror that’s meant for makeup application and general use. 

If you’ve been trying to find the best vanity mirror with lights, then keep in mind the factors we’ve mentioned in our guide and you will be able to pick the right unit as per your requirements. 

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