Best Turkey Deep Fryers

In this article, we are talking about the best turkey deep fryers and reviewing the 2 best ones – oil and oil-less turkey deep fryers.

Turkey season is almost upon us and soon people are gonna be cooking up these big birds at festive fall gatherings all over the country.

Traditionally, turkeys are roasted in the oven, but these days more and more people are cooking them outside.

Either grill roasting them or deep fry them in oil.

Let’s get started.

The Best Oil Turkey Fryer – Masterbuilt Butterball

Best turkey deep fryers - The Best Oil Turkey Fryer - Masterbuilt Butterball

Home frying a turkey couldn’t be easier with this monstrosity master bill has this Masterbuilt Butterball electric turkey fryer that can fit a whole turkey.

You don’t have to deal with lighting a fire or building an Alton brown turkey derrick and lowering a turkey slowly into the oil.

This device promises to make frying a turkey simple and safe.

We’ll see how safe it really is.

Inside the box

Anything inside so that’s well stored.

You have a box of accessories, the fry basket, the heating element, and the bowl.

The heating element and the oil bow can come out for easy cleaning.

The heating element and the outer controls are connected together, and it’s also where it plugs in.

So, all the electronics are concentrated in one piece.

The stainless steel basket is quite nice and sturdy, and it has a little clip on the side so you can let your fried food cool off above the oil.

It also comes with a handle, so you can safely lower and extract the basket without burning yourself.

After you’re done frying, you can remove the heating element and use the spigot to drain all the oil once it’s cooled.

It has a handy spout to screw on.

The knob for the temperature of the oil goes up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit best.

One cool safety feature especially if you have kids or a drunk person is that the plug is magnetic and comes out automatically if you trip over it.

That’s really a matter.

It’s not a very long cable and there is a warning about not using an extension cord for it.

But if you’re not in a place that is close to an outlet, you may need an extension cable to plug it in.

Even though it’s big, I could see this fryer being a problem for you because it’s kind of big.

But having this device to cook your turkey frees up your oven to cook other side dishes, so it is worth it.

It’s not all that heavy, it’s as heavy as an 8-quart instant pot, or even lighter

It’s pretty solid, nothing feels cheap about it.

Maybe the lid feels slightly flimsy but I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

This is just a decent fryer and it’s a big one at that so you can fry lots of stuff and that’s only a positive thing.

So, how are you gonna cook your turkey this year?

Are you gonna bake it, smoke it, or fry it with a turkey oil deep fryer?

The Best Oil-less Turkey Fryer – Char-Broil Big Easy

Best turkey deep fryers -  The Best Oil-less Turkey Fryer - Char-Broil Big Easy

The Char-Broil Big Easy true infrared turkey fryer is claimed just as good as a fryer that takes oil, and it’s a true infrared fryer.

You can cook foods that are crispy on the outside moist and juicy on the inside with no hot oil to burn splatter or spill.

There is going to be a little assembly required.

Nothing too major primarily just putting on the legs the knobs the handles and the regulator assembly.

This package contains all the hardware, screws, nuts, and knobs.

The main parts of the cooker you have your base that includes the burner ring, the propane controls, the cooking pot, and the basket.

In addition to those main parts, you have the lid the drip tray with a pan that they included, and the basket hook.

And they did include a thermometer which I thought was pretty nice.

The cooking pot will need to be seasoned.

It’s a pretty straightforward and easy process.

It just requires rubbing the inside of it with cooking oil, placing it inside the cooker, and letting it run for a little while.

There are a few things I want to show you about it.

The manual recommends only using the lid when it’s really cold or really windy outside.

If you use the lid and it’s not windy or cold it can cause the outside of the turkey to burn before the inside gets thoroughly cooked.

They call this true infrared cooking which means something maybe like an electronic appliance.

But when I read the manual on why they call it infrared it makes sense the heat is generated between the cooking pot and the outer chamber.

And then that heat is going to radiate inside the cooking pot to do the cooking so it really does make sense that it’s infrared.

Another little feature is if your igniter is not working they have an area where you can place it.

The basket cleaned up pretty easily.

You just have to be meticulous in getting all the little nooks and crannies there but it cleaned up pretty well.

The instruction manual says to just put a light coat of oil on it after use.

Why Turkey Deep Fryer?

Deep frying a turkey, is another wonderful way to cook your turkey outside.

Deep frying in general is known for crispy, crackly, delicious, shattering, caramelly colors.

And deep frying turkey is no different.

The skin on a deep-fried turkey is so beautifully bronzed and crackly.

The inside remains tender and juicy.

It creates an absolutely delicious bird.

So first and foremost, that’s why you might wanna do it.

Second of all, it frees up your oven so you can cook your sides while you cook your bird outside, if you’re doing a lot on a holiday you know that oven space is precious.

Third of all, it is a really fast way to cook your bird.

You can actually cook two turkeys in the time it takes you to cook all your sides inside.

I’ve got our winner from Bayou Classic right here. And this is the propane burner that goes with it from Gas One.

You really want a stable base.

This is a huge vessel of hot oil, you wanna feel secure.

It’s super secure, so it just allows you to feel a little bit safer while you’re doing this whole process.

The other thing was the material of the pot.

So aluminum and stainless steel were the choices.

We found stainless steel is way more durable over time.

It heats up a little slower, but it’s way more durable over time.

And durability is key here.

You do not want any oil leaking out of these and going anywhere near the flame on the bottom.

So we really value durability here.

And stainless steel, like this Bayou Classic, was our top choice.

Now, you might say, Why do you have to have a turkey-specific big pot?

I’ma tell you.

First of all, the size of this pot, is way longer than even a lobster pot, for example.

Though, you could cook lobsters in this FYI.

But that’s because it allows you headroom.

The fill line indicates the oil level in the pot, once you add a turkey, it’s gonna displace that oil and it’s gonna move its way up the pot.

You don’t want the oil anywhere near the top of the pot.

Then it really turns into a safety hazard.

So the biggest thing that makes a turkey frying pot is it is very long and it has a lot of extra room in there, so you’re not gonna get your oil anywhere near the top.

They also come with different accessories.

Steaming baskets that you can do lobsters, you can do tamales, you can do a crawfish boil.

And these just make it that much easier, and more fun so it’s not a one-trick pony!

I can imagine building whole parties around one of these things.

They’re so much fun, fun to feed a crowd.

So a good big strainer, this is about 17 quarts, just makes the pot that much more versatile.


Safety is one of the biggest concerns when you are deep frying turkeys.

Now, first of all, do not fry a turkey when it’s raining or snowing outside.

As the old saying goes, oil and water don’t mix and that’s definitely true here.

You also wanna be mindful of where you set up.

You wanna be away from any structures and you wanna be on a flat level surface.

A patio or a concrete driveway is ideal.

A really key factor is to make sure your bird is thawed all of the ways before you put it in the hot oil.

A lot of house fires actually start this way.

Folks don’t thaw their bird all the way and then it explodes.

So make sure to thaw your bird before you put it in the hot oil.

Our rule of thumb is one day for every four pounds you wanna keep in the refrigerator, but make sure you can actually temp your bird to see if it’s still frozen inside.

To be doubly, doubly sure, but leave enough time to thaw your bird if you’re gonna deep fry it.

You wanna make sure you keep the flames below the pot.

You don’t want the flames to lick up the side of the pot.

That way if any oil splatters, it doesn’t come in contact with the flames.

And I also have a couple of safety tips for this stage as well.

First of all, you wanna make sure you turn off the gas anytime you’re putting in or taking out the bird.

That way any splatter does not go near the flames.

I’ve got to turn it off in two locations, the red knob that goes to the connector and the propane tank.

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