best garden waste bag reviews

3 Best Reusable Yard Waste Bags

Best Yard Waste Bag Reviews

I like to keep my yard tidy, and it’s a never-ending job. But one of the best tools I’ve purchased to help me is a yard waste bag. Instead of spending cash on disposable trash sacks, I am saving money and helping protect the environment.

In this article, I’m going to reveal my three top picks for the best yard waste bags. Since I invested in these, I haven’t had to deal with bags breaking and spilling their contents at the worst time. I’ll begin with the brand I chose for my own home.

If you do a lot of work in your garden, you may also like to see my reviews of both composting tumblers and leaf scoops.

Best Reusable Yard Waste Bag Reviews

Fiskars 30 Gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag

Fiskars 30 Gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag - Best Garden and Yard Waste Bag Reviews



You may recognize the brand Fiskars. Their reputation is one of the reasons I took a closer look at their Kangaroo Gardening Bag. It holds 30 gallons, but it folds down to a diminutive 3-inch height for storage. And since it is made of vinyl – coated polyester, it resists mildew and is difficult to damage.

When fully expanded, this reusable sack pops up to stand 23 ¾ inches tall and measures 22.8 inches in diameter. It’s the perfect size for me to use when raking leaves. The fact that it has sturdy nylon handles makes it even more appealing because it’s easy to carry to the compost bin.

While you’ll find the Kangaroo Gardening Bag sold in the lawn and garden section, you can use it for many other purposes. It can even serve as a laundry bag in a pinch. And it comes with a lifetime warranty from Fiskars.


  • Vinyl – coated polyester is resistant to damage and mildew
  • Holds 30 gallons
  • Handles for transport
  • Compresses down to 3 inches tall for storage
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty


  • No negatives so far

While I’ve been enjoying using the Fiskars Kangaroo Gardening Bag, I can imagine that you might need a larger container for your yard work.

GardenMate 2-Pack Garden Waste Bags

GardenMate 2-Pack Garden Waste Bags



If you prefer large bags for collecting yard waste, you may like this two-pack from GardenMate. Together they can hold over 200 gallons of debris or up to 150 pounds per bag. They are made of polypropylene plastic, similar to a tarp, which makes them nearly impregnable to water and quite strong.

While the bags come with handles and a hoop to stiffen the rim, they tend to slump over if you miss the mark while you’re loading them. On the other hand, GardenMate offers 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee so you can give them a try to see what you think.


  • Polypropylene material is coated to resist water and damage
  • Each bag holds 106 gallons or up to 150 pounds
  • Handles for transport
  • A loop sewn into the rim keeps the lip open while in use
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee


  • Sack may not remain upright while loading

On the other hand, size isn’t everything. My final choice for yard waste bag is this one below. You may decide that it’s easier on your back to tote around less weight.

WORX WA0030 Landscaping 26-Gallon Spring Bucket Yard Bag

WORX WA0030 Landscaping 26-Gallon Spring Bucket Yard Bag



The WORX Spring Bucket Yard Bag only holds 26 gallons of clipping or weeds, but that may be all you need for a small job. It’s able to stand upright and ready to use just like the Fiskars model I have, and it collapses down for compact storage.

When open, the Spring Bucket measures almost 2 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter. It’s made of mildew – resistant canvas and has carrying handles on either side.

WORX advertises the bag as being compatible with their leaf mulcher and yard vacuums, but some users have reported that it’s not the best fit. Still, if all you want is a lightweight, refillable sack to help you collect debris from the yard, this is a good choice.


  • Canvas construction with handles
  • Holds 26 gallons
  • Compresses down to 3 inches in height for storage
  • Advertised as a companion accessory for WORX vacuums and mulcher


  • Canvas may absorb moisture, be sure to let it dry before storage

Some customers described it as awkward for use with WORX yard equipment

Now that you’ve seen my top three choices for reusable yard waste bags let me show you how I came to select them.

Criteria to choose the best yard waste bag

I always have some features in mind when I begin researching a purchase. In the case of choosing a sack to help me move around grass clippings and leaves, I considered the following:

  • Capacity
  • Material
  • Ability to store it neatly

While occasionally the tremendous capacity of the GardenMate waste bags would come in handy, I opted for a smaller solution in the Fiskars 30 – gallon bag. I chose it because its material wasn’t likely to get soaking wet, retain odors, or become stained. I also appreciate how easy it is to collapse it and tuck it away for storage.

If you suffer from back problems, you may prefer the smaller capacity bag from WORX. Do keep in mind that since it’s canvas, it’s not best for dealing with wet foliage.


Since I began doing yard work at home, I’ve bought a few tools that have saved me a lot of time and effort. One is the eco-friendly yard waste bag in this review. Now I’m glad I don’t have to resort to using disposable plastic bags when I work in the garden.

Instead, the Fiskars Kangaroo is handy for when I want to put waste in the compost bin, and it’s straightforward to fill up with my leaf scoops. If you’re curious about those items too, see my reviews about them to learn more.

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