Best Over The Toilet Storage

While a bathroom is typically the smallest room in most homes, it’s often the part that tends to get overrun with all sorts of stuff.

Even worse, with the limited space in a small bathroom, finding sufficient storage space for all those items can be a real challenge. 

However, a convenient, over the toilet storage unit can be such a lifesaver.

That’s why in this article we intend to help you find the most suitable match for your bathroom.

We’ve put together a compilation of the best over the toilet storage units that will no doubt provide an incredibly useful storage area for all the bathroom items that you use daily. All the units reviewed herein were chosen for their durability and function. 

To make things even much easier for you, we’ve prepared a guide at the end to equip you with every bit of information necessary to choose the best unit for you. So, let’s jump right into it. 

Over the toilet storage

Over the toilet storage is a simple piece of furniture that’s placed on the wall just above the toilet seat or elsewhere in the bathroom. It’s made to accentuate the toilet space and relieve you of your angst about bathroom clutter. 

An over the toilet storage unit can help increase the storage space in the bathroom giving you more room to store your items easily in your bathroom. 

You also get to neatly organize your bathroom by placing all your essentials in an over the toilet storage like storage shelves or cabinets making them easier to access and use.  

The racks and shelves of these units provide as well moisture-free space for storing items like towels which can help keep them dry and apt. 

Along with space, an over the toilet storage will add elegance to your bathroom making it appear neat, organized, classy, and more inviting. 

Plus, the extra storage space it provides will give you the opportunity to get a whole new set of different things that you could not otherwise buy due to limited space. 

The over the toilet storage is ideal for just about anyone whether you have a small bathroom or a large one. It’s a very useful addition especially for those with lots of different items in their bathroom yet have limited space to put them.

For those with families who have a bathroom shared amongst the kids, getting an over the toilet storage can be of great help in storing and keeping all the items that the kids use neatly organized. 

It’s a tool that can also be installed in office toilets to help with the storage of toilet rolls and other essential items. 

Best over the toilet storage review

Sauder 414111 Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet

Beautiful and highly functional are what describe best this simple yet charming over the toilet storage cabinet from Sauder. It’s a durable, reliable, and convenient unit that will keep your bathroom well-organized and looking stylish at the same time. 

The soft white shade smoothed ages, and shelve designs give it a simple yet elegant look that will give any small bathroom a fresh new look. The dark-colored shelf adds even some more interesting contrast to the overall aesthetics of this unit. 

It has a great look no doubt about it and it can fit well with either light or dark bathroom ambiance. 

A touch of elegance is not the only thing that this Sauder toilet storage offers. It has a plethora of compartments to take care of all your storage issues. It has two open shelves, a square-shaped cabinet consisting also of two cabinets, and a dark-colored bottom shelf.

All these combined offer sufficient space for storing a variety of items and toiletries, and they will fit in just fine. The two open shelves are even adjustable giving you the flexibility to store your medium-sized deodorants and cosmetics as well.

The cabinet shelves are a wonderful addition as it allows you to keep your private and public bathroom items separate.

You can keep your personal items hidden in the cabinet while the other common things like tissue paper can be left on the open shelves so that they are available to guests. 

The translucent insert on the cabinet not adds beauty to the overall look of the unit but also helps hide the items inside the cabinet while letting some little color through.

Generally, one thing is for certain, when it comes to storage space, you will have very little to complain about this Sauder 414111 unit. What’s more appealing is that it comes with a top section which is perfect for showcasing your small, decorative pieces. 

Assembling this space-saving cabinet might be a little tough. It has several parts to put together and might require a helping hand. But the directions are quite decent and it shouldn’t take less than an hour to set it up.

Once it’s up and you bolt it to the wall, the overall build is solid. It’s very sturdy despite being made of particle board, so you won’t have any problems with durability or stability unless it’s on a bumpy floor.

Generally, there is nothing at all to hate about this Sauder toilet storage cabinet. It provides sufficient storage space for your bathroom items in a simple but elegant manner. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for beauty and functionality at a fair price.


  • An appealing soft white finish
  • Sturdy and durable structure 
  • Fits over most standard toilets
  • Sufficient storage space with adjustable shelves
  • Eligible for free replacement parts


  • Might be a little bit cumbersome to assemble one person

Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet Organizer

The Spirich home bathroom cabinet organizer is another sturdy and functional over the toilet storage that comes in a nice, attractive design that adds a nice touch of class to any bathroom that was pretty plain looking before. 

Like the Sauder 414111, it’s a very attractive unit, and the black middle shelf is a much similar design to the Sauder 414111 above and the louvered cabinet door makes it look really classy. 

This Spirich cabinet organizer will not just enhance your home décor but will clear all the clutter in your bathroom and keep it neat and well organized. 

It has plenty of room to accommodate almost all your toiletries including cleaning supplies, TP, deodorants, cosmetics, and whatever else you might have. 

The unit has two long shelves and two cubby-hole compartments which provide sufficient space for storing and organizing the items that you use very often.

The stylish louvered door cabinet also gives you extra space to store more personal items like medicines. It has two storage shelves.

The top shelf with a border is another wonderful addition as far as aesthetics is concerned and it provides a good space for displaying your decorative pieces. 

Putting the whole unit together is relatively easy. The package contains everything that you would need other than the drill to anchor it to the wall and a standard head screwdriver. If you’ve assembled DIY furniture before, then you won’t have much problem with this.

Everything fits together nicely and it can take you about 3 hours to put it up alone but with a helping hand, it will be quick. When it’s secured firmly into the wall there’s no any wobbling.  It’s well constructed with a strong MDF wood that makes it quite stable.

To sum it all up, the Spirich home bathroom cabinet organizer is a great product for the money. It’s a functional unit that’s ideal for anyone needing additional bathroom space and something that can really help them organize their items easily. 

The refreshing, soft white finish makes it even more appealing and will do well to transform your bathroom into a beautiful and cheerful little room. 


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • A beautiful and attractive design 
  • Offers lots of space for storing a wide variety of items
  • Concealed storage space for storing personal items
  • Easy to put together and fits nicely over the toilet 


  • Might take a while when assembling alone 

Best Choice Products Over the Toilet Space Saver

In the third spot, we have the Best Choice Products toilet storage cabinet, a durable, dependable, and effective solution for storing bathroom necessities and keeping them properly organized.

Featuring a wainscot panel design with a smooth espresso finish, this Best Choice Products unit is a contemporary over the toilet storage that’s bound to add a clean, modern feel with a little touch of elegance to any bathroom it occupies.  

It’s a very functional unit too with ample storage options that allow you to keep different types of items comfortably. There are two cubby-hole compartments that feature adjustable open shelves. 

They supply enough space to hold a few bathroom items like toilet paper, soaps, and cosmetic products. The fact they are adjustable means you will be able to store both small and large items without distorting the design of the whole unit.

The cabinet comprises two medium-sized shelves. They are very spacious and perfect for storing your towels and other personal items. 

The cabinet has a framed see-through panel door which not only makes it a convenient hidden storage option but also provides a glimpse of what is stored inside the cabinet. 

The middle shelf is fairly large and gives you plenty of space where you place taller items and decorative items like plants or a flower pot. You also have a small top shelf for storing additional decorative items like candles.

It generally has a very practical and functional design plus its compact size measuring 23.25 inches long, 7.25 inches wide, and 69 inch high makes it a great space saver. It will give you additional storage area while at the same time saving your bathroom space.

The unit is compatible with most standard toilets and the best part is that the middle shelf is higher than that of many other similar models. It offers enough room for a perfect fit over the toilet space regardless of the size of your toilet. No adjustments will be required.

Assembling it might present some challenges, especially when doing it by yourself but with a bit of patience or a helping hand around, you should be able to put the entire unit together. 

When anchored to the wall, the structure is very sturdy and unlikely to wobble even when fully loaded with items. The whole unit is a medium-density fiberboard construction backed by a quality beadboard panel to the back, so durability is something that’s also guaranteed.

Overall, for its spectacular design and spacious compartments, the Best Choice Products toilet storage cabinet is an excellent choice for bathroom organization. For anyone that is purchasing an over the toilet storage unit for the first time, this is an option that’s certainly worth considering. 


  • A smooth espresso finish gives a neat and decorative feel
  • Sturdy and durable MDF construction with back beadboard panel
  • Offers plenty of space to eliminate clutter in your bathroom
  • Taller than most other over-the-toilet cabinets
  • Large medium shelves for storing large and tall decorative items
  • Two adjustable shelves that allow you to store different-sized items
  • Cabinet door to lock away your personal items 


  • Assembling might be a bit challenging for one person
  • Needs to be secured to the wall to ensure stability

Spirich Home Espresso Bathroom Cabinet Organizer 

This is a beautifully designed cabinet that comes both in espresso and white. Depending on your style you can choose the perfect cabinet that will transform your empty space above the toilet with bathroom storage. 

This Spirich Home bathroom cabinet not only accentuates your bathroom with a touch of style but also provides ample storage.

This cabinet unit is built with high-quality MDF wood and pine wood. The MDF material adds stability and can withstand the forces of nature for a long time. 

It comes with double-door cabinets that hide your bathroom products in an organized way thereby removing unnecessary clutter in your bathroom.

Behind the closed cabinet, there is one fitted large shelf that is adjustable to fit your taller items. When the cabinet doors are closed, the inner space measures 22.5 inches wide, 21.5 inches high, and 8 inches deep, so it’s fairly large.

In addition, below the closed cabinets there’s one large open shelf to place your bathroom decoration and also maximize your limited storage space into valuable bathroom storage for your essentials.

The cabinet door definitely helps in protecting your items from falling into the toilet. Made out of Moru tempered glass, it’s both stylish and easy to clean. 

The two-cabinet door is designed with high-quality hinges that can withstand the forces of push and pull for more years to come. Additionally, on the door handles finished with pewter allow you to open and close your cabinet effortlessly.

Will, it fit my small bathroom? Of course, it will. With an overall measurement of 26.77″ in length, 9.4″ in width, and 66.92″ in height, this’s an incredible size that can fit over most standard toilets.

 Although, it is recommended you measure your bathroom to get the exact dimensions of what you are looking for. Just like storage space, the stability of the cabinet is also important. Constructed with strong four legs and MDF, it’s sturdy to hold your products.  

However, on many occasions the top part is always full and heavy thereby you definitely need to mount it on the wall for extra stability. Plus, its design and color go along with several interior styles.

When it comes to installation, Spirich home cabinet needs to be assembled meaning you have to get several tools and preferably an extra hand that will take part in reading the manual or hold onto the pieces when you’re clamping them together. 

In fact, the assembly will be easy and more effective if you do it in the bathroom or close to the bathroom.

From the above, it is safe to say, glamour and functionality perfectly come together. Transforming your empty space into ample storage Spirich home will serve your storage needs, I’ll definitely recommend this unit.


  • Durable material
  • Fit most standard toilets
  • Easy to clean
  • Ample storage space
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Sleek cabinet storage
  • Compact in size


  • Can be challenging to assemble 

GentleShower Storage Cabinet

The GentleShower Over-The-Toilet etagere has a great appeal regarding it without a doubt. A touch of style met by performance to provide a bizarre bathroom storage unit. 

This free-standing piece of furniture has great features and is the most ideal solution for utilizing limited space in your bathroom. In fact, it is the top best over the toilet storage on our list. 

Unlike most over the toilet space savers, this wooden storage cabinet by GentleShower is easy to maintain and clean. It comes fitted with a wipe-clean surface. GentleShower Maintenance is quite easy with the wipe-clean surface that’s effortlessly easy to clean.

This product features well-built MDF construction. It’s the property responsible for adding durability and ensuring the unit is stable. 

It has a two-door cabinet and an open shelf. The hidden area behind cabinet doors has two storage shelves that provide an excellent solution for storing bathroom necessities.

It allows you to make use of extra space available in your bathroom to accommodate all bathroom storage requirements. On the other hand, the open shelf offers more storage space while providing easy access to storage. 

These cabinets are also equipped with nicely attached door handles and glass. The handles make it easy to open and close the cabinets whereas the frosted glass allows you to look at what is inside. 

Its sleek and elegant design is another amazing thing about this unit. It comes with a refreshing and bright white finish that accents almost any bathroom décor.

This GentleShower free-standing cabinet storage conveniently fits over the majority of ordinary toilet tanks. It’s advised that before purchasing you take the correct measurements of your toilet tank. 

Therefore, it provides easy storage for roll paper and other bathroom accessories. It is easy to install and very sturdy. However, for safety reasons, we recommended that you mount it to avoid accidental tipping over.

Well, if you are looking for a high-quality bathroom space that is worth your money, then, the GentleShower wooden bathroom etagere is the one to go for. You should not hesitate!


  • Easy to clean
  • Freestanding capability
  • Fits over most standard toilets
  • Elegant and sleek storage cabinet
  • Well-priced
  • Very Sturdy 
  • High quality


  • Product images online may have a deceiving appeal than real product

ZPC Zenith E9923CH Bathroom Space Saver

Are you looking for a perfect way of converting wasted space in your bathroom to useful storage space? 

Well, Zenith’s Collette Space saver is your ideal solution. It is fairly priced, offers more storage space, and has an elegant design that blends in with most interior styles. 

The product is manufactured in the US and is crafted from durable processed wood to give it a prolonged life expectancy. It is fitted with contoured legs, decorative top, and bottom molding, bronze hardware, and an eye-catching espresso finish.

ZPC Zenith E9923CH has a special design that can fit over most standard toilets. It can also be used to hold a couple of items in other rooms such as kitchens. 

The tower with its espresso finish, naturally adds visual appeal to any kitchen, bathroom, or any other room with premium space. 

This tower unit comes with double-door cabinets that hide away clutter and keep your bathroom tidy and organized. 

Its storage area is hidden behind the two cabinet doors and it features both a fixed and an adjustable shelf. The adjustable shelf allows you to customize your storage space so that it can fit taller items. 

Besides the hidden storage space, this unit has an extra open shelf below the cabinet. The main purpose of this open shelf is to give room for displaying decorative gadgets and other bathroom accessories. 

However, you can still utilize as extra storage to hold large firm bathroom products like towels, therefore, maximizing your storage space.

Aside from general features, ZPC Zenith E9923Ch is beautifully designed with decorative contoured legs which are both decorated at the top and molded on the bottom part adding a sense of style and life to your bathroom space. 

For stability and sturdiness, this unit has an “L” bracket to mount into the wall.

Assembling this tower is simple and effortless. It comes with an easy to follow step by step instructions which gives you ample time and minimal assembly. This means that it can be assembled with minimal effort and within a few minutes your etagere is ready for use.


  • Fits over the majority of toilets
  • Elegant design and style
  • Durable material 
  • Closed and open shelves offer plenty of storage space
  • Effortless to assemble
  • Visually appealing 


  • It might wobble if not mounted properly into the wall

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Space Saver

Have you had a traditional feel expressed from a piece of furniture?

Here we have listed one piece of such furniture.

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection is manufactured by well-known RiverRidge Home is a proven specialist in home furniture.

The cabinet features a good design with a traditional shutter door which gives a unique feel and look to your bathroom. 

Behind the shutter doors there are two hidden interior fixed shelves measuring 25″ width and 7″ depth and below it a curved shaped large fixed shelf which measures 25.25″ width x 8.5″ depth. 

The large fixed shelf is very great in maximizing the limited space available therefore providing ample storage you’re your bathroom products.

The shutter door definitely helps in hiding your essentials, therefore, reducing visual clutter and also protecting your items from falling into the toilets. 

The cabinet is made from wood particleboard and finished in both white and Espresso, allowing you to choose your preference.

If you have a small bathroom don’t worry, RiverRidge Ellsworth fits above most standard options, making it essential in various bathroom layouts. 

Measuring 9.25 inches long, 27.36 inches wide, and 63.75 inches high, this unit is a great size for most common toilets. However, make sure you measure the height of your toilet before you get a perfect-fit cabinet.

Aside from the obvious features and more storage space, stability is also important. In this particular cabinet, you can mount it to the wall to boost its sturdiness, therefore, holding it securely in place. 

Additionally, you can get other Ellsworth collection items that mix and match with it to complete the overall bathroom look.

When it comes to installation, assembling is required and you’ll need several tools and possibly a second person to help you by reading the manual or simply holding the pieces together. 

The best place to assemble it is in your bathroom or somewhere close so that you get perfect measurements while fitting it and avoid carrying it.

Judging by the quality, design, and overall functionality, we can say the unit is well-priced. Weighing 44 pounds these 3 shelves, single cabinet etagere is both classy and capable of holding a couple of things.


  • Fairly simple to assemble
  • Made from high-quality material
  • It’s a space saver
  • Beautiful design with shutter doors
  • Interior shelves and large open shelf for more storage
  • Can be anchored to the wall for extra stability
  • Fits over most standard toilets


  • Seems a little smaller than the pictured image

Giantex Bathroom Over-The-Toilet Space Saver

I tell you what, the Giantex Bathroom over the toilet space saver is a quality etagere that’s worth your money. For its inexpensive price, build design, storage, and look this toilet cabinet unit secure its position among the top best bathroom space-saver unit on the market today.

Finished in white this brand-new and high-quality cabinet is built from heavy-duty MDF material which can serve your storage needs for more years to come. 

It features a modern-contemporary design painted with a white finish that is both mold-proof and waterproof to withstand water damage. 

This unit storage design entails one large cabinet measuring 23.8″ in width, 17.7″ in height, and 9.6″ in depth behind a louvered door that keeps your bathroom products dust free and tidy. 

There’s also one open shelf (23.8″ length x 9.6″ width) which you can use to place your bathroom décor or provide extra storage if you need.

It’s a perfect unit if you want to maximize your small bathroom space and at the same time get extra storage enough to hold your toiletry items. 

Having an overall size of 26” length, 10” width, and 61.8” height this Giantex space-saving cabinet is slim with a compact size convenient to fit over common standard toilets.

Having been made from MDF this unit is free-standing which gives it stability and sturdiness. Weighing 41 pounds this heavy storage cabinet is difficult to deform and can hold much more items than you think. 

The attractive and charming white paint with a minimalistic look delivers eye-catching storage and decorative impact.

Taking into account all the statistics, design, and features, its convenience in assembling is just a reward to save your time and avoid installation costs giving you a tidy bathroom. 

Over time you will have to clean using a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust which will eventually give you the glam look you deserve in your bathroom.

For the design and customization of any over the toilet storage, you can’t go off-beam with this unit at this price range.


  • Simple design with ample storage
  • The white paint is both water and mold proof
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Compact size that saves your bathroom space
  • The cabinets are dustproof 
  • Perfect dimensions with universal fit
  • Sturdy and stable construction


  • No manual instructions for assembly

Target Marketing 23040NAT Cabinet 

Target Marketing 23040NAT is one of the best customers reviewed over the toilet storage cabinet. If you are looking to have both functionality and art in one item this is the one. It’s one of the highest-rated cabinets that you will never regret investing in.

This cabinet is made from a durable material compared to others on our list. The design is elegant with lucrative features that allow the cabinet to save more space. 

Being made from bamboo it can withstand prolonged damage from water and also it doesn’t swell with changes in humidity.

The bamboo gives it a natural look adding a modern style to your toilet. The cabinet is designed with sliding doors that slide from side to side hiding away clutter, keeping it dust free, and at the same time-saving space than swinging doors making. 

Behind the sliding doors, there’s one adjustable shelf that creates extra storage for your toiletries, towels, and more. In addition, the cabinet is fitted with one open fixed shelf at the bottom for more storage space.

The height is standard to fit most common toilets measuring 66.9” height, 27.6” width, and 10” length. In regards to sturdiness, Target Marketing 23040NAT weighs 36 pounds with strong constructed legs that give it more stability. For a more secure hold, it’s best to screw it into the wall.

This natural style design with a mixture of modern styles gives your bathroom a minimalistic look at the same time maximizing your small space. It has great appeal to your visitors earning it the best rate at Amazon.

However, there’s no single part that is pre-assembled. You are required to assemble all the parts by first measuring your toilet and then following the installation manual. 

The process is quite simple taking only a few hours and you can do it alone or with the help of an extra hand.

Considering all the factors the bamboo material, ample storage, and artistic design r, we’ll definitely recommend this product.


  • Durable material
  • Compact for small bathroom
  • Sturdy enough to hold small bathroom products
  • Fit most standard bathroom
  • Natural, artistic, and modern design gives your bathroom a fabulous look
  • Plenty of storage with 3 shelves
  • Easy to assemble


  • Unstable if not properly anchored

Elegant Home Fashion Bathroom Space Saver

Just like the word “elegant”, this Dawson’s shelved etagere is all you require for your bathroom storage needs. It is bestowed with a storage cubby and white cabinets that are fully customizable to allow for extra space saving and utilization. 

Its construction involves strongly engineered wood that comes with an exquisite pure-white finish which makes this product durable and charming. This complements most traditional and contemporary styling. 

The design and material used in making this bathroom space saver are very adaptable. The Elegant Home Fashion etagere measures 8 by 25 by 68 inches. 

These measurements are enough to fit over most standard toilets and are essential in various bathroom layouts. Also, its height is great but it is recommended you take the correct measurements of your toilet before settling to buy one. 

This unit has cabinets that are designed to offer a wide range of storage. Its cabinets are adjustable whereas the other two modes are left open to provide a perfect feature of storing items of alternate sizes. 

Furthermore, there is a glass panel available and a clean knob that makes this etagere more charming. While the cabinet doors help in reducing visual clutter and prevent stored items from falling into the toilet basin, the glass panel improves the aesthetics of the unit.

The Elegant Dawson Collection over the toilet space saver features premium quality hardware, sturdy MDF construction, and smart designs.

By smart designs, I mean the paneled doors and crisscrossed windows. These two features not only make this product attractive but also great for storage and easy-to-access stored items. 

Another great feature that this bathroom etagere boasts is the leg supports. It comes fitted with strong leg supports that are responsible for its increased stability in the bathroom. You do not need to mount it on the wall. 

However, you can add extra mounting for increased stability and better performance. Mounting it to the wall holds it firmly and securely thus more stability assurance.

When purchasing this product, it is important to note that you will be required to do some assembling. The product contains assembly hardware that’s accompanied by an assembly instructions manual. 

The hardware comprises tools required to hold the unit together while instructions are available in various languages including Spanish, French, and English.

If you may not be conversant with one of the languages, then you can simply follow along with the clear diagrams provided in the guidelines. 

In terms of quality, design, performance, and functionality, we can conclude that this unit is well-priced. It weighs 40.8 pounds and is easy to install.

Lastly, we can say this Elegant Home Fashions bathroom etagere is both classy and has the capability of holding a couple of bathroom accessories.


  • Ideal measurements that fit over most standard toilets
  • Ample storage space
  • Simple design
  • Attractive white finish
  • Stable and sturdy wood construction
  • Adjustable shelf offers extra room for storage 


  • May be difficult to install
  • Its legs are not as strong as the cabinet

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer

Providing a simple yet functional storage space, the UTEX 3-tier bathroom shelf offers a perfect and efficient solution for keeping all your bathroom essentials properly organized and stored. 

It’s a very useful space saver, one that stands out well against its competitors both in terms of quality and design. The super smooth and glossy espresso finish gives it an elegant look that would go with almost any modern bathroom décor. 

The whole unit is made from solid engineer wood which makes its structure to be strong and sturdy. It has a durable construction that will not only withstand all the bathroom abuse and usage but will also last for quite a long time.

It employs a 3-tier shelf design featuring three fairly large-sized shelves with border supports to the back. They provide a good amount of space for storing a wide variety of items including toilet paper, cosmetic products,  towels, and other bathroom essentials.

The open shelf design is another big plus as it allows you to look at and access your essentials easily without struggling at all. Moreover, the shelves are solid. They are not going to bend and the border panels will ensure nothing slips through the slots. 

Despite its spacious shelf design, the unit is quite compact measuring 25.1 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 61.5 inches high. It won’t take up much of your floor space. 

There’s sufficient clearance below the bottom shelf to make it nicely compatible with most standard toilets. It’s not a ton of clearance but it’s enough to allow you access the lid if necessary. 

Putting it together is fairly easy provided you the instructions closely. Once it’s up, the frame remains really sturdy against the wall even without mounting it.

There are support bars near the base of the legs which help to stabilize the entire structure. It’s not going to tilt over unless you physically hang off of it or pull it forward. However, it comes with anchors for attaching it to the wall should you want to keep it firmly in place.

While assembly is relatively easy, it might take some time because it comes in pieces. You will have to put almost everything together including the shelves which can take a while. 

That’s the only downside which is really not a deal breaker if you have done a few DIY installations. 

Generally, this is a perfect-sized and appealing bathroom shelf storage unit that’s ideal for small bathrooms where organizing everyday essentials is challenging. It’s a durable, functional product that won’t disappoint you at all. 


  • Sturdy and durable frame construction
  • Spacious shelves for keeping your essentials organized
  • Open-shelf design for quick and easy access
  • Nice espresso finish that can match any décor 
  • Great for tight spaces and fits well over most standard toilets


  • Might take a while to assemble

LDR Industries 163 3000brz 3 Shelf Space Saver

If you are looking for a highly durable and versatile shelf over the toilet storage that can give you a wide variety of storage options while still being compact enough to fit in a small bathroom, then the LDR Industries 163 3000brz is a unit you should certainly have a look at. 

As far as durability is concerned, this is a storage shelf that’s built to last. The whole frame is sturdy, full metal construction that can handle great abuse for quite a long.

The legs are strong and further reinforced with a stabilizing bar at the bottom part to make it sturdier and more stable when filled with your bathroom essentials. The bar height is adjustable which is a big plus as it allows you to create enough clearance for any pipes behind the toilet. 

The metal frame has a nice satin Nickel finish that can fit well with most interior bathroom colors.

However, what really makes this LDR unit stand out is the spacious and versatile storage options that it offers. It’s designed to fully optimize your limited space in your bathroom. 

It comes with three equally spaced shelves with sufficient storage capacity to accommodate a good number of bathroom essentials and accessories within their length and breadth. 

The shelves are strong and can withstand fairly heavy storage. They are spacious too with regards to height and hence can comfortably accommodate both short and tall items. 

Along with the shelves, the unit features a 4 hook rack that’s supposed to be hanging over the door. It’s a very handy addition that gives you ample space where you can hang your towels, robes, or other bathroom essentials. It can hold up to 8 towels. 

Another nice bonus is a freestanding toilet paper holder which can fit three rolls perfectly keeping them close by for quick reach when you need it. Each roll loads in easily without tearing the tissue.

The toilet holder is designed such that the base is off the ground to ensure that your toilet paper stays clean and ready to use. 

Considering that it comes with lots of pieces to assemble, putting this LDR unit together will take a while but it won’t be that hard. One person can do it. Unfortunately, the pieces aren’t labeled but the included illustrated instructions will make things a bit easier.

The unit is designed to fit over any standard-sized toilet. The structure is solid when it’s set up but the manufacturer has included holes in it and anchors to secure it to your wall for added stability should it become a little wobbly after installation.

The only issue that could concern you is the fact that you have to remove the bar at the bottom to get the unit over the toilet and then put it back. This is a process you will have to repeat on a regular basis especially when you have to clean it. 

Other than that, this LDR Industries shelf bathroom storage offers great versatility in terms of storage options and it’s a strong, sturdy unit that will last. If you are not a fan of wood shelves, then this is a perfect alternative. 


  • Strong, sturdy structure 
  • Stabilizing bar for added stability
  • Sufficient storage capacity
  • Various storage options  
  • Fits over any standard-sized toilet
  • The bottom bar height is adjustable


  • Assembling might take some time
  • You will have to remove the bottom bar every time you want to clean it

Zenna Home E2523WW Bathroom Space Saver

Zenna Home E2523WW is another ideal choice for anyone who wants to diverge from the usual wood design. It’s really elegant and functional for any bathroom in need of a storage shelf that will fit your toiletries and towels.

Unlike Spirich Home cabinet, this unit is a 3-shelf space saver constructed out of quality steel. Steel material was molded to create a cross-style decorative design that adds classy appeal to your bathroom. 

The rack is crafted from steel gives you a prolonged life expectancy worth your dime. Zenna E2523WW has a special design with three sturdy metal wire shelves. 

However, all of the 3 shelves are fixed without doors. The top shelf measurement stands at 56″, the middle shelf is 45″, and lastly the third shelf is 34″. It is safe to say; this is a pretty wide space that will accommodate your storage needs.

The frame having been made from steel tubes provides sturdy and durable space saver storage. Finished with either satin, white, or bronze nickel, the rack is meant to withstand water corrosions and related chipping giving you more storage life

It’s an ideal unit for small bathroom owners who are willing to utilize empty space above their toilet but still ensure their bathroom space is untouched. With an overall weight of 6.94 pounds, this unit can store much more bathroom essentials without a slight bend thereby exciting your expectation beyond your imagination.   

The height is standard to fit over most common brands of toilets. With regards to stability, this unit is too unstable and lightweight. You can only store stable and lightweight items such as towels since the structure wobbles and can cause your products to fall off.

However, for firm stability, there are holes on the bars which run up and down on each side of the frame that can easily be attached and then screwed to the wall. The lowest shelf is 34 inches from the floor, an incredible size for your toilet space. If you wish to spray paint, you can do so but if you have a good premier.

There’s a step by step installation instructions in the manual which allow you to have an effortless assembling process. Over time it’s necessary to clean your rack using a damp cloth to dust and remove dirt and eventually regain the new showroom look that your bathroom deserves.

Considering all the factors the steel material, enough storage space, and decorative design compact for saving your bathroom space, then you might find this rack effective to decorate and organize your bathroom.


  • Rust resistance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Minimal with a stylish look
  • 3-shelves with ample storage
  • Compatible with most standard bathroom
  • A great bathroom space saver
  • Affordable for its quality


  • Wobbles aimlessly and need to be mounted on the wall for stability
  • Since it’s lightweight it doesn’t hold heavy items
  • Items can easily fall off

EZOWare 3 Tier Bathroom Organizer 

EZOWare Bathroom Space saver manages to outshine nearly all the competitors in its price range. It’s a simple bathroom rack storage that hits all the rights notes you are looking for. With the decorative design, it offers the best storage space that will declutter your bathroom and organize personal bath and beauty products.

The EZOWare bathroom rack is constructed with solid metal to give it more lifespan.  Coated with powder this beautiful design storage space is meant to deal with moister and wet environments leaving you to rest assured your rack wouldn’t be corroded. 

Featured on the legs are non-slip rubber caps which add stability to the rack and also protect your floor surface either tiles or floorboards from scratch.

The 3-tier complete functional open shelves offer perfect storage space to accommodate your bathroom essentials with easy access. The open shelves have a beautiful contemporary wire mesh design that can only accommodate up to 10lbs weight. 

They are wide enough that keeps everything organized and clean in the bathroom thereby avoiding unnecessary struggle when getting ready for work or finalizing your day. 

Designed to fit perfectly over common toilet tanks with an overall dimension of 22.8 x 9.6 x 64.6 inches be sure to measure your toilet for precise accuracy. It’s a compact space saver that maximizes your bathroom space by providing the needed extra storage. 

The unit comes in bronze color to easily match your bathroom wall and provide an appealing view to your bathroom, family, and visitors. Simple to clean and arrange your stuff.

EZOWare 3-tier bathroom space saver has holes on the frame from the bottom to the top that you use to screw it on the wall for extra stability. 

In order to protect your stuff from falling off, you can utilize the space using decorative baskets, containers, or even boxes to additionally organize and decorate your bathroom décor.

This space saver has a toilet clearance of 34.5 inches; therefore, your tank can fit in nicely without too much Hussle. Plus, it’s fully functional for storing towels, hair care products, beauty products, curling iron or blow dryer, and much more items.

It’s obvious that being a hollow metal frame the rack is lightweight. Yet, a very good unit when attached to the wall. Assembling requires a screwdriver and a quarter drill for mounting. 

To completely install it with ease and ensure it’s very stable, you will have to follow step-by-step guidelines in the manual and make sure to mount it on the wall.

This unit provides a simple yet functional storage space by combining its appearance and durability. It has a nice cross-style on the top of the shelf just like Zenna E2523WW which looks beautiful, and it has a classy feel. 

However, for most people, open-space shelves aren’t their ideal choice of storage. On the contrary, if you are looking at utilizing the small space given to you, this might be the perfect fit.


  • Easy to setup
  • Powder-coated for humidity and water resistance
  • Ample storage
  • Super solid and stable
  • Contemporary classic design
  •  Large enough to fit standard toilet tanks


  • Can be flimsy if not anchored to the wall.

Home Zone Bathroom Shelving 

If you are looking for a smart storage option for toiletries and towels in your bathroom, then, the Home Zone Bathroom storage shelf is your best fit. 

It has prime-quality construction and is designed to complement most bathroom layouts while offering extra storage space.

This rustic hamper tower features a good design. It offers beautiful rustic styles that will complement most interior decorations. It has an eye-catching construction that is also great as it suits various different types of rooms. 

The unit has been engineered with impressive steel. The formidable steel used in its construction is responsible for the prolonged lifespan of this bathroom storage shelf. 

It is highly durable as its outer finish shields it against unwanted things like rust, water, and corrosion.

Another great feature of this product is that the mesh shelves are made of steel and not plastic for increased durability. The unit has measurements of 25.19 by 9.84 by 63.78 inches. 

It also has a dimension of about seven inches amid the floor and a support bar found at the back. The other dimension that’s worth noting is the distance to the bottom shelf which is 31.3 inches. 

Apart from its robust construction, you can use this product to bring in extra storage space to any room. It is very beneficial as it frees up space anywhere. 

It can be used in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, closet, bedroom, and laundry room to not only offer additional storage space but also to free up space and improve the appearance of your rooms. 

This smart storage unit provides up to three storage shelves. These shelves offer you ample space to store and organize your items without too much hassle. 

You can store a variety of items on this unit including magazines, books, candles, detergents, shampoo, soaps, laundry, body wash, bathroom towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries.

When it comes to installation, this unit is one of the easiest to install. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and guidelines that will help you. Also, the product package contains tools that facilitate the assembling process. 

There will be no drilling or nailing required but you will have to put together various parts. This will take very little time to make the setup of your Home Zone bathroom storage unit a breeze. 

Cleaning this unit is very simple. Well, the manufacturers of this product were aware of your cleaning needs and made this product with you in mind. 

All you need to clean your unit is a damped cloth. You only needed to wipe the surfaces and refrain from using harsh chemicals on the unit.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Instantly useful
  • Easy to assemble and has extra assembly hardware
  • Good quality 
  • Practical 
  • Rust, water, and corrosion resistant


  • May arrive with missing hardware
  • Assembling it may be cumbersome

Zenna Home 9431CH Ladder Style Space Saver

If you are looking for the best over the toilet ladder shelf, then look no further because the Zenna Home 9431CH provides a simple yet very effective place for storing all your bathroom essentials without any frills. 

It’s not fancy. It’s just a basic ladder shelf with a minimalistic look that won’t take up much space in any small bathroom. It got a very simple design but is made from thick, durable wood that gives the whole frame including the shelves a solid feel. 

Like most of the other units in our review, this one comes with a nice espresso finish that makes it look modern and appealing. You can also get it in a beautiful white finish if you want to give your bathroom a neat, refreshing look.

While it’s a ladder-style unit, this Zenna space saver will provide plenty of extra storage space for keeping and displaying your bathroom essentials. 

It features three spacious open ladder-style shelves that can hold both large and small-sized items. The shelves are sturdy and evenly spaced out except for the top one. 

Linens, towels, tissues, and other essentials can fit easily on the two bottom shelves with the top shelf offering enough space for holding your decorative pieces. 

The unit’s compact, ladder-style design allows for easy assembly as there are not many parts to put together apart from the shelves which go in easily. Plus step-by-step instruction is provided to ensure you get everything right.

It will fit the space over almost any standard toilet with a very ample clearance of 32.25 inches from the floor to the bottom shelf. It’s designed to lean against the wall but comes with anchors that allow you to mount it on the wall to get rid of any stability issues.

However, if you don’t anchor it to a wall stud, it will still be sturdy provided that you are mindful of the weight and number of items you place on the shelves. Zenna has even included non-slip moisture-resistant feet on the unit to ensure that it remains stable when leaning on the wall.

In short, for anyone in search of a simple storage solution for keeping and displaying their bathroom essentials, then the Zenna Home 9431CH might just be the right unit for you. It’s a durable, basic ladder-style space saver designed to do its job without much hassle. 


  • Sturdy and durable wood construction 
  • Spacious shelves that accommodate several items
  • Easy to put together and use
  • Can fit any standard toilet 
  • Ample clearance from the bottom shelf to the floor
  • Can be mounted on the wall to enhance stability
  • Comes with non-slip moisture-resistant feet to keep it in place


  • No closed compartments for hiding away some personal items
  • Does not feature border support on the back or front part of the shelves

Wyndham Collection WCV8000WCES

Wyndham Collection WCV8000WCES is our top choice when it comes to wall mount over the toilet cabinets. It’s a top-quality, fully functional storage unit that offers a convenient way to add extra storage space to a small bathroom without taking up any floor space. 

To start off, one thing that stands out the most about this wall mount storage is its high-quality construction. It’s a unit that guarantees to last a lifetime. The cabinet is constructed using thick, solid oak hardwood that makes the whole structure feel really strong. 

The door hinges are equally very strong including the hanging bracket which is quality plywood that adds shear strength to the overall frame of the cabinet. It will hold up well even with heavy usage and certainly last for many years. 

The design is simple yet quite elegant. The brushed chrome hardware accents do well to complete the espresso finish giving it a beautiful appearance that can complement a wide variety of bathroom décor. 

It’s a really well-built unit and even much better, it offers sufficient room for storing most of your essentials. It has both closed and open storage space. 

There’s a 2-door cabinet with two spacious shelves that can fit lots of stuff. The cabinet has an interior depth of 8 inches with each shelf having a height of 9.75 inches. 

Underneath the cabinet is an open shelf that is 9 inches deep and it provides a good space for storing large-sized items and other bathroom essentials that you need to keep within reach.

We especially liked the soft closing doors. They have strong concealed hinges that open the door smoothly and silently to give you quick access to your bathroom essentials.

Installation is a breeze. A backer board is provided whereby you fasten it onto the wall first and the whole cabinet slips easily onto it from above. It’s a pretty simple installation process that one person can do quickly. 

The only thing we wish the manufacturer could have improved in terms of design is the ability to adjust the height of the cabinet shelves. They have a nice height but might not be enough for storing tall items upright particularly tall spray bottles.

All in all, it’s absolutely top-quality cabinet storage that can last many years and gives you plenty of room to take care of your storage needs. It’s a good value for money, an investment that won’t disappoint you.


  • Simple but elegant design
  • Sturdy build and highly durable 
  • Plenty of room for storing bathroom essentials and medicines
  • A soft close hinge that makes opening and closing the door easy
  • Installation is simple and quick 


  • Shelf height is not adjustable

Simple Living Space Saver

For those of you wanting something a little different from the common over the toilet storage units, then this Simple Living space saver is worth your attention. 

It’s a short, compact unit with one clever and versatile design that’s meant to optimize the space over the toilet in an effective and efficient manner.

With this model, you are provided with a perfect mix of concealed and open spaces to store all your things.

The first storage space is a generous center cabinet that can hold several medium-sized items. There are two side cabinets each with three shelves, two are adjustable and one fixed. 

The three shelves have enough room to accommodate one or two items and the fact that you can adjust two of the shelves means that you won’t have a problem fitting different-sized products. 

In addition to this, each side cabinet has a paper holder on the top shelf where you can place your toilet paper for quick access. The top part of the center shelf is another space where you can place all your decorative pieces including flower pots. 

Generally, it’s small, and short but gives you multiple spacious storage options. In fact, the combination of long and small shelves/compartments allows you to easily separate and organize your personal products.

Furthermore, the side cabinets feature a nice door that can help conceal your items should you want to. There’s as well a pull-down door just underneath the center shelf for linens which is a nice bonus that adds to the overall functionality of the unit. 

Assembly is not difficult but there are so many small parts to put together and as such it will definitely take a bit of time to fully assemble it. However, once it’s installed, the unit remains very sturdy. 

The whole structure is a solid engineered wood construction, so durability won’t be much of an issue and the white finish will give your bathroom a very clean look.

There’s no large clearance between the toilet lid and the center shelf but it will leave enough space to allow you to lift off the toilet tank lid and reach in.

Overall, this contemporary unit is small yet quite effective. It’s a perfect option if you want something that can give you extra storage space without having to mount it onto your wall.


  • Sturdy and made from quality wood
  • Compact but the space-efficient design
  • Several compartments to help keep everything organized
  • Would look great in almost any modern or traditional bathroom
  • Side cabinets with doors to conceal your personal essentials
  • Fairly easy to assemble


  • Will take a bit of time to put all the parts together

Finding The Best Over The Toilet Storage

Over the toilet, storages vary extensively in terms of style, design, and quality. Therefore, in order to pick the most appropriate unit that will address all your storage needs and give you value for your money, you need to arm yourself with all the right information. 

That’s where this guide comes in handy. Below, we’ve outlined some of the key things you should consider and look for before buying a particular over the toilet storage. 

Bathroom Size and Space Over the Toilet 

It goes without saying that the most crucial thing to do prior to purchasing an over the toilet storage is determining the measurements of your toilet as well as the bathroom size. This is vital especially if you have a small bathroom or limited toilet space. The key things you should check out in this case include:

Height of the Toilet Tank

The first and foremost thing you should consider is the height of your toilet tank. This is a crucial measurement that will determine the size and style of the unit that you will get.

You want to ensure that the storage unit you pick is high enough to fit perfectly over the top of your toilet tank. It should also give you a good amount of clearance between the tank cover and the bottom shelf of the unit.

The most ideal storage would be one that offers clearance of at least 6 inches. That would be enough to allow you to easily open the tank lid and reach in should you need to do any toilet maintenance work.  

Overall Bathroom Dimensions 

You will need also to measure the available floor space so that you don’t end up with a unit that will be so overwhelming for your small bathroom or affect door opening. You should be able to use and access other features of your bathroom even with the added storage unit. 

Therefore, check your overall bathroom dimensions so that you can pick the unit that will be in accordance with the floor space of your bathroom. 

In general, space savers are meant to utilize the unused space above the tank and as such you want to ensure your unit will fit perfectly over the toilet without taking too much floor space to become a hindrance. 

Consider the Style 

Once you know the size and height of your toilet tank as well as the overall dimension of your bathroom, the next step is deciding on which style to go with. 

Basically, over the toilet storages come in three main styles, that is, cabinet, shelf/rack, and ladder-style units. 


Cabinet-style over the toilet storage is the most common type and is often designed as either free-standing or wall-mounted units. They can come with closed storage compartments alone or with several open compartments.   

If you have some personal essentials that you would wish to hide, then a cabinet-style unit is a perfect option. It’s also an ideal option if your bathroom does not have a vanity.

Shelf/rack  Style Storages

Over the toilet shelf storage usually, consist of several open shelves where you can place your bathroom accessories in an organized manner. They come in different designs and can also be either freestanding or wall-mounted units. 

These types of storage are ideal for bathrooms that have very limited floor space or if you just want to store basic necessities. 

The fact that they feature an open-shelf design means that they provide quick access to your essentials compared to cabinet units.  They are also an ideal choice if you have a few decorative pieces that you want to display. 

Ladder-style Storages 

These types of storage are similar to shelve-style units as they come with open shelves. However, they are designed such that they can lean against the wall. 

For those that don’t wish to drill holes in their drywall, then a ladder-type shelf is the best option to go for. It’s also an ideal choice if you have tiled walls that might be hard to drill into. A good example on our list is the Zenna Home 9431CH.

There are also small, short, freestanding units like the Simple Living Space Savor above which require no wall mounting. These are a good option for anyone that doesn’t want to drill their wall.  

Storage Space and Functionality 

The main purpose of getting an over the toilet storage unit is to reduce the clutter in your bathroom and keep your toiletries and other bathroom essentials well organized.

Therefore, you want to ensure you select a unit that will give you sufficient storage capacity depending on your requirements. It should be spacious enough to accommodate all your bathroom accessories especially if you have a lot of stuff to store. 

A good bathroom storage unit should also have multiple shelves or compartments that will allow you to separate your items in order to keep everything tidy and well-organized.

It would be also more convenient for you if you consider a unit that allows you to adjust the height of the shelves. This is an essential feature that will enable you to store different-sized items whether they are short or tall. 

Build quality and Design

Like buying any other furniture, durability is a vital factor that you have to consider when choosing an over the toilet storage unit. You don’t something flimsy that you will install today only to end up breaking the next day. 

Durability will mainly rely on the material used to make a particular unit and the construction. The primary options you have here are processed wood, hardwood, or metal.

You may consider processed wood if you don’t have a lot of heavy stuff. Genuine wood is, however, the best material as it’s much more durable.

On the other hand, if you don’t want a unit made of wood, then you can go for those made of metal and these too can give you long-lasting service.

The idea is here to ensure the material is of good quality and the construction is solid. You should also factor in the shelves when considering the material.

Ensure that they are sturdy and wide to support the weight of all the bathroom accessories and essentials you will place on them whether they are light or heavy.  

Choosing quality, sturdy and durable storage that will serve you for a prolonged period of time will go a long way in saving you from having to buy new units time by time.  

Aesthetics and Installation

While over the storage come in a variation of colors, it’s always essential to go for one with a finishing that will fit well with your bathroom interior décor or color.

This will solely depend on your preference but if you want an elegant-looking bathroom arrangement, then you might want to consider wooden over the toilet storage.

It’s always good as well to avoid units that might give you hard a time when it comes to assembly or installation. Whether it’s a wall-mounted or freestanding style, look for a unit that will require less assembly work so as to save you time as well as energy. 

You want to ensure also that the unit you pick comes with a clear and understandable manual with well-stated instructions and steps that will facilitate easy setup.


If you are tired of the clutter in your bathroom, then without a doubt an over toilet storage will come in handy. It will not just keep your bathroom properly organized but will ensure everything is within your reach and give you extra space for adding other items. 

Whether it’s cabinet style or shelf model you are looking for, our list above certainly gives you lots of great options. These are some of the best units you can find on the market.

There are also several other good options out there but if you want value for your money, then this list is a great place to start. It will save you your precious time than going through a horde of flimsy options to get a quality product. 

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