10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors For The US & CA Markets

Here you will find the ultimate review of 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors with the latest update for 2020.

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We recommend the Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door as the best magnetic screen door based on its performance, its price, and how other customers review it.


10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors


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Homearda Magnetic Screen Door – Full Frame

In warm weather, my family goes in and out of the house a lot. That means we have a problem with flies and mosquitoes getting inside. Sometimes we would just like to leave the door open to let airflow.

The easiest solution I found is a magnetic screen door (even I have bug zapper and swatter). It allows air to circulate and helps to keep our home free of bugs.

I did a lot of research to find the best one for my home.

I’d like to tell you about the one I choose, as well as a couple of other options I found.

Top 3 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Reviews

Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech

If your doorway is no larger than 34 inches wide by 82 inches tall (34″ x 82″), the Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech will work for you.

This is the one I selected for both the front and back entrances to my home.

My favorite part of this screen door is that there are plenty of magnets along the edges that seal up instantly once I pass through them.

The split between the two sections opens easily enough that my children and dog can push through it. Then the magnets pull the sections closed with the screens falling exactly back into place.

I don’t have to worry about it gaping open and letting bugs enter.

The texture of the fabric mesh feels very strong. So far we haven’t had any rips or tears. It seems well-constructed with the magnets sewn into the hemmed edge of the screen sections.

iGotTech has a tutorial video to teach you how to hang the magnetic screen door perfectly in your home. The steps were very easy to follow.

I had the first door mounted and ready in under 5 minutes.

The two screen sections mount securely with Velcro tape around the door frame. You’ll need to have 1 inch or more of the frame where you can stick on the bottom layer of Velcro. Then the screen door panels have Velcro around two of their sides. Smooth that Velcro onto the bottom layer of tape you just pressed down and you’re done.

The door is ready to use.

Pros of the iGotTech magnetic screen door

  • Fabric mesh resists rips
  • Magnets keep screen sections sealed tightly
  • Easy to mount in just a few minutes without tools
  • Works on various types of doors as long as they are 34” by 82” or less


  • I haven’t found any cons yet

Since the price of the iGotTech screen door was a little higher at the time I purchased it, I considered two other brands.

I’d like to describe those for you below.

MegaMesh Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Install

This MegaMesh magnetic screen door by Easy Install is similar to the iGotTech screens in my home.

Both brands have two strong mesh fabric sections that seal up with the help of 26 magnets sewn into their edges. They both fit doors up to 34 by 82 inches in size (34″ x 82″), and they both use Velcro to stick to the door frame.

The difference that I didn’t like was that this screen door uses only 4 pieces of Velcro to seal the screen to the door frame. I read many reviews where users ended up having to tack the screens to the frame because the Velcro wasn’t enough to hold them.

I decided that it was worth it to pay a little more for a product that would stand up better to regular use.

Pros of the MegaMesh magnetic screen door from Easy Install

  • Fabric mesh resists rips
  • Magnets keep screen sections closed tightly
  • Easy to mount in just a few minutes
  • Works on various types of doors as long as they are 34” by 82” or less


  • Velcro doesn’t cover the entire outer edges of the screen

Premium Magnetic Screen Door by Premium Choice Products

The third magnetic screen door that I considered is this one from Premium Choice Products.

Like the other two magnetic screen doors in this review, its mesh fabric seems sturdy and resistant to rips. The mesh is hung from strips of Velcro and uses magnets to seal the opening.

Unlike the other two magnetic screen door brands, Premium Choice offers either black or white screens.

Unfortunately, I saw that many users were saying that even 32-inch doors were too wide for this screen although the manufacturer says it works for 34 by 82-inch door frames (34″ x 82″). I saw other complaints about the Velcro coming loose.

I decided to stick with the iGotTech screen door for my home.

Pros of the magnetic screen door from Premium Choice Products

  • Comes in either black or white
  • Easy to mount in just a few minutes
  • Fabric mesh resists rips
  • Magnets keep screen sections sealed tightly


  • Velcro appears to not stay stuck to door frames
  • Screens may not fit doors up to 34-inches wide

These are the three products that I liked best while researching the best magnetic screen doors for my home.

I’d like to tell you how I came to select them.

3 Criteria I Used To Find The Best Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic screen doors help my family stay healthy by keeping flies and mosquitoes out of my home. Screen doors also allow air to circulate through the house and give easy access to the outdoors. I made a list of simple criteria that I looked for in each product I researched.

  • Sturdy fabric mesh
  • Easy to install
  • Seals shut automatically

With both children and pets in my home, I wanted sturdy fabric mesh screens that could handle high traffic without tearing and ripping.

I preferred screen doors that would be easy to install without tools and without taking a lot of time. I liked these three doors because all of them offered the simple solution of mounting with Velcro.

Magnetic closures were perfect because the screen sections seal shut automatically without me having to shut them.

I hope it’s useful for you.


I enjoy having magnetic screen doors. They saved me from spending money on a more expensive door and they are easy to use. Here is what I would recommend if you are considering them as a solution for your home, too.

In conclusion, I would like to recap what I liked about each magnetic screen door in this review.

I prefer the iGotTech doors for my home because their Velcro has held well to the door frame and covers the entire side and top of the door.

They include full strips of Velcro to fasten the screen door securely all the way around the door frame. The fabric mesh is sturdy, and the magnetic closures hold the two sections of the screen closed without gaps.

Get this brand if you want the best chance of your screen door staying hung where you install it.

The MegaMesh magnetic screen door from Easy Install is also made from strong fabric mesh. Although the Velcro for hanging it comes in four pieces that don’t completely surround the door frame, many people have had success with this screen door.

Screen doors from Premium Choice Products are available in either black or white, something the other two companies don’t offer. If you have a narrower entryway, you may do very well with these magnetic screen doors.

In the case, you prefer to have a white screen door instead of black, check out the ones from Premium Choice Products.

If neither of those two brands fit your budget, take a look at the MegaMesh door from Easy Install.

Thank you for reading this buyer’s guide today. I hope that it helps you select the best magnetic screen door for your home.

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