Best Front Deck Ideas for Small Houses

For small homes, utilizing outdoor open space by affixing a front deck is the perfect way to maximize the extra space. A front deck is an essential addition to your outdoor living area because possibly you would have the ability to do some activities that you cannot do indoors due to space issues.

Best Front Deck Ideas for Small Houses

If you intend to create a front deck patio, there are few things, in particular, you might need to study closely beforehand, such as the terrain-space, type of materials, design, and style, and the project cost. Somehow, it is best to consider an outdoor deck style that corresponds to the structural design of the house, whether it is partially elevated or laid flat on the surface-ground.

A couple of updates and add-ons to a house with an existing front deck will make your little open space a desirable go-to place. A few beautifying-stuffs and fancy cushions can be an addition to your deck, however, it is recommended not to overfill the area with too much stuff so there is ample space for everyone to move around with comfort.

Here are the top 10 suggestions for the best front deck beautifying concepts for small houses:

1. Outdoor furniture set to shoot the breeze

Go for a fancy patio dining furniture or coffee table set, basically made from durable materials that could withstand strong outdoor components, hardwoods like teaks-woods, eucalyptus, and cedar, rattans, synthetic textile sets, and plastic sets are best examples.

Metals like aluminum steels are also perfect for outdoors. A stackable set is also the best option since it saves space as it is very handy to put aside when not in-used.

Setting up an outdoor furniture set can even make you want to linger around a little longer because of the comfy feeling it offers.

2. The way around fitness ground

As there is not enough space to perform a fitness routine indoors, the front patio also can be utilized as a workout platform. Bring out portable fitness equipment, if there is any, and begin the program while gasping the fresh breath of outdoor air as the beat kicks off from the soundbars. In this way, a fitness exercise and yoga program is possible in your little open area despite having insufficient space inside the house.

3. Co-opt outdoor couch with colorful cushions

The best way to make the place so comfortable and relaxing is by putting an outdoor couch covered with a fancy-colored cushion and a bunch of cute stuffed toys.

After a busy and exhausting hour at work, you might want to relieve your feelings and do nothing but to chill in your favorite open space resting on a very comfortable sofa. For you, it will be a great day then.

4. Side-rails and hedges for privacy and protection

If you want a little privacy and protection, especially for raised-type or partially elevated decks, side railing is your best alternative, whether it is made of aluminum steel or wooden panels. Surrounding the perimeter with railings serves as a barrier to prevent something or someone to fall below. Somehow, the idea is common sense.
But if your platform laid flat on the ground, hedge plants are also good as deck-fences. It could partly cover the area to block the entire view from the outside.

5. Bring up container flower garden

Create a container-flower garden to build a mini-flower-paradise and place it on each corner with salvia, cosmos, Zinnia, sweet asylum, Mexican sunflower, and similar small plants that attract butterflies. Isn’t it wonderful to be with your winged-friend in the area?

6. Girdle the perimeter with ornamental grass

If you keep changing plants once in a year, switch to ornamental grasses. Most of the ornamental grasses are treated as annual, with a period of just one season. A container-grown grass is essential to prevent the grass from taking over the entire ground. Surround the edge with ornamental grass of different kinds to come up with an eye-catching colorful deck.

7. Throw lights on a deck

A trend of deck-lighting and lighting accessories are widely available in the mainstream market today. From led, solar, under-rail lights, post lights, stringed-attached lights, DIY, roped-lights, hidden lights, under-stair lights, etc. can make the place brightly shining under the deep night.

8. Veil-deck with micro matic and parasol umbrella

Since the deck is an open porch without the roof extension from the house, the installation of Micromatic and Parasol foldable umbrellas is the perfect solution. Easy to fold umbrella canopy attached to a sturdy shaft and a concrete base to stand against strong wind blows.

9. Introduce bugs-away plants

Bugs and mosquitoes are typically common in small space areas. They could linger even in your front decks that make the place undesirable sometimes.

But the good thing is that there are garden plants that help keep bugs away. Citronella is the most common mosquito-repellant plant, also known as the Mosquito plant. They produce scents unpleasant for mosquitos. Mints also are good bug repellants. A lot of garden plants can deter bugs and mosquitoes like Marigolds, Basil, Lavender, Lemon balm, Catnip, Lemongrass, etc. Keep yourself and your family protected while staying in your front deck.

10. A recreational or workspace

You might also want to turn the place into a workspace. Set up your office table in the place to carry out your job. Working in an open space is very relaxing. It clears the mind and sets your mood in-tuned.
The kids would surely enjoy the place doing recreational activities that boosts their artistic skills.

All in all statement

The front-deck not only extends the living space but also makes the house more attractive and valuable. Most of your time on the outdoor deck would also have a stunning health impact, as you breathe safe and fresh air.

The peace and relaxation of the atmosphere often alleviate your emotions and take out odd sensations that are essential for your mental wellbeing. A small adjustment and add-ons can make a big difference while staying outdoors.

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