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5 Best Electronic Keyless Deadbolts

Electronic keyless deadbolt changes the way I lock and unlock the doors. So do you for sure.

Now, you will see my honest reviews of the best keyless deadbolt (in my opinion) and 4 others in my top picks.

To discourage unwanted intrusions, I installed a new keypad deadbolt on the front door. Not only does it prevent criminals from entering, but it also makes my life easier if I forget my key. I don’t even need to carry a key anymore.

I love feeling safer with the secure electronic deadbolt lock on my door. I don’t have to loan out my house key to guests, a pet sitter, or anyone else. I can just give them a temporary code and delete it later if needed.

Choosing a new deadbolt lock was an important purchase, so I did a lot of research first.  If you are looking for the best electronic keyless deadbolt for your home or office, I think the following top pick and what I learned to find my best deadbolt can help you.

Top 5 Best Electronic Keyless Deadbolt Reviews

Schlage BE365 VCAM619 Review

Schlage has a reputation for making quality locks.

I was drawn to the fact that their Camelot Keypad Deadbolt – BE365VCAM619 – is highly recommended by Consumer Reports and thousands of satisfied customers.

It has a Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA Certification that says it provides better protection than a standard deadbolt. Its design is virtually bump-proof and pick-proof.

Another one of the Schlage Camelot’s top selling points for me is its “exceptional” rating against kick-in tests. Yes, someone went to the effort to try to kick in the door to see if the lock held. This made me feel even safer than if the lock was only resistant to picking.

Although I chose to place this lock on the front door of my home, you can use it anywhere, like on an office door.

It fits a standard setup and only needs a screwdriver for installation. I liked the easy-to-follow instructions. I had the old lockout and this new one in place in about half an hour. I didn’t even need to call a locksmith.

When Schlage says the Camelot is simple to install, even for an ordinary person, it’s true.

The keyless entry feature is useful to my family and me every day. The keypad lights up at night so I can see what I’m typing. The kids are never locked out because they only need to remember a 4-digit number.

When I’m on vacation and I ask the neighbor to bring my mail inside, I can give her a temporary code that I’ll delete later. So not only do I feel protected, this deadbolt lock makes my life easier.

The benefits of the Schlage Camelot BE365 VCAM619 in summary:

  • Secure against lock-picking, bumping, and kick-in
  • It’s easy to install, program, and use
  • Create temporary codes for guest and then remove access by deleting the codes later
  • Backlit keypad for night-time entry
  • Remembers up to 19 users’ 4-digit codes

In my opinion, the Schlage Camelot BE365 VCAM619 is the best deadbolt I could have selected for my home.

But if you aren’t sure that this lock is right for you, there are other deadbolts with additional features like home automation that I’ll review below.

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey

Like the Schlage Camelot, the Kwikset 909 has a Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA certification for resistance to forced entry. I liked that it automatically locks after 30 seconds.

That seemed very smart to me. It would make me worry less about whether I’d remembered to lock the door.

Also like the Camelot, this deadbolt lock fits standard doors and installs with only a screwdriver. That would make it easy to upgrade an older lock for this one.

The backlit keypad is easy to read at night, but I’m not a fan of its dual-digit button design. It’s a little confusing to look at. While it can remember up to 8 different codes, you can also program a master access sequence.

All the codes can be changed as often as necessary.

The benefits of the Kwikset 909 in summary:

  • Automatically locks after 30 seconds
  • Protects against intrusion attempts like lock-picking, bumping, and kick-in
  • Set and delete access codes as often as you like
  • Backlit keypad for night-time
  • Remembers up to 8 different entry codes at one time

Even the Kwikset 909 has many good features, I also bring here another option with additional benefits – Z-Wave compatibility.

Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey

I considered buying the Kwikset 910 because it’s compatible with Z-Wave smart home products. With the Kwikset 910 and Z-Wave I could program my house lights to turn off when I lock the door and leave at night.

It’s also very easy to re-program with Kwikset’s SmartKey technology. I could give a door code to overnight guests and then delete their code when they leave.

Like the other two locks, the 910 is very easy to install on a door. Programming it also doesn’t take very long. One bonus is that I could use a longer code. Instead of only 4 digits, I could make the code sequence up to 8 numbers long.

But in the end, one of the reasons I didn’t choose this deadbolt is that it lacks the Grade 2 certification that the other two keypad locks have. It makes me safer to know that my own deadbolt passed rigorous testing.

The benefits of the Kwikset 910:

  • Link to Z-Wave home automation for even more convenience
  • Longer keypad codes up to 8 digits that you can change as often as needed
  • Remembers up to 30 different users’ codes
  • Backlit keypad for easier night-time entry

While all of these keypad deadbolts have silicone protection against numbers wearing off, the next lock has a smart-looking modern touchscreen should be a good option for you to consider.

The Best Touchscreen Deadbolt – Schlage Touchscreen with Built-In Alarm

The Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt takes safety one step further with a built-in alarm. I liked this feature a lot. It also has the highest Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA certification for residential security because it provides the highest protection against forced entry.

Like the Kwikset 910, the Schlage Connect Camelot is compatible with the Z-Wave home automation system. This means you can lock or unlock a door remotely. If someone tries to break in, you’ll get an alert and an audible alarm.

More protection comes from the fingerprint-resistant touchscreen surface. Maybe I’ve seen too many spy movies, but the fact that no one can guess my code from looking at the touchscreen makes me feel safer.

Like the Schlage Camelot digital keypad, you can program in multiple codes for different users, and then delete the ones you don’t need anymore. You still won’t need to carry a key or worry about someone copying yours.

The benefits of the Schlage Connect Camelot in summary:

  • Backlit touchscreen resistant to fingerprints
  • Connects to Z-Wave like the Kwikset 910
  • Set up disposable codes for guests to use, then remove access later
  • Audible alarm and can send out alerts if there is an intrusion attempt
  • Highest Grade 1 certification for residential security
  • Low battery indicator
  • Remembers up to 30 users’ codes

If codes aren’t something you want to have to remember, check out the next deadbolt that does a wireless entry.

The Best Wireless Deadbolt – Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock With Bluetooth Touch

This modern deadbolt works like this: as long as the person who wants to enter has their phone nearby with Bluetooth on, or the Bluetooth key fob, all they have to do is touch the Kevo lock.

The lock communicates with the key fob or the phone to recognize the person, and then unlocks the door for authorized users.

The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock works with iPhone and Android smartphones as long as they have Bluetooth 4.0. If someone doesn’t have a compatible phone, Kwikset offers a Bluetooth key fob.

The owner of the lock can install the Kevo app on their smartphone. That allows them to send electronic keys to other users and monitor who opens the lock throughout the day.

If you’re concerned that Bluetooth can be hacked, you’re right. But the Kwikset Kevo uses military grade PKI encryption to protect against this.

Like the other locks above, it’s super convenient to not have to carry a key and to feel less concerned about giving keys to family members, guests, or employees.

The Kevo phone app makes it simple to control who has access and for how long they have it. You can even see when they opened the lock. It also knows if the smartphone user is inside or outside the door.

Since this lock didn’t have either Grade 1 or 2 ANSI certification, I decided against it for my front door at home. Instead, it has Kwikset’s proprietary BumpGuard protection against lock-picking and bumping.

The benefits of the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock in summary:

  • No codes to remember and no physical key needed
  • Works with certain smartphones or the included key fobs with Bluetooth
  • Track who enters and leaves and send electronic keys with the Kevo app
  • Military-grade encryption against hacking
  • Kwikset’s proprietary BumpGuard against lock-picking and bumping

Now that you’ve seen all the reviews from my top pick deadbolts, I prepared the comparison table below for easier to compare the products before we go to see how to find the best electronic keyless deadbolt.

7 Criteria To Find The Best Keyless Deadbolt

In order to choose the best deadbolt to protect my family and my home, I did a lot of research. I considered what the manufacturers said about their products and also read many user reviews.

I settled on certain criteria to help me choose the best lock. I hope that these features can help you decide which deadbolt meets your needs.

Criteria for choosing the best deadbolt lock

  1. Weather-resistant enough to use on an outside door
  2. Secure against intrusion attempts
  3. Keyless entry with keypad, touch screen, or wireless
  4. Durable and strong metal housing to resist forced entry like kicking
  5. Style and color that fit the design of my home
  6. Easy to install without a locksmith, drilling, or lots of tools and time
  7. Value for the money


Since my home’s door is exposed to the outside, the lock needed to be able to endure temperature extremes and wet weather. All the locks I reviewed here are weather-resistant.


I prefer locks that are certified by a third party instead of just trusting the manufacturer’s claims. Certifications from the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) along with positive reviews from watchdog Consumer Reports are my gold standard for secure deadbolts.

Keyless entry

It’s the 21st century and it is time to upgrade beyond keys. Being able to unlock a door with a simple code has made my family’s life much easier.

Durable and strong metal housing

Deadbolts come with various surface finishes like satin nickel and chrome, but I was more interested in whether their metal housings would survive a physical attack and hold up for years without rusting.

Style and color

Each of these locks come in at least three colors to match most door designs. For example, Schlage offers finishes like satin chrome, matte black, and bright brass. They also offer styles like Century for a modern look or Camelot with an elegant design.

Easy to install

All the deadbolts I choose can be installed with only a screwdriver to replace an existing lock. None take more than an hour to install and program.

Value for the money

Prices go up and down, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a lock that would make me regret the expenditure. I chose deadbolts that offered the most features at reasonable prices.


Having the best deadbolt lock on my home’s door makes me feel safer. It also added a new level of comfort and convenience because I don’t need to carry a key. I would like to recap what I liked about each deadbolt so you can decide if they are the best for you too.

The Schlage Camelot BE365VCAM619 Keypad Deadbolt is my top choice. It comes from a top manufacturer of locks and offers excellent protection. Consumer Reports and thousands of customers give it glowing reviews.

It’s easy to install, program, and use. If you want a tried and trusted deadbolt lock, and you don’t need interoperability with home automation systems, get the Schlage Camelot BE365.

It has the most value and best features for the money. (Check Price)

The Kwikset 909 automatically locks after 30 seconds, and that’s a feature I wish the Schlage Camelot offered. It also has a Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA certification against intrusion attempts like lock-picking, bumping, and kick-ins.

It allows you to set and delete access codes as often as you like. I just didn’t love the confusing keypad design.

Kwikset 909is a good option with simple features at a smaller price. (Check Price)

The Kwikset 910 links the deadbolt to Z-Wave home automation for even more convenience.

Even it doesn’t have the ANSI/BHMA certification, it does allow you to set longer keypad codes up to 8 digits and change them as often as needed. (Check Price)

The Schlage Connect Camelot has a touchscreen instead of a keypad, and it connects to Z-Wave like the Kwikset 910.

The best part about the Connect Camelot is that it has an audible alarm and can send out alerts if there is an intrusion attempt. It has the highest Grade 1 certification for residential security.

If you own or plan to invest in Z-Wave home automation, consider getting either the Schlage Touchscreen or the Kwikset 910.

The Schlage has the top residential security rating as well as an audible alarm. (Check Price)

The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is compatible with both Android and Apple devices as long as they have Bluetooth 4.0. It allows for wireless entry without needing to remember a code.

You prefer to open doors wirelessly without a keypad, check out the Kwikset Kevo. All you need is your smartphone and you can monitor who enters and leaves your home. (Check Price)

Finally, safety is a mindset. Invest in a good quality lock and enjoy the peace of mind it gives you. Thank you for reading this review.

I hope it helps you choose the best deadbolt lock for your needs.

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