3 Best Countertop Makeup Organizers Reviews [Ikee Design | Home It]

3 Best Countertop Makeup Organizers Reviews [Ikee Design | Home It]

My wife loves that all of her makeup is in one convenient place. She doesn’t have to dig around in a drawer anymore to find her things.

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That is the reason we purchased for a clear acrylic makeup organizer (the best one for us) and placed it on the countertop in our bathroom.

We shopped around for the best makeup organizer for our needs. We chose a display box made from clear acrylic so it’s easy to see what is inside. It has multiple drawers and compartments that fit palettes as well as tubes and small jars.

We made a small change in the way we organize our bathroom and it made a very positive difference. My wife and I purchased a makeup organizer for the countertop. The organizer keeps the counter neat and only takes up a small amount of space. It also easily keeps track of when it’s time to replace a cosmetic.

I would like to tell you why we chose this particular makeup organizer box. You will see below my honest reviews on the top 3.

Countertop Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer Reviews

Ikee Design Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes Two Pieces Set

The Ikee Design countertop organizer first came to my attention because it is a best-selling product with thousands of positive reviews. It has a neat, modern appearance with beveled edges on a transparent structure.

My wife and I liked the clear acrylic for two reasons.

  • One, we could see exactly what was stored inside.
  • Two, it literally matched everything and anything in our bathroom.

We appreciate having this organizer much more than the two-part solution she was using before we made this purchase. The travel makeup case and hanging makeup organizer my wife previously used were not elegant or convenient. Now her cosmetics are all together in one place and it looks good.

There are two parts to the organizer. The part with the four drawers is underneath. It supports a section with open compartments on top. You could potentially divide the two parts since they are not attached to each other. Instead of placing the whole setup in one corner of the countertop, you could put the two pieces in separate areas.

The organizer drawers come with black mesh liners. This adds a little bit of padding to the drawer bottom in case you choose to store something like jewelry instead of makeup. The drawers and the liners can be pulled all the way out for easy cleaning.

If you have tubes of concealer and lipstick, you can store them into the narrow compartments in the top section. Bottles of nail polish may fit if they are thinner than 1-inch in diameter. Otherwise, larger bottles of foundation, or creams and a small palette of eye shadow fit into the other top divisions.

Don’t plan on placing your brushes or eyeliner pencils into the top section as they will fall over. None of the compartment walls are tall enough to secure them. Try putting them in a drawer.

The exterior measurements of the Ikee organizer are 9-3/8” tall by 7-1/4” long by 5-3/8” wide. This was plenty for my wife’s needs, and it takes up very little space on our counter.

In case you’re wondering about how to clean the organizer, this is what we did. Since the clear acrylic is easy to scratch, we never use the gritty cleanser. It’s best to use dishwashing soap to make a mild solution and use a damp cloth to gently wipe the plastic clean. Rinse it well. You can let it air dry, or blot off most of the water with a damp cloth to hurry the drying along.

We really like the Ikee Design organizer because makes our bathroom look neater and it keeps all my wife’s makeup in one place. That makes it easier for her to get ready in the morning.

The benefits of the Ikee Design organizer:

  • Clear acrylic so it looks clean and modern and objects inside are easy to see
  • Takes up a small space but has a lot of compartments to hold a wide assortment of things
  • Comes with protective mesh liners for the drawers
  • The two parts can be used separately or together

The cons:

  • May not be large enough for some makeup palettes or have enough space to contain a large collection of items
  • Eye liner pencils and brushes have to lay in a drawer because the upper-level dividers aren’t tall enough to support them

In my opinion, the Ikee Design storage box is the best countertop makeup organizer we could have selected for our home. But if you aren’t sure that this one is right for you, there are two other organizers that we discovered while doing research. I’ll tell you about them below to help you decide on the best one for you.

Home-it Clear acrylic makeup organizer cosmetic organizer and Large 3 Drawer

The Home-It makeup organizer is similar to the one from Ikee Design. It also comes in two pieces. You can stack it together or place the parts in separate places.

The bottom set of drawers is slightly different than the set that comes with the Ikee Design organizer because the top drawer isn’t divided in the middle. Other than that, all three drawers come with black mesh liners.

The two pieces of the organizer together measure 10” by 6” by 7.7” size. The top part has fewer slots to hold tubes, but the center cup is tall enough to support pencils and brushes.

We decided against this organizer simply because the top part had curved portions. While that looked pretty, it makes for some wasted space because most of my wife’s makeup is in square or rectangular containers.

The benefits of the Home-It makeup organizer:

  • Clear acrylic so items inside are easy to see
  • Takes up a small area on the counter but has a lot of compartments to hold a wide assortment of things
  • Can hold brushes and pencils upright
  • Comes with protective mesh liners for the drawers
  • The two parts can be used separately or together

The cons:

  • May not be large enough for some makeup palettes or have enough space to contain a large collection of items
  • Rounded sides on some compartments cause a waste of storage space for rectangular objects

We found another countertop organizer that comes in just one piece.

Large Capacity Cosmetic Storage and Makeup Organizer

Although this makeup organizer from US Acrylic doesn’t come with a set of drawers, it is fairly spacious. It measures 15” long by 8-3/4” wide by 4-1/2” tall. The variety of compartments it has holds brushes, pencils, jars, tubes, small palettes, earrings, rings, or hairpins.

Like the other two organizers, this one is made of clear acrylic. It’s sturdy and easy to clean. It would look nice on a countertop or the top of a dresser. The fact that it has sections tall enough to hold brushes almost convinced us to buy it.

Although it’s wider and longer than the organizer we purchased, it didn’t have drawers. The US Acrylic organizer wasn’t quite large enough to hold all of my wife’s cosmetics by itself.

The benefits of the US Acrylic organizer:

  • Clear acrylic so it looks nice and cosmetics inside are easy to see
  • Has a lot of compartments to hold a wide assortment of cosmetics
  • Can hold brushes and pencils upright

The cons:

  • Only one piece so it may not be large enough for some makeup palettes or have enough space to contain a large collection of items

In the end, there are good points to all three of these organizers. It just depends on your needs. The one made by Ikee Design is working well for us even though it has a couple of limitations.

Top 3 Makeup Organizer Comparison

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How To Find the Best Countertop Makeup Organizers

In order to choose the best cosmetics and makeup organizer, my wife and I did a lot of research. We considered product descriptions and measurements, and also read lots of user reviews. We had certain criteria to help us choose the best one for us. I hope that these features can help you decide which organizer meets your needs too.

Criteria we used to choose the best makeup organizer

  • Large enough to fit all the essential makeup items my wife uses daily
  • Small enough to fit comfortably on the countertop
  • Easy to organize with various kinds of compartments
  • Durable material that would last
  • Style and color that looked nice
  • Value for the money

Large enough – We pulled out all the makeup my wife uses to give us an idea about how large an organizer we needed.

Small enough – It was important to us to have the organizer on the bathroom counter where it would be easy to reach and use. We didn’t want it too big to make everything else seem crowded.

Easy to organize – We preferred organizers that offered an assortment of compartments and sections to hold a variety of items.

Durable material – We liked the sturdiness of clear acrylic because it feels like it will stand up to everyday use and regular cleaning. The organizer we chose also comes in one piece, pre-assembled.

Style and color – The transparency makes it easy to see what’s inside and it matches everything in the bathroom.

Value – Since this type of organizer isn’t very expensive, we weren’t concerned about the price. But we did want something that would be useful and would last.

Conclusion And Recommendation

We chose the best clear acrylic makeup organizer for our needs. I would like to recap what I liked about each product so you can decide if they are the best for you too.

  • The Ikee Design organizer comes in two pieces that can be stacked together. The bottom part has 4 drawers with black mesh liners. The top is not enclosed and has several compartments of various sizes. Palettes of eye shadow fit better in a drawer as do eyeliner pencils. If you like having a variety of sizes of compartments and drawers to organize all your makeup, you may be just as content as we are with the Ikee Design organizer.
  • The Home-It organizer also comes in two pieces. It has an open top with several compartments of different sizes. Part of the upper section can support pencils and brushes upright. The bottom part has three drawers with liners. If you have an assortment of pencils and brushes that you prefer to stand upright as well as makeup palettes or jewelry, consider getting the Home-It organizer. The drawers can hold small eye shadow containers while the compartments on top have space for brushes.
  • The US Acrylic organizer is one tray divided into compartments of various sizes. It can also hold pencils and brushes upright in some of its sections. If you have a small collection of makeup without large palettes, you may find that the US Acrylic organizer is all you need. It does take up a little more area on your countertop than the other two do.

Little things help make a house a home. Our little acrylic organizer has made my wife happy to have her makeup within easy reach and it makes our bathroom look neater.

Thank you for reading our review. We hope it helps you choose the best countertop organizer for your needs, too.

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