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4 Best Hand Held Bulb Planters

In general, we have four groups of bulb planter with my top pick as below:

Top 4 Bulb Planters In This Review

1. Short-Handled portable handle: Fiskars Bulb Transplanter (7983)

2. Short-Handled fixed handle: DeWit Bulb Planter with Short Handle

3. Long-Handled, short bulb digger: Yard Butler SP-33 Zoysia Sod Plugger

4. Long-Handled, long bulb digger: ProPlugger 5-In-1

If you like planting and gardening, you probably already know bulb planter as the best tool for the cultivation of bulb trees.

In the beginning, when I renovated my garden, I had dedicated a piece of front-right corner to plant the bulb flowers such as gladiolus and tulip because I love them. However, plant and move this type of flower was not easy for me, I had to spend a lot of time and effort kneeling on the wet and dirty ground to dig the holes with a trowel or a shovel.

Fortunately, I researched on the Internet and found some tools can resolve the problems, a garden kneeler, and 2 bulb planters are three of the best gardening tools I’m using to crop and take care my bulb flowers.

Today, I try to help you to find the best bulb planter with my short review below.

Before we go further, I want to emphasize that bulb planter is a simple garden tool for a gardener (like me) to plant bulb trees and flowers in a small garden. If you are a professional farmer who has a specializing farm growing flowers for sale, you should find a bulb planter machine, not this manual one.

You can see, bulb planter is known as a cheap gardening tool (see the price on Amazon), it’s simple and it’s extremely efficient. Even though, you should choose the best one in a ton of bulb planters has been sold in the market. Why not, right?

Short-Handled Bulb Planter

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Short-Handled Bulb Planter is made of a steel bulb digger with a one-hand wooden or plastic handle. It’s small and not really solid, thus, you should use it for soft soil or plant or move trees in pots, otherwise, it will be bent or broken.

The most advantages of this type of bulb planter that it’s easy to use and the price is very cheap.

There are 2 types of handle corresponding to two different features, the fixed and portable.

Portable Handle Short-handled Bulb Planter

This type of bulb planter has a portable plastic handle consists of 2 parts male and female with a spring mounted inside that allow you change the size of the digger make it’s easy to release the soil after you dig.

You can use a bulb planter portable short-Handled as follows:

  • Squeeze the male part of the handle with thumb
  • Plug the bulb planter to the ground and twist slightly
  • Release your thumb and pick the planter off from the ground
  • Squeeze the male part of handle again to release the soil.

It’s very easy and flexible to use, right.

The downside of this type of bulb planter that it is easy to be bent when you dig hard soil because the digger part is not consistent.

Fixed Handle Short-handled Bulb Planter

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Even this also a short-handled bulb planter, the components in a fixed planter are different than a portable’s. It’s not flexible, hence, you cannot change the size of the digger part, but this is also a plus point of this bulb planter as it is more solid compared to the portable one.

You can find many short-handled bulb planters on the market with various types with many price points, from my point of view, I strongly recommend you the Bulb Transplanter Fiskars (7983) since it is an awesome gardening tool with a reasonable price.

Long-Handled Bulb Planter

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Long-Handled bulb planter has a very simple structure consisting of bulb digger with a long handle that allows you to stand and dig holes for bulb planting.

This type of bulb planter is more consistent than the short-handled one, the lower part is designed with pedals can be used to dig with one foot (event two feet).

You can use Long Handled bulb planter to dig hard soils without worrying of fracture.

There are many forms of the handle, T-handle, O-Handle and some other customization forms like “7” or “?”, the handle is made of steel or wood with many style and color for your choice.

We have two kinds of Long-handled bulb planter: short bulb digger and long bulb digger.

Short Bulb Digger

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This type has a short pharmacological bulb digger attached to the body, one of the limitations of this kind that you can just dig a hole at once, but it is appropriate when you want to dig and move seedlings trees, you will be able to observe it and avoid break your trees.

Long Bulb Digger

The body of a long bulb planter is also a bulb digger, you can dig several holes in a row until the tube (body) is filled, then you discharge if and continue to dig.

The most disadvantage of this type of bulb planter that you won’t observe inside the body when you dig, hence, you may damage your trees.

There’s also a further limitation of the long bulb digger is slightly difficult to clean after use. However, it is important that you have clean the garden tools after use as it’s needed to keep long last the tools.

My pick and suggestion

I am using 2 bulb planters, a long-handled 5-In-1 ProPlugger (with depth rings) and Fiskars Bulb Transplanter (7983) – a short-handled portable-handle bulb planter – since they are the best bulb planters in my opinion.

Since the bulb planter is a very simple tool, I will not write particularly detailed reviews all specific for each product. You just need to know the basic information above and that’s enough for you to be able to choose appropriate products for your needs.

Personally, I use a Long-handled bulb planter to dig holes and use for hard ground, and a Short-handled one for excavation as well as plant bulb trees in pots.

There are many types of bulb planter in the market, you can find more than 20 types of bulb planter on Amazon with a variety of designs and different colors.

You can view the list of bulb planter with the specification of material, color, style, and price.

I hope this short review can help you to find the best bulb planter for your garden work and wish you get a nice garden with flowers from bulbs.

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