best bathtub caddy tray reviews

3 Best Bathtub Caddy Trays

My best bathtub caddy tray reviews.

Have you ever taken a bath to unwind after a hard day? If you love a long, hot soak, you’ve probably gotten into the tub with a book or perched a wine glass on the rim. But then you’re stuck holding up things instead of relaxing. In my home, we found the perfect way to enjoy bath time with everything we need close at hand.

Now we have a bathroom caddy tray that sits on top of the bathtub. It’s convenient because it holds items like a tablet, a wine glass, and more. Next, I’ll tell you about the tray I selected, then describe a couple of close runner-ups I also liked.

Best Bathtub Caddy Tray Reviews

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury - Best Bathtub Caddy Tray Reviews



The ROYAL CRAFT WOOD bamboo bathtub caddy tray has been a treat to use when I’m in the bath. The wood is naturally water-resistant and coated with lacquer, so I don’t worry about it warping or getting mildew. Then, it adjusts between 29.5 and 43 inches in width to fit our bathtub perfectly. And the silicone pads on the bottom ensure that the caddy stays put.

I like that there is an adjustable reading stand to support books and tablets in an upright position. The slotted surface in front of the support holds up to a 12-inch wide item. And if you don’t want to use the stand, it folds down out of the way.

Besides the tabletop in the middle, you can move the two side trays, or take them out completely. There are also other convenient parts to the caddy’s design, like a slotted groove to hold a wine glass, a recessed circle for a candle or mug, and a slot large enough to prop up a smartphone.

Finally, the ROYAL CRAFT WOOD tub tray comes with a bamboo soap dish. It’s a nice touch that ties the caddy in with our bathroom décor.


  • Water-resistant bamboo construction with lacquer coating
  • Adjusts between 20-1/2 and 43 inches in width
  • Silicone grips keep it from sliding on slick porcelain
  • Adjustable book stand, detachable trays, drink holders
  • Covered by 100% money-back guarantee


  • We haven’t discovered any cons yet

We’ve been enjoying the ROYAL CRAFT WOOD bath caddy on a regular basis. So far, we have no intention of taking advantage of their 100% money-back guarantee because we’re quite happy. But do take a look at the other trays we reviewed below in case you prefer a different size or style.

Bath Dreams Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides

Bath Dreams Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides



The Bath Dreams bamboo bathtub caddy tray has a simpler design than the one we bought, and it’s a little bit smaller, too. It adjusts between 27-3/4 and 41-1/2 inches in width, which will probably fit most standard bathtubs. But be careful to ensure it will suit yours with room to spare because there are no non-slip grips to keep it from sliding around.

Similar to the other caddy above, the Bath Dreams model has an adjustable reading stand. On one side of the stand, there is a slot for a wine glass. On the other side, there is a small flat surface where you could place a mug or shaving cream and a razor. But there isn’t much space for anything else.


  • Water-resistant bamboo body
  • Adjusts between 27-3/4 and 41-1/2 inches in width
  • Adjustable book stand with three positions and drink holder


  • No non-slip grips

Less surface space than the other caddies in this review

Perhaps you like the Bath Dreams caddy, but want something that offers you a little more room. Check out the next tray below.

Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy by ComfySure

Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy by ComfySure



ComfySure’s bamboo bathtub caddy expands out from 29 to 44 inches, making it the most expansive one in our review today. It’s also 9 inches wide. And the features it offers are a step up from the Bath Dreams tray.

Of course, there are the usual features like an adjustable reading stand, cup and glass holders. But there is also a sliding tray and a slot to support a smartphone. And the manufacturer points out that this caddy can also serve as a portable desk when you’re sitting in a chair, not a tub.


  • Water-resistant bamboo from sustainable harvests
  • Adjusts between 29 and 44 inches in width
  • Adjustable book stand, movable tray, and drink holders


  • No non-slip grips to prevent sliding

Now that you’ve seen all three bathtub caddies, I’d like to tell you how I made my choice between them.

Criteria for choosing the best bathtub caddy tray

Like many of the products I review, a bathtub tray isn’t expensive, but it adds a lot to the comfort of my family. When I began shopping for one, I considered these three qualities:

  • Size to fit bathtub
  • Space for items
  • Durability

In my opinion, the ROYAL CRAFT WOOD tray meets all of these requirements. For one, it expands out wide enough to rest safely on the lip of my tub. Plus, the non-slip grips keep it in place.

Second, there is plenty of space for everything I might want to use during a bath, from reading material to shaving cream, a washcloth, and a drink.

And third, the caddy tray is made of water-resistant bamboo with a coating to protect it for longer. It seems like this will be an investment that won’t need replacing for a long time.


I hope you enjoyed discovering these three bathtub caddy trays with me today. Visit here again soon to see what new furnishings I’ll be enjoying at my home.

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