Best Automatic Trash Cans

While regular trash cans are quite useful, they often pose more danger to your health than helping to keep your living space tidy.

The fact that you have to use your hands when using the can means that the risk of coming into contact with bacteria and germs is very high.

However, this is something you can easily avoid by investing in an automatic trash can. These models are much more efficient and hygienic. 

They provide hands-free or touchless operation which not only promotes good health but makes them extremely convenient than a regular trash can. They facilitate a safer and easier way of tossing garbage. 

The problem though is finding the right unit amongst a plethora of options available out there.

This is where we come in. 

To simplify your shopping process, we present here a list of the top automatic trash cans that you can consider if you want to get great value for your money. 

Check out our reviews below for detailed information about these top models and what makes them stand out compared to other units you’ll find on the market. 

Go through our buying guide at the end as well to give you in-depth tips on selecting the ideal trash can.  We are certain that once you are done with this article, you will certainly not throw your money on a flimsy unit.  

Automatic Trash Can

An automatic trash can is a garbage bin designed to open and close the lid automatically, without the need of having to physically touch the bin. It provides a hands-free design and operation which is not only helpful in preventing contamination but also makes waste disposal a breeze. 

The can is equipped with built-in infrared motion sensors that can detect hand movement or trash in front of it. Therefore, when you wave your hand or put the trash in front of the can, its lid pops open automatically allowing you to throw the trash inside the can without touching it.

Once the trash is inside, the lid again closes automatically. This hands-free operation is what makes it very hygienic and quite convenient to use. Most of these trash cans operate on batteries, but there are other models that can be powered using an AC adapter.

An automatic trash can is a valuable appliance that’s ideal for just about anyone who wants an efficient, hygienic, and convenient way of disposing of trash. It’s a perfect option for household use, especially in the kitchen environment.

It’s also a perfect option for use in the office as it can effectively help keep odor and garbage away from the office environment compared to a regular trash can.

Battery and adaptor operation

Battery + adapter automatic trash cans can be battery-operated or connected to a power outlet. They come with a power adaptor alongside the battery which means you can choose between outlet or battery operation. 

This design alone makes them extremely convenient. It allows you to switch to a power adaptor should the batteries die on you and you are not in a position to run out immediately to get a fresh set. 

With the battery operation, you also get to save on power costs which makes them even more convenient to use. 

Battery operation only

Battery-powered automatic trash cans operate using only batteries. They usually use 4 D size batteries which can easily be recharged or swapped out once they are depleted.

The Best Automatic Trash Cans Review

iTouchless DZT13P 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can

As one of the most popular automatic trash cans, the iTouchless DZT13P offers nothing but superior quality, great value, and very advanced sensor technology. It’s a trash can built to keep your living space fresh and clean without any fuzz.   

Featuring a simple yet attractive ultramodern design, this iTouchless model is a well-built trash can from top to bottom. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel with a strong plastic top and base.  It’s a solid unit that can be used for a long time. 

The brushed stainless steel body is smudge–resistant and finished with a fingerprint-proof coating which makes it so easy to clean. 

The trash can has a rectangular shape but the edges are round. It has a nice slim profile that can fit into any space perfectly including tight areas and corners. 

You will have no difficulties carrying it outside the house when you want to empty the trash. It’s quite lightweight weighing only 8.73 pounds. 

It’s simply a well-made, durable unit and the elegant, modern design can perfectly match any kitchen or office décor. 

Design aside, what makes this iTouchless DZT13P trash can stand out is its advanced infrared sensor technology. It works smoothly and the response is instant. 

The lid opens automatically within just a 6-inch distance. You don’t touch the can at all. It’s able to detect motion instantly. The lid closes within three seconds once you walk away or if it does not detect any motion. 

The opening process is so well coordinated to eliminate any accidental closure which can turn out to be extremely inconvenient. It would certainly not close on your hand. 

It has unique Reflex technology that immediately reopens the lid once it detects that you’ve returned your hand back in.  This unique quick operation makes it 100% touchless. Just the motion of your hand is all it takes to operate it, so it’s really hygienic and a very convenient choice.

What’s more, this sensor can accommodate both bulky and large items. It has an extra-wide opening measuring around 12 inches. It’s wide enough to capture large items like pizza boxes, milk cartons, cereal boxes, and other bulky trash.

The bin can fit a standard 13-gallon tall trash bag which is an ample capacity that gives you more room for disposing of trash. Removing the bag is a quick and easy process. 

There’s no tapering on the sides and the air vents at the base allow airflow in the can which makes the bag removal much easier. 

To prevent a heavy bag from collapsing in, iTouchless has incorporated a special seal technology into this unit plus a trash bag retainer ring which together keeps the bag in place.  

The in-built Carbon Filter Gate is another very essential addition to this unit. It effectively eliminates and neutralizes all the odors from the trash.

It utilizes a replaceable activated carbon filter which can last for up to 3 months before you need to change it. So it will not just keep your trash out of sight but it will also leave your living space smelling fresh and clean. 

When it comes to powering the iTouchless DZT13P, you will love it even more. It can run on 4 D-size batteries or be powered by an AC adapter. The only twist is that both are not included. You will have to buy them separately. 

In general, this is a perfect touchless can for offices, homes, and schools. It’s easy to operate, very responsive, and built to last. To put it simply, it strikes a great balance between price and value. It’s an investment that you will certainly appreciate.  


  • Very accurate and responsive sensor technology
  • Can accommodate large and bulky trash
  • Comes with a unique lid status alert
  • Equipped with manual open and close buttons
  • You can lock the lid so that little kids or pets can’t open it easily
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Both the batteries and AC Adapter are not included in the package

iTouchless IT14SB Sliding-Lid Automatic Trash Can

Taking the second position is the iTouchless IT14SB Sliding-Lid model. This is yet another top automatic trash can from iTouchless that really stands out thanks to its new lid design opening which provides a more convenient and hygienic way of disposing of trash.

Like the DZT13P model above, this one also features sturdy stainless steel construction with a fingerprint-proof and germ-resistant finish. The plastic lid and base are also strong and the whole body can take great abuse for a long time.

In terms of aesthetics, this unit features a nice modern look with a matte black finish from top to bottom that makes it look quite elegant in any setup. It also comes in white or silver finishing, so you can choose the design that will go well with your décor.

It as well has an efficient rectangular shape with smooth round edges. It can seamlessly fit tight spaces and corners plus it weighs about 10.71 pounds which is fairly light and won’t need much effort to carry it when you want to empty it. 

Now the major highlight of the iTouchless IT14SB trash can is its unique lid design. Unlike most other automatic models, the lid of this unit isn’t hinged. It’s retractable and only the top slides open not the entire lid. 

This design is a big plus as it saves up space and as well allows you to position the can in nearly any location since it’s not limited by the opening mechanism of the lid. 

The can is equipped with an infrared motion sensor and it’s very responsive. It opens the lid instantly when it detects the trash or the motion of your hand in just within 5 inches.

Once you move your hand away from the lid, it stays open for three seconds after which it closes automatically. Both the opening and closing operations are smooth and instant. 

You can as well operate it manually if necessary. It has open and close buttons at the front part of the lid for manual operation. Furthermore, the lid stays locked when turned off which is essential especially if you have pets and small children around. 

The mouth of the lid is wide measuring about 11.5 inches which is enough to make it easy to dispose of big and bulky trash.

As for capacity, the trash can offers plenty of room capable of accommodating any standard 13 or even 18-gallon trash bags. If your home or office collects a large amount of trash on a daily basis, then the huge capacity of this bin will serve you well.

The unit also features a retainer ring that holds the garbage bag securely, so even if it is heavy it will not fall in. The bag comes out easily and the inside part of the can is smooth. It will not rip the bag when removed.

The IT14SB is designed to work with either a DC adapter or 4 D batteries. Again like its counterpart above, you will have to buy the adapter and batteries separately which is a bit disappointing.

However, it’s an energy-efficient unit and the batteries can last you 6 to 12 months without changing. The only major setback is that there’s no odor control system.

Other than that,  this is an attractive and spacious trash can that gives you many years of service and simply your waste disposal. It’s an option we would recommend for anyone looking for more space and versatile power options.  


  • Strong, durable construction with an attractive modern design
  • Efficient and space-saving lid opening mechanism
  • Highly responsive sensors that facilitate a smooth operation
  • It’s hygienic, convenient, and hassle-free to use
  • Offers both automatic and manual operation
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty


  • No odour control system
  • The batteries and DC adapter are not included

SensorCan OSC13SBSAC Trash Can

Combining great functionality and ample capacity, the SensorCan OSC13SBSAC is a trash can built to keep your living space neat and hygienic in the most convenient way. It’s reliable touchless can ideal for homeowners that want to enhance their waste disposal experience. 

To start off, its design is simple yet attractive with the body comprising of brushed stainless steel that gives it a solid feel. It has a slim, oval shape which allows it to fit comfortably in any setting. 

The stainless steel body is smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof, so cleaning it would be a breeze and you can expect no stain to stick on its surface. 

The trash can is designed to offer a smooth and consistent lid operation. It utilizes an infrared motion detector that’s quite sensitive.

It’s able to sense the area just above the lid and with just a wave of the hand, it automatically opens the lid which closes after a few seconds when you remove your hand. 

Disposing of bulky or large-size trash won’t present any challenge either. The lid is 12.75 inches wide which is one of the largest in our reviews. With that size, it can easily accommodate large-sized pizza boxes and milk cartons.

The bin itself can hold 13  gallons or up to 49 liters of trash which is fairly decent and makes it a convenient choice for those with a large family or a busy office environment where a lot of trash is disposed of on a daily basis. 

It also features a retainer ring that will help keep the bags firmly in place and out of sight. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about smelly trash as it comes with a replaceable activated carbon filter that will effectively absorb all the trash odour.

You can choose to use an AC adapter or battery to power the unit and it’s designed to draw power only when needed making it very energy efficient. It uses 3D-size batteries which can last up to 18 months before replacement.

Both the AC adapter and batteries have to be purchased separately. That’s the only downside, otherwise, the whole unit is well-built and functions without any glitches.

Overall, the SensorCan OSC13SBSAC is not a fancy model but rather a simple and straightforward unit designed to get the job done quickly and easily. Its adaptable, slim, oval design and ample capacity make it suitable for use in the office, store, or kitchen.


  • Well-built using durable and easy-to-clean materials
  • Smooth and consistent lid operation
  • A decent capacity that can accommodate a lot of trash
  • Wide mouth lid that can be bulky as well as large trash
  • Effective activated carbon filter for absorbing trash odors
  • Comes with a limited one-year warranty


  • AC adapter and batteries are not included 
  • Quite sensitive such that it can open when you walk by it

One of the major of these types of trash cans is that they enable you to get rid of your garbage without ending up with high electricity bills. You also get to use the trash can even when there’s a power outage and the batteries tend to last a bit longer from around 6 to 12 months. 

FDW TC-1350-SS-13G Kitchen Trash Can 

An automatic trash can, the FDW TC-1350-SS-13G is one of the best battery-operated models currently on the market. It comes packed with everything you would want in a touchless trash can but with a bit more speed and efficiency.

The trash can has a strong stainless steel frame and a very stable base. It weighs only 10 pounds and that might make it seem easier to knock it over but it’s not.

Aside from the stable base and strong steel body, the unit is made wider and shorter which adds even more stability to it, so what it may lack in weight, the design ensures that it will stay in place. The top unit looks like metal but it’s a nice, solid plastic material,

Considering that the steel body is highly polished and fingerprint resistant, it will remain neat throughout. The fact that its surface has a stainless steel wire drawing treatment with no sharp edges makes it even very convenient and easier to clean.

The overall finish looks very cool and beautiful. It will certainly look good with almost any kitchen décor.

Now when it comes to lid operation, this is where the FDW TC-1350-SS-13G trash can beats most other models out there. It’s super fast with the lid taking only 0.3 seconds to open after sensing motion and 5 seconds to close once you throw it in the trash. 

It’s a smooth, quick operation and the sensors can detect motion up to a distance of 10 inches from the top in any direction that’s within 130 degrees from the sensor.

One feature we also like about this FDW trash can is that the lid will remain open as long as theirs any object within the sensor’s range, so you won’t have to worry about the lid suddenly closing on you when you are just halfway through adding garbage. 

The unit has a wide mouth, quite wide enough to allow you easily throw in the garbage without dropping some debris out. The bin also has plenty of room to accommodate a good amount of trash. It can hold 13 gallons of trash which are sufficient to meet daily needs.

There’s a plastic ring included inside the can that keeps the bag firmly in place. It tucks in the top part of the bag nicely hiding it completely, so there will be no traces of the bag hanging out.

Odour control is an area where the FDW TC-1350-SS-13G performs fairly well. The unit seals perfectly trapping all the trash odour inside. 

However, it doesn’t have any filters like activated carbon filters that can totally absorb all the odours, so the smell will eventually spread out whenever you open the lid. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is a battery-operated unit and it uses 4D-size batteries. It’s quite an energy efficient and it can serve you for close to six months before they become depleted.

Generally, there’s very little to disappoint you about this FDW automatic trash can other than the fact that it doesn’t come with any odour filter system.

If you want a simple but efficient battery-operated automatic trash can that can handle large volumes of rubbish without requiring frequent garbage damping, then this is it.


  • Simple but quite sturdy and durable construction
  • Looks very cool and beautiful with any kitchen décor
  • Smooth and quick lid operations 
  • Hassle-free to use and clean 
  • Wide lid mouth with decent capacity
  • Energy efficient to facilitate extended battery life


  • Does not come with any odour filters

Ninestars DZT-50-9 Touchless Trash Can

It’s not easy to find a trash can that offers a sleek look, sturdy design, and high-quality body materials. So, the fact that the Ninestars DZT-50-9 touchless trash can make it on our list makes it a good choice for anyone.

It has one of the favorite eye-catching designs, a premium look, and a 430 stainless steel body. The commercial stainless steel used for its construction is highly durable and can serve your garbage needs for many years.

Just like all Ninestars products, the stainless steel is finished with an anti-fingerprint coating. The coating doesn’t show any fingerprint markings completely, this ensures the trash can remains clean and sleek.

Ninestars DTZ-50-9 trash can has an oval shape with a measurement of 16.3(W) × 11.2(L) × 24.4(H) inches. It’s wider than model DZT-70-8 but not as taller and has a non-skid base that adds to more stability therefore hard to knock over. 

The oval shape makes cleaning it an effortless task. Plus, the interior is smooth for easy removal of any trash. With a capacity of 13 gallons and a wider mouth than a one-gallon jar can fit through, this unit is considered large enough for daily use. 

Its compact shape takes just enough place in your kitchen, hallway, bathroom, or even bedroom. To hold on to garbage, the trash can use standard 13-gallon garbage bags available in the market. 

However, for a very neat look, the trash can features a removable ring liner that tucks in the garbage bag and holds it in place. 

It prides itself on its touch-free feature. The infrared sensors technology detects motion within 10 inches on top of the lid. You can only activate the motion sensor only if the object in motion is above it. 

The touchless sensor eliminates germs contamination and the lid has a firm fit to seal in odor. The trash can offers a soft closing motion without a loud bang closing sound. With two lids, the top lid can be removed effortlessly.

In case you want to operate it manually or there is a malfunction or you want it to stay open for a long time there’s an open and close button. Commercial stainless steel makes it durable, water and rust resistance, as well as offer easy clean-ups.

This stainless-steel garbage can runs on 3 C batteries. Its battery life is 30% longer thanks to energy-saving technology built in. 

The battery ensures automatic opening and closing for a minimum of 10 000 times, which is approximately 6-9 months of battery life before replacement.

In short, the Ninestars DTZ-50-9 trash can is a stylish and classy look and comes with a one-year warranty. The commercial stainless steel offers durable construction coupled with exciting features that make the kitchen or room smells good and can match your place’s overall décor.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Soft closing motion
  • Touchless operation
  • Large capacity for daily use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable material


  • False triggering
  • Sometimes the sensor might malfunction
  • Can be a bit bulky to others.

NINESTARS DZT-50-6 Trash Can

The DZT-50-6 is another automatic trash can from the very known company, Ninestars. If you want to go small and you’re looking for a cheap way to dispose of your debris, this unit is the perfect choice for you. This Ninestars product is coupled with quite interesting features.

To begin with, The DZT-50-6 measuring 28.4″ is conveniently shaped with an oval design that can fit perfectly anywhere and at the same time save space. 

It’s made of high-quality polished stainless steel and finished with fingerprint resistance that can be used in various places including offices, homes, and bedrooms.

The steel construction is responsible for its sleek look and durability. Its design is classic and can go with different kitchen decor. This unit also has a non-skid base that makes it stable to withstand accidental knocks over.

It has a capacity of 13 gallons which is big enough for a standard 13-gallon bag that fits it perfectly. For a completely neat and clean look, there’s a removable ring liner that you can use to tuck in the excess length of the bag.

Ninestars are very popular for their innovative sensor technology for all their trash cans including CB-DZT-40-8/12-18. The infrared motion sensor is rotatable in that it can sense motion above and around the lid. 

It automatically opens the lid when your hand or debris is at 130-degree or within 10-inches from it. The lid remains open if you’re still within that range and closes when you move away.

The unit motion sensor is protected from moisture or accidental food spills using high-quality water-resistant material. In case of a small hitch or dead battery, use the manual control buttons to open or close it. 

It’s an interesting unit with its lid closing swiftly without necessarily creating a bang shut.

The DZT-50-6 trash cans run on 4 D batteries that can last up to 6 months, thanks to its energy-saving technology. In addition to that, the lid closes tightly to keep flies out and eliminate odour.

However, like any other touchless trash can, without proper care and maintenance, the lid might malfunction.

The bottom line though is that this is an attractive and well-designed model with several special features that are so striking when it works but frustrating when it doesn’t. 


  • Convenient trash bag with removable rings
  • Oval slim design saves space
  • Includes manual controls
  • Large enough to fit a 13-gallon bag
  • Energy saving
  • Water resistance sensor
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Stable base


  • Hinges might break easily
  • The lid can malfunction without proper use and care

Round Shape – NINESTARS CB-DZT-40-8/12-18

NineStars is a well-established company that makes very effective trash cans. This combo of round-shaped stainless-steel automatic trash cans is designed with the latest technology. 

They come in two separate cans: 11 gallons and 3 gallons you can choose to use them either for the kitchen or bathroom.

These sets, unlike many other trash cans, are made of stainless steel material. Durable construction featured water and rust resistance making it easy to clean and maintain.

With their premium look, round design, and black ladybug lid they will fit into your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, the stainless steel used in both is fingerprint resistant which keeps the trash can sleek always.

The large trash can measures 36 -inches, it’s wider and taller than the small one which only measures 11 1/2″ in width, 8″ deep, and 12 1/2” in height. However, both of them are designed with a non-skid base making them more stable and difficult for pets to knock over.

Another interesting thing about this combo is, each can come with a removable ring liner. The ring allows you to fold the extra length of a garbage bag inside of the can leaving it with a very clean and neat appearance.

Just like all NINESTARS trash cans, these two cans are constructed with motion sensors that can detect movements within 10-inches or within an angle of 360 degrees. It opens in a quiet motion and allows you to throw your debris before the lid automatically close. 

This not only prevents you from getting in contact with bacteria but also the lid closes tightly to keep out the bad odour. The plastic lid remains open when trash or your hand is in close range of the infrared sensor.

Built with high-quality material, the motion sensors are water-resistant to prevent humidity and unintentional spills from damaging them. However, for manual operation, you can use both open and close buttons and then open the lid with a hand holder.

NINESTARS CB-DZT-40-8/12-18 uses advanced technology that requires 4 D and 2 AA batteries to operate. Featured with a delayed sense, this unit conserves battery power and prevents unnecessary openings from foreign triggers or pets passing by. 

The batteries can be used at least 10 000 times just opening and closing, meaning you’ll be required to replace them after at least six months or one year. Still, you can get an AC adapter if you want to.

All in all, the NINESTARS CB-DZT-40-8/12-18 automatic trash cans are a convenient two-in-one combo. With a sleek design and special features, this unit might come in handy in your kitchen, lobby, office, and garage. 


  • Durable stainless-steel material 
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s convenient and hygienic
  • Battery saver technology 
  • Water resistance infrared motion sensor
  • Neat look using a ring liner
  • Premium design and stability
  • Soft closing motion
  • Comes with 2 years limited warranty


  • A confirmed issue with lid opening from customers

BestOffice Automatic Trash Can 

BestOffice makes some of the great trash cans in the market. This unit is equipped with astounding features that ensure disposal of trash is easy and convenient. 

With a modern design, you can use this trash can in the kitchen, office, bathroom, study room, bedroom, or even your living room.

This model, just like many other trash cans, has a high-quality stainless-steel body. Its durable steel is treated with an anti-corrosion coating and its water resistance makes it easier to clean and maintain.

The oval-shaped body model has a sloping lid with a brushed stainless steel finish which makes the trash can look attractive. Plus, the oval design makes it ideal to occupy a small space, therefore, saving you some space.  

Its large capacity of 13-gallon eliminates the inconvenience of frequent emptying. The trash can is large enough to fit a standard garbage bag seamlessly that meets dumping daily needs. 

Another great feature includes a plastic ring liner that tucks the excess part of the bag in, leaving the trash can edges looking neat and sleek. 

Featuring infrared motion-sensor technology, its sensor is sensitive and takes only 0.3 seconds to open the lid after detecting trash or hand within the sensor range. 

However, to make the lid stay open for a longer time, you can use the manual open/close button. The fact that it’s touch-free you can’t get in contact with trash bacteria. 

One of the best things is that the opening and closing of the lid are smooth and quiet. In addition, the trash can lid seals in bad odour which ensures your office or kitchen smells fresh always. The lid is designed without hinges, which adds to its space-saving capability.

As mentioned earlier, this unit is automatic and therefore uses 4 D size batteries. Equipped with energy-saving technology, the battery’s life is incredible and can last more than 6 months. 

Overall, with regard to aesthetic, this might not be the best trash can out there. Despite that, its great features and sturdy build quality makes it worth considering.


  • Touch-free operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Brushed sleek look
  • Quite and smooth open and closing motion
  • Energy efficient batteries
  • Can be manually operated 
  • High-quality stainless steel


  • Requires one to be at a very close range of at most 2 inches for it to open
  • Doesn’t have a battery indicator

New Black 13-Gallon Trash Can 

When looking for the most ideal way of storing trash in your kitchen or office, this new black trash container from BestOffice is your best fit. It has a nice, modern design that goes well with most interior décor and kitchen appliances. 

This automatic trash can has a sophisticated oval-shaped design that allows it to fit effortlessly in nearly all rooms. It fits perfectly in kitchens, bedrooms, dorms, laundry rooms, offices, or any other open space. 

Its unique, stylish construction incorporates a metallic body and base whereas the lid is made of tough durable plastic. These great features make this product ideal for most rooms while its overall finish makes it look good and more expensive than its actual price.  

Besides being durable, this black garbage container comes fitted with a control panel. The control panel contains the open/close buttons. It offers you the option of switching from manual to automatic lid opening. 

When you press the “open button”, the lid stays open without closing until you press the “close button”. On the other hand, this touch-free sensor automatic model allows you to put trash in the can without physically touching anything. 

The unit is fitted with motion sensors that use infrared technology to detect anything within six inches above the lid or within an angle of about 360 degrees.

Once the motion sensors detect debris, the lid opens automatically and remains open so long as there is an object above the sensor. Upon debris entering the trash can the lid automatically closes in a soft and quiet motion. 

The opening and closing motion for this unit is quiet compared to other similar products.  The unit runs on two sets of type D batteries which are long-lasting. It’s built with a power-saving technology that ensures your batteries last longer. 

It is worth noting that this model arrives without a power adapter. In regards to holding capacity, you will be amazed. It comes with 13 gallons of holding capacity that ensures all your garbage is in one place while keeping your cooking and dining zones fresh and clean. 

Generally, this is a trash can that’s built for the average user and will offer smooth operation without any glitches. It’s sturdy and has a design that can blend in perfectly with most room decors.  It’s a product we would certainly recommend for anyone who doesn’t need too much capacity. 


  • Highly durable metallic body
  • Battery saving capabilities
  • Quiet, soft open and close motion
  • Convenient and hygienic
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Does not include a power adapter

simplehuman 45L Semi-Round Trash Can

Simplehuman makes astounding products, they’re the guru when it comes to trash cans production. This 12-gallon semi-round trash container is their latest product on the market. It’s very simple, and sleek, and comes with a high price tag.

This semi-round unit is made of stainless steel. It has a non-silver fingerprint-proof coating on the stainless-steel body helps keep it germs-free and spotless for a shiny appearance. 

The brushed finish makes it compatible with different settings including office, it also matches your kitchen decor.

One of the many awesome features is its revolutionary liner pocket. The pocket is situated at the back to store liners and you can easily dispense liners easily on the inside can when needed. 

This unit is equipped with code J custom-fit liners that are of strong durable quality. When you want to replace the trash bag, you have to fit them manually. The bags are exclusively tear-resistant and fit perfectly. 

Its stainless-steel rim liner securely holds the trash can liner and keeps it from flipping. The outer stainless steel cover closes over the liner which keeps the garbage bag hidden.

This automatic can has an intelligent motion sensor that uses infrared fields to sense hand wave motion above and in front of the can. It’s also smart enough to adapt to you and the environment preventing false triggers and sudden lid closure. 

Being a touch-free container, you’re guaranteed a cleaner, extremely hygienic trash disposal experience. Whenever the lid is open the motion sensor range expands and detects your presence therefore, it won’t close until you move away. 

The unit operates on 4 AA batteries which are included in the purchase. The batteries are powerful and do last a long time for at least one year.  For smooth and steady power, it features a planetary gear system. 

The system is responsible for a consistent whisper-quiet closing of the lid. With a noise level of 52dB, Simplehuman 45L semi-round is 50 percent quieter than other famous trash cans.

However, this unit doesn’t come with an open or close button or even a built-in handle holder on the lid. So, in case of a lid malfunction, you can open the outer lid manually. 

Instead of battery power, you can definitely use an AC but you’ll have to purchase it separately. Lastly, this product comes with a five years warranty, which says a lot about its durability.

In short, this Simplehuman 45L semi-round automatic trash can provides a consistent and smooth lid operation. Other than its price range, it’s definitely an efficient unit that addresses all your waste disposal needs.


  • Planetary gear offers smooth and quick lid operation
  • Comes with liners pockets
  • No false triggers or unexpected lid closure
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable and sleek design
  • Fingerprint-proof coated
  • Durable custom-made garbage bags 
  • Easy to clean


  • The circuit board might fail and deliver an unresponsive motion sensor

Ninestars DZT-80-35 Automatic Trash Can

Ninestars DZT 80-35 is the best heavy-duty automatic trash can and the latest version from NINESTARS company. With a large capacity of 21 gallons, this unit is ideal for huge garbage requirements in the kitchen, kid’s room, dorm room, and office.

One of the greatest features that make this unit the best heavy-duty trash can is the 430 commercial stainless-steel body. It is made of thick, strong long-lasting material that can withstand normal wear and tear for many years to come.

With the excellent build quality and a weight of 16.55 pounds, you don’t need to worry about it cracking or bending. The stainless steel is finished with water and rust-resistant coating to prevent it from heavy corrosion.

In addition, the stainless-steel construction is resistant to fingerprint smudges which also makes it quite easy to clean and maintain. It has the most stylish and elegant look with a chrome finished trim that adds a flair of style. 

Featuring a non-skid base with a solid construction, this trash can is stable and sturdy enough making it difficult to knock over by your pets or kids. In terms of capacity, this is one of the most spacious units and it can hold garbage bags ranging from 20 to 30 gallons.

This large capacity allows you to use only a few garbage bags with less frequent emptying. Plus the lid has a wide opening that will make disposing of large trash comfortable and easy.

To prevent the bag from overhanging, it comes with a ring liner that tucks in and holds the bag sturdy for a clean and neat appearance. 

This durable heavy-duty Ninestars DZT-80-35 uses the infrared motion sensor to detect trash or debris for it to open or close. The infrared sensor only detects motion within 360 degrees angle or 10 inches with no space for false triggering. 

Just three seconds after you move your hand or debris away, the lid automatically quietly closes with a soft close. Speaking of the lid, it is micro-fitted to seal odour leaving your kitchen smelling fresh.

In addition to the touchless operation, you can manually operate using the open or close button for a longer open session. 

It operates on 3 D-size batteries which are not included in the package. The batteries have a life span of 9 months to a year due to the built-in automatic energy-saving feature. The unit only runs on battery, you cannot use either AC or DC adapter

However, for best performance NINESTARS recommend using alkaline-based batteries, which are now kept in a newly designed battery compartment located at the back of the lid.

To sum it all up, Ninestars DZT-80-35 automatic trash can is made from high-quality durable stainless steel with a large capacity that can be used for heavy-duty garbage needs.  Backed with 2 years warranty, this is a well-built unit that can last for a longer time.


  • Stylish elegant body
  • Made of heavy-duty, durable commercial stainless steel
  • The stainless steel is fingerprint resistant
  • Micro fitted lids hold in odour
  • A heavy-duty trash can that can hold 21 gallons of trash
  • Touchless operation
  • Sturdy with a non-skid base
  • It closes softly and quietly


  • It’s prone to technical hitches
  • Uses only large trash bags which might be difficult to acquire

Shopping For The Best Automatic Trash Can

Before coming to your final decision and settling on a particular automatic trash can, there are some key factors you need to consider first. 

These elements will help you to be extra careful during your selection so that you can make a more informed and smart decision. They include: 

The Power Source

Automatic trash cans run on power and as such the first thing you want to look out for is the main source of power. There are basically two types, one that runs on batteries, and the other uses an AC power adapter.

Battery-powered trash cans usually utilize 4 D size batteries that are either rechargeable or replaceable. One of the major advantages of these types of trash cans is that you can place them almost anywhere you want.  

They also enable you to get rid of your trash without incurring too much electricity costs. Depending on how frequently you use the machine and its energy-saving capabilities, the batteries can last between 6 to 12 months. 

But if you don’t prefer the hassle of replacing batteries, then you might want to consider models that are powered through an AC power adapter. These ones guarantee a constant supply of power throughout.  

The only downside is that you have to place the trash somewhere near the power outlet which might be far from your kitchen or room. Generally, your decision will solely depend on your preference because both options have their own pros and cons. 

However, the best move would be to go with a unit that offers both power options. There are some models that are battery-operated but also come with the option of connecting them to a power outlet using an AC power adapter.

The iTouchless DZT13P,  iTouchless IT14SB Sliding-Lid, and the SensorCan OSC13SBSAC are some good examples from our list above. 

The addition of a power adapter is essential as it can come in handy especially when the batteries suddenly die on you and you can get a replacement immediately.

Build Quality 

Automatic trash cans are commonly made of either plastic or metal. Plastic models are usually less expensive and lightweight. The online downside to these units is that they are not often that durable plus they do retain odours.

The best ones are metal trash cans, especially those made of stainless steel. They are extremely durable and often spot a sleek, attractive look due to the stainless steel finish and they don’t retain odour that much, unlike plastic ones. 

Furthermore, most stainless steel cans have a coating on their surfaces that help to keep off stains. This is essential considering that they come into direct contact with all kinds of garbage in your house or office. 

Therefore, go for a very durable machine made from quality materials that are strong and can withstand extreme conditions and impacts without causing damage to its structure. 

Size and Shape 

Trash cans tend to come in many different sizes and your choice should be based on the available space in the room or area you wish to install or place it. 

If you want something that you can easily slide into a small space probably between the cabinets and fridge or something that can fit into a cupboard, then look for a compact trash can. 

A moderate-size unit with a slim profile and shorter height might also be a good option for you.  If space is not an issue,  then you can always opt for a large-size unit. 

Apart from the size, you want also to consider the shape of the trash cans. They typically come in oval, rectangular, square, or round shapes. 

A rectangular or square style with rounded edges and a slim profile is ideal for smaller spaces as you can easily tuck the unit in a corner. On the other hand, for larger kitchens or office spaces, oval or round trash cans are the best since they take up a bit more space.

The Sensor 

The sensor is no doubt the most vital part of any automatic trash can. Therefore, it’s paramount you ensure that you select a model that has a high-quality sensor. 

The most common type of sensor you are likely to find in many units is the infrared motion sensor. These are the most effective and powerful motion sensors currently available on the market and it’s what you should look out for.

Make sure that the sensor can only open the lid when it needs to, not every time you move past the trash can. It can be really irritating and even worse, it drains the batteries faster. 

The easiest way to avoid this is to check the positioning of the sensor. Choose a model that features an upward-facing motion sensor as it’s less likely to detect anyone or pets walking past. It will help prevent the lid from opening accidentally. 

It’s also essential that you pick a unit with a sensor that can detect motion from as far as possible for the most convenient experience. Opt for a model that will sense motion from a distance of 5 inches or above. 

Considering that liquids are bound to spill inside the trash can, it’s essential too for the sensor to be waterproof, so that it doesn’t end up not working in case it gets wet.


When it comes to capacity, your choice will depend on the amount of trash that your kitchen or office generates. The capacity of most trash cans would basically range from 4 to 20 gallons. 

However, the standard size for a majority of units is 13 gallons which is good enough if you are not certain of what size to choose.  If you need something that you can place inside a cabinet, then you will have to go for a smaller capacity probably 4 to 7 gallons. 

On the other hand, you will want something that offers more capacity if you generate a lot of trash or have a large family to avoid having to frequently switch out trash bags. In this case, the best option would be a unit with a capacity that ranges from 15 to 20 gallons.

The size of the lid opening is another important thing to factor in when considering capacity. Here a small lid won’t do you any good. 

A convenient option would be a unit that can accommodate heavy or bulky items like pizza boxes and milk cartons. Therefore, look for models with lids that are 10 to 15 inches wide. Ensure also that the unit comes with a retainer ring that will help keep the bag in place.  

Odour Filter

No one wants to face the unpleasant smell of garbage as they enter their house or workplace. Although automatic trash cans are designed to keep the lid tightly closed after use to prevent the smell from spreading, this is not efficient. 

The perfect option is investing in a model that’s equipped with a built-in odour filter. Look for one with an activated carbon filter as it’s able to absorb all the odours and leave your living space smelling fresh and clean.  It’s an essential feature that might cost you more but it’s definitely worth it.


The automatic trash can market is a really large and highly competitive market with many different brands that boast of quality products. Whether you are looking for something small to take care of everyday trash or a more spacious unit, you will be spoiled for choice.

The key here is to ensure you find that one unit that guarantees quality, affordability, and flawless functionality. By keeping all the buying tips we provided above in mind, finding that perfect unit shouldn’t take much time at all. 

However, if you don’t want to go through all that hassle, then the top 11 best automatic trash cans we’ve listed here are definitely worth considering. 

Aside from being hygienic and highly efficient, they are durable with stylish designs that can blend in perfectly with almost any room décor. So, it’s a matter of picking the one that suits you best and matches your budget.

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