Best Automatic Trash Can For Kitchen

Best Automatic Trash Can For Kitchen

I like our three new trash cans (two step-on and one automatic trash can). My family and I appreciate the fact that we don’t need to open the lids with our hands.

I’m glad I can keep the pets out of the garbage, too.

It was time to upgrade the trash cans around my house. All of our old cans had broken down in the usual ways.

While I researched my next purchases, I had certain features in mind.

First, I wanted a touchless automatic trash can. A touchless can is very sanitary, perfect for kitchen cleanup.

Then I wanted step-on garbage pails for the upstairs bathroom and for outside the house. With either kind, it’s a lot easier to not have to lift a lid when my hands are full of trash.

I would like to tell you about the garbage cans I ended up choosing for my home, and why they are the best ones for my family.

I’ll begin with my best automatic trash can in the kitchen.

Top 4 Best Kitchen Trash Can Reviews

iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13-Gallon Automatic

The iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Automatic Trash Can is perfect for my kitchen.

The first feature that got my attention is its replaceable carbon filter. That helps keeps odors under control, which is necessary for the kitchen. It lasts about three months before needing a change.

The second thing that I love is that the can opens its lid automatically because of the built-in infrared sensor. All I have to do is put my hand or the garbage I’m holding within 6 inches of the top.

The lid lifts up for me so I don’t have to touch the can at all to throw away trash.

The lid waits 3 seconds and then closes quietly and tightly. It will stay open, though, if I keep my hand in sensor range. The manual on/off buttons on the front of the can also let me leave the lid propped open as long as I need.

The can itself measures 27 inches high by 9 inches wide.

The opening is 11.75 inches measured diagonally, so I can toss out larger items without having to break them down first.

For liners, I use regular 13-gallon trash bags. They stay put without sliding down because of the retainer ring inside the lip of the can.

I like that the iTouchless is water-resistant because that’s important in the kitchen.

It runs off 4 D-size batteries which can last up to 10,000 openings and closings. If you like, you can purchase a power adapter (sold separately) to run the can off household electricity.

Some customers have said that the adapter connector jiggles loose from the can.

Of course, plugging it in means limits on where you can place it. It also means you’ll be unable to open the can automatically should the power cut out.

A few years ago there were problems with the sensor and the lid. My research indicated that the problems the company had with earlier versions of this can have been solved. At this point, it’s working great in my kitchen.

It’s even easy to keep the stainless steel exterior looking shiny and nice.

iTouchless offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.


  • The infrared sensor tells the can when to open and close the lid automatically
  • Manual override keeps the lid open when needed
  • On/off switch locks the lid when the can is off
  • Sensor is water-resistant
  • Large opening for big items of trash
  • A replaceable carbon filter keeps odors under control
  • Uses regular 13-gallon trash bags that stay in place because of the retainer ring
  • 1-year warranty and 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Modern stainless-steel and black exterior is easy to clean
  • Can run off either batteries or household electricity


  • Needs 4 D-size batteries to run, and those can be a little expensive
  • Using household electricity instead of batteries requires the purchase of an adapter

While I chose the iTouchless trash can for my home, there was a different automatic trash can model that I also liked. I’ll tell you about it below.

Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless

The Nine Stars Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can use a sensor to open and close its lid automatically.

It has a couple of differences from the iTouchless.

For one, the sensor has a longer range, up to 10 inches instead of the 6-inch range on the iTouchless.

Two, it runs off three C-size batteries which can last up to 6 months.

It appears that older models of the Nine Stars automatic trash can may have been able to use an adapter for household current, but Nine Stars is not currently selling adapters for this can model.

In other ways, the Nine Stars is similar to the iTouchless. The bag retainer ring inside the can holds a 13-gallon trash bag in place and keeps the edges out of sight.

The opening is large enough to throw away paper plates and cereal boxes without having to break them down.

The stainless-steel exterior resists fingerprints.

Should you have a problem with the Nine Stars trash can, they do offer a warranty against defects. But you’ll have to pay return shipping, as well as other unspecified fees.

I decided against the Nine Stars for three reasons:

  • It doesn’t have a place for an odor-fighting filter
  • It’s oval in shape
  • And, the warranty isn’t all that great

The rectangular design of the iTouchless suited my kitchen better.


  • Infrared sensor detects movement up to ten inches away
  • 13-gallon size can hold regular kitchen trash bags
  • Retainer ring inside the can holds the bag securely
  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel


  • No place for an odor-fighting filter
  • Warranty ends up costing the customer more money even if the product is defective

While a touchless trash can is ideal for the kitchen, I wanted step-on pails for the bathroom and outside my home.

I’d like to tell you about the ones I’m using now.

simplehuman Round Step Trash Can

I’m using other simplehuman products around my home and I’m very satisfied with them. Now I have their Round Step Trash Can in my upstairs bathroom.

The stainless-steel can with its tough black plastic lid looks very nice.

The pedal is strong, opening and closing the lid smoothly and silently. simplehuman says the pedal is made to last for 20 steps a day for 20 years.

If I lift the lid with my hand instead of pushing on the pedal, the lid will remain up. This is useful when I need to keep the can open.

While my pets can trigger the sensor on the kitchen trash can unless I remember to turn off the power, they haven’t opened this step-on can yet.

It’s holding up well under regular use from all the members of my family. If there were a problem, simplehuman offers a 5-year warranty.

The only downside to this can is its rather unique size. Although

Although simplehuman can liners fit it perfectly, 13-gallon kitchen bags are a little too big and grocery sacks are too small. But although I’m not currently using the simplehuman bags in it, the rim holds my liners in place. There is a small opening on the side where I can pull the bag’s string to make it fit snugly.

There is a small opening on the side where I can pull the bag’s string to make it fit snugly.


  • Sturdy construction with easy open and silent close
  • The lid can remain open if needed
  • Stainless-steel and black plastic look modern
  • 5-year warranty


  • Hard to find bags that fit it perfectly unless you use the simplehuman liners

Now I’d like to tell you about the trash can I purchased for outside of my home.

simplehuman Slim Plastic Step Trash Can – 40 L / 10.6 Gal

The simplehuman Slim Plastic Step-On Trash Can is perfect for my backyard.

When my family has a party outdoors, we collect the trash in it. I also use it for when I weed the garden or clean up in the garage.

Its handle and two wheels make it easy to transport wherever it’s needed.

The strong plastic body is resistant to moisture and abuse. The step-on pedal has a nice feature: you can press on it once and remove your foot.

The lid opens and closes with enough time for you to throw away something. You don’t have to keep your foot on it unless you have more things to toss away.

I mentioned I have pets. One reason I really like this can is the fact that it has a slide lock. Once it’s locked, no animals can open it. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, just in case, it has any defects that keep it from working properly.

The Slim Plastic Trash Can is narrow enough to fit in a corner of my garage and big enough for the odd jobs I give it. It measures 25.2 inches tall, 19.2 inches deep, and 10.2 inches wide.

Its 10.6-gallon size lets me use regular can liners that fit just right.


  • Sturdy step-on pedal and rugged plastic body
  • The lid has a slide lock to keep animals out
  • Two wheels and a handle make it easy to move
  • Regular can liners fit
  • 5-year warranty


  • I haven’t found a con yet for this can

How I Decided On The Best Automatic And Step-on Trash Cans For My Home (3 Criteria I Used)

The market is full of trash cans for sale and some of them are not worth what you’d pay for them.

Before I went shopping I created a list of the most important features to help me select the best garbage cans for my home. Here is what I decided:

  • Sturdy and strong
  • Sanitary: a touchless automatic sensor, or step-on pedals, to open and close the lid
  • Appearance fits in with my décor

All the trash cans I listed in this review are sturdy and strong, able to withstand daily use by my family. The three I bought are holding up well.

I looked for cans that had lids that opened without needing a hand to touch them. It’s much more sanitary. I preferred having a touchless automatic trash can in the kitchen and step-on pedals for cans in the other parts of the house.

Finally, I wanted modern-looking trash cans. Their appearance is nice to fit in with the way I decorate my home.


To wrap up this review, I’d like to recap the best features of each trash can.

The iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Stainless Steel Trash Can have an infrared sensor that tells the can when to open and close the lid automatically.

The 13-gallon size holds a lot of trash while the carbon cartridge keeps bad odors under control. Bags fit securely under the retainer ring so they don’t slide down.

The can have a manual override to keep the lid open as well as a power off switch to lock it shut.

The Nine Stars Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can also use an infrared sensor to open and shut its lid automatically.

Its 13-gallon size is great for the kitchen. The retainer ring holds liners in place and the steel exterior resists fingerprints.

The simplehuman Round Step On Trash Can holds 8 gallons of trash, plenty for a bathroom.

The step-on pedal is strong and it opens and shuts the lid quietly. You can also keep the lid open if needed without keeping your foot on the pedal.

The simplehuman Slim Step On Trash Can is made of sturdy black plastic with a strong pedal to open and close the lid. The lid locks shut if needed to keep animals out. The two rear wheels and handle make it easy to move.


If you’re looking for an automatic trash can for your kitchen, the iTouchless is working very well for my family. The 13-gallon size is great for a busy home and the carbon filter cartridge keeps bad smells down.

If you prefer an oval shape for your touchless trash can, consider the Nine Stars 13-gallon automatic model.

For your bathroom or office, take a look at the simplehuman Round Step Trash Can. It works smoothly and silently and is holding up well for my family.

If you prefer plastic trash can instead of stainless steel, or want one for your yard or garage, the simplehuman Slim Plastic Step-On Trash Can.

I like our three new trash cans. My family and I appreciate the fact that we don’t need to open the lids with our hands. I’m glad I can keep the pets out of the garbage, too. I hope you find the perfect trash cans for your home, too.

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