Apec Water Top Tier ROES 50 Review

Apec Top Tier Roes 50 is a high ranked reverse osmosis system especially since it is made in the United States. Unlike other brands, this RO brand does well not only market itself within the US borders but across the globe.

Features & Specifications Of Apec ROES 50

Apec ROES 50 has 5 stages in its purification process. This ensures consumers get up to 99% purification from contaminants including chlorine, arsenic, hard metal, lead, and bacteria. The stages are meant to leave the water clean, clear and tasty water.

The 5 stages involved are as detailed below.

  • 1st stage – This is where water is purified from dust, particles, and rust. All this is done by a 10-inch filter.
  • 2nd stage – Water goes through 10-microns of carbon block which removes the unpleasant chlorine, its taste, and odor leaving the water to be clear and colorless.
  • 3rd stage – At this stage water passes through another carbon CTO filter. This eliminates any residual ensuring water is chlorine free, tastes good and has no smell.
  • 4th stage – Here is where the osmosis takes place with the help of a high rejection membrane. The water at this point is removed of contaminants which include bacteria, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, fluoride, and radium.
  • 5th stage- A ten-inch filter ensures water coming from the tank is clean from any residual.

There are other features included in this system and they include.

  • A 4-gallon tank
  • With a capacity to produce 50 gallons of water per day
  • The system weighs about 26lbs
  • Automatic shutdown valves meant to shut the system whenever the tank is full
  • Gives a one year warranty with a 30-day payback for those who are not satisfied with its service.
  • A lead-free faucet to ensure that the filtered water does not pick lead on its way out.
  • The filters are certified by the NSF water standards enhancing the safety of the water.

Produced by Apec Water, a company which has been in the industry for long, users should expect nothing less than quality from the ROES 50. The fear of quality that most consumers have on products made from the Asian market, especially China, is laid to rest since this product is made in the United States.

Users are also assured of quality since the system is certified by the Water Quality Association. A competent technical team is available to offer support for the full lifespan of the system.


  • Fine management – The system shuts off automatically with valves which detect when the storage tank is full.
  • Deals with all water types- It treats both the soft and hard waters.
  • Ready to drink – The systems remove many contaminants ensuring safe water for drinking. The water is also clearer in color with much better taste.
  • Easy to manage – The filters have a filter service life of up to 6-12 months giving users a peace of mind. It is also quite easy to install.
  • The system operates without producing any noise. It also runs on water and doesn’t require power backup.
  • Hustle free – The affordable product saves you the hustle of buying bottled water.


  • More water goes to waste during the filtration process.
  • The technique of fitting the system in some households requires a plumber for assistance.

Users’ Reviews & Recommendations

Most buyers seemed to be pleased with the quality of water produced by Apec ROES 50. The reverse osmosis system had most of the users satisfied and indeed felt they had got value for their money. From the good taste to the clarity and odorless nature, most users felt comfortable to give it a five-star rating.

However, there were those who experienced difficulties in installation and fitting the system at their sinks. Others recommended that the system should incorporate a pump to boost low-pressure water outlets.

Using & Maintenance

Users are advised to check the contents of the package of the system before installation. This is to ensure that you get the correct components, all in a usable state. If some parts are missing or are damaged, kindly contact your vendor or supplier for further advice on a replacement.

Before operating the system, users are advised to ensure that water being purified does not exceed 40-100 degrees F (4-37 degree C).

The best operating pressure should be at 100psi.

The system should be stored in a cool sheltered environment away from hot and cold weather exposure. Filters need to be replaced after usage of 6-12 months.

Buyers are advised to ensure they buy a genuine system from genuine vendors. Apec does not engage the services of other vendors and buyers can only get their products via their offcial sale channel.


Reverse osmosis is the best in water purification. It not only removes salt and other particles, but rather eliminates organic chemicals and bacteria from water.

Apec ROES 50 is affordable as compared to other brands and that it is manufactured for the United States has made it one of the top reverse osmosis systems. However, this factor does not automatically reward it as an overall better system since it still doesn’t fully meet customers’ needs.

Apec is a company that has been in existence for more than 17 years, providing solutions to residential water treatment problems. The company is based in the United States where its products are tested and before being sold.

The manufacturing company offers reverse osmosis products from a wide range of products. Apec boosts of its quality water filter systems which are made from reliable and certified equipment all going through the well researched and fully skilled team.

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