Apec Water Top Tier RO-90 Review

Apec Water Top Tier RO 90 is one of the top-selling water filter systems under the brand. The system is put through a stringent 10-point step process before being released to the market.

Features & Specifications Of Apec RO 90

The system uses 5 stages in its water purification process. This purified water ultimately attains up to 99% reduction in contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses.

The five stage filtration process involves various filters to remove a wide variety of water impurities. This is as articulated below.

  • Stage one – Water goes through a 10-inch filter to remove impurities such as dust, particles, and rust.
  • Stage two – Next stage is where water is cleansed from the unpleasant chlorine, its taste and odor, leaving it to be clear and colorless. This is done by the use of a carbon block filter.
  • Stage three – The carbon block filter at this step eliminates any residual ensuring water is chlorine free, tastes good and has no smell.
  • Stage four – The reverse osmosis membrane filters the water, removing contaminants which include bacteria, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, fluoride, and radium.
  • Stage Five- A coconut shell refining carbon filter ensures water coming from the tank is clean from any residual.

There are other features included in this system and they include.

  • The system can produce 90 GPD. This is two times more than an ordinary reverse osmosis system.
  • A 4- gallon tank
  • Weighs at 5 pounds
  • Has an automatic shutdown valve which shuts down the system whenever the tank is full
  • The system has a one year warranty with a 30-day money back to any unsatisfied customer.
  • A water tap which has no lead thus ensuring filtered water does not gather any lead before being consumed.
  • All the filters being used have the approval and certification by the NSF which ascertains their safety.


Apec is a renowned brand which has existed for close to two decades. This shows that the company is aware of what it does, therefore, quality products is assured.

The company has built its reputation on its products being manufactured in the US. This most certainly clears the concern and fears of many who have fallen victim of unreliable China made products.

This system is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA). The user can also utilize the available technical team that is available for the duration of the Apec system.


  • Ease of management – The automatic shutoff mechanism saves the user by ensuring the system shuts off whenever the storage tank is full.
  • Purifies all water types – Unlike some of the other brands this one treats soft, tap, well and hard waters.
  • Water safety – By removing contaminants in the water, users can enjoy the water, which is clearer in color with much better taste.
  • Manageable system – The filter service life runs up to 6 months, giving users a peace of mind. The system is also quite easy to install.
  • High-quality operation- The systems operate without any noise or leakages thus being of convenience to the user.
  • Saves money and time – The affordable product saves you the hustle of buying bottled water.


  • The system has more water being wasted during its purification process.
  • Some users find it hard to install the systems to fit in the existing household environment.

Customer Experience

The system enjoys positive feedback from consumers. Most of the review responses are satisfied with the system and seem to believe they got value for their money. Many are happy because the water tastes much better and seem enthusiastic to support quality American brands.

There were those who were pleased with the ease of installation. However, there were concerns with the low pressure from user’s outlets affecting the overall output speed of the system.

Guide to use

Users are advised to check the contents of the package of the system before installation. This is to ensure that the shipped components are in good conditions. Any some parts are missing or are damaged, kindly contact your vendor or supplier for further advice on a replacement. Before operating the system, users are advised to ensure that water being purified is at 40-100 degrees F temperature levels. The best operating pressure should be at 100psi. The system should be stored in a cool sheltered environment away from hot and cold weather exposure. Filters need to be replaced after usage of 6-12 months.

Buyers are advised to ensure they buy a genuine system from genuine vendors. Apec does not engage the services of other vendors and buyers can only get their products via their website or at amazon.com.


In today’s world, natural resources which provided us with water are slowly getting depleted. Man-made structures continue to encroach the natural habitats at a very alarming rate. Water is a very important element required for existence. Technology has today brought hope that indeed there is a better tomorrow. The reverse osmosis system has indeed been a gift for mankind. The water treatment system saves allot both economically and environmentally. Products like the Apec water –top tier- reverse osmosis 90 will forever be cherished for making water bring life to mankind.

Apec Water Company specializes in water treatment for residential purposes. Based in the United States, it has been in existence for more than 17 years. The manufacturing company offers reverse osmosis systems from a wide range of products. The company ensures to give quality systems to meet the ever informed customers

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