APEC Water ROES-PH75 Review

The Apec water ROES-PH75 is among the many of its reverse osmosis brands. The system goes through very stringent processes to certify its productivity before being released to the market.

Apec ensures all of its products are manufactured in the US giving the brand more quality assurance to be potential clientele.

The Apec Water brand company is based in the United States and specializes in the manufacturing of reverse osmosis products for residential usage. It’s 17 years in the industry has seen it grow to become a powerhouse in the water treatment and filtration industry. It offers a wide range of water filtering products to meet the needs of its wide customer base.

Features and Specifications

The six-staged ROES-PH75 reverse osmosis system of filtration ensures water is removed up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, and organic chemicals. The sixth stage ensures water retains some of the key minerals useful for human consumption.

Apec ROES-PH75 ensure users enjoy the luxury of safe drinking water and healthy water for many years.

The six stages of bringing that tasty and contamination free water are highlighted as below.

  • 1st stage – The first stage is where the water goes through a 5-microns 10-inch filter to remove impurities such as dust, particles, and rust.
  • 2nd stage – The next stage is where the water gets purified and filtered to remove the chlorine chemical making the water to have better taste without any odor. This is made possible by the use of a carbon filter.
  • 3rd stage– Carbon block CTO eliminates any residual ensuring water is chlorine free, tastes good and has no smell. The stage also removes other chemicals in the water.
  • 4th stage – This is the most important segment of the systems since the water gets to go through the osmosis process. The high rejection RO membrane filters the water, removing any contaminants which include bacteria, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, fluoride, and radium.
  • 5th stage – the coconut shell carbon filter ensures water coming from the tank is clean from any residual.
  • 6th stage – This stage is where the system adds calcium, minerals, which increase the alkalinity of the water. The calcium is 100% made from the US- made with high levels of calcium carbonate to subsequently increase the pH levels of the water.

Other notable and key features to this system include.

  • The system can produce up to a daily level of 75 gallons of water.
  • A 4- gallon tank
  • Weighs at 27 pounds
  • The customer to the system will enjoy a one year warranty which also comes with 30-day money back to any unsatisfied customer.
  • A water outlet which has no lead thus ensuring filtered water does not gather any lead before being consumed.
  • All the filters being used have the approval and certification by the NSF which ascertains their safety.


For 17 years, Apec’s existence is a definite signal that users will experience a high-quality reverse osmosis system and enjoy healthy drinking water. The water filter systems manufactured by this brand are all built for the US thus giving an assurance to users that they are of high quality. Most of the consumer goods made from China have had unpleasant experiences, especially due to their quality.

On this note, Apec has focused on ensuring all its components are made from the US. A technical team is available for the rest of the lifespan of the system for users to make use of when the need arises.


  • Saves money and time – This system removes the pain and stress of buying bottled water every other day.
  • Treats all water types – Unlike some of the other brands this one treats soft, tap, well and hard waters.
  • Gives water that addition, mineral, thereby enhancing its taste.
  • Safe and ready to drink – By removing contaminants in the water, users can enjoy the water, which is clearer in color with much better taste.
  • Easy to manage – The filters will serve users up to 6-12 months before a need to replace them arises giving users a peace of mind.
  • The system is easy to install.


  • The system wastes more water during the purification process.
  • Due to the shipment of goods from the vendor to the customer, there is a risk of pilferage or having breakages.

User reviews and recommendations

Customers who intend to purchase this system can buy it at a reasonable price of $229.95.

The product has favorable reviews by users finding it satisfactorily good for use. With 69 reviews, the system enjoys positive feedback from consumers. Most of the review responses are satisfied with the system and seem to believe they got value for their money.

Many are happy because the water tastes much better and seem enthusiastic to support quality American brands. There were those who were pleased with the ease of installation and the reduction in the TDS count.

On average the system was able to attain 4.8-star rating out of 5. This is indeed a perfect indicator for any potential buyer.

User Guide & Maintenance

Before installing the system users should ensure all the components of the package are intact. Buyers can get in touch with their distributors in case of displeasure. The user manual together with video tutorials available online is great ideas for installation purposes.

Users are cautioned to ensure they keep the systems in a safe location away from the sun or very cold weather for a longer durable service.

Water being purified is supposed to be at pressure levels of 100psi. Additional booster pumps are available to enhance this if needed.

Water should also be at temperatures of 4-37 degree C. All this is for users to benefit and get better services for longer. Filters are required to be replaced after every 6 months or up to an year.


Doctors and health practitioners will always advise on a daily water intake of 8 glasses. Unfortunately, not everyone consumes water at that rate. For those who do, the majority buy bottled water or use the tap water available in our homes. This water is expensive and mostly carries with contaminated substances.

With Apec ROES-PH75 reverse osmosis system, users can get purified water, which tastes good and is coming at a cost saving.

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