Apec Water RO-CTOP Review

RO-CTOP among the various reverse osmosis systems and water filter products from APEC water. Here we will feature this system going all round its specification, usage, pros and cons and any worthwhile aspect that might be helpful.

Product Specifications

Reverse osmosis has never been this fascinating and interesting with the inception of this system. Apec RO-CTOP with four-stage filtration system has been developed to meet the needs of any user at any point.

Its small size makes it is ideal for motor homes, student hostels, apartments, travelers and condos. Before we get all carried away, let’s focus on the four stage process.

  • First stage: Five micron sediment filter that removes heavy residual including particles and dust.
  • Second stage: A coconut shell activated carbon filter – Water at this stage gets purified from chlorine odor and color.
  • Third stage: This stage is where the water gets to go through the osmosis filtration process. Waters passes through a high rejection RO membrane where contaminants such as arsenic, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium and bacteria are eliminated.
  • Fourth stage: Another carbon filter removes any residual that might have been retained during the purification process.

Other notable features in the systems include.

  • The system has a water production rate of 90 gallons per day
  • The whole system has a weigh about 7 pounds
  • The system shuts off automatically whenever the storage tank gets full
  • Users get a one year warranty when they purchase the system.
  • The system is certified by the NSF water standards.


This American made quality product is very light with no worries on installation.

Users only need to hook it to a faucet, then get to enjoy the purified water. Its portability works well for everyone. It can be used by travelers and students at ease.

At home, users have the luxury of placing it anyway where there is a faucet. This gives users the flexibility of organizing their house to pleasure.


  • Easy to manage – The system doesn’t need any installation.
  • Fast water capacity per day, which is 90 GPD
  • Treat all types of water – It treats all kinds of water, including the hard, soft or even tap water.
  • Purifies and cleanses – Users get to enjoy tasty, and healthy purified water free of contaminants and bacteria.
  • Great usage experience – Users get to enjoy the system up to 6 months or even a year before replacing the filters.
  • The noiseless system operates comfortably giving users a favorable experience. The system does not require power to operate.
  • Convenient – Users get to enjoy water without having to buy bottled water every now and then.


  • The system does not guarantee total eradication of water contamination
  • Does not ogre well with water outlets which have low pressure and the system will give a very slow output.
  • The system does not come with a storage tank.

Apec RO-CTOP Reviews

The system is available at a reasonable and buyers can also get replacement filters at favorable cost.

The customer review like many of the reverse osmosis system was very positive. Most of the consumer reviews focused on the nice taste of water. But the majority of those who reviewed were pleased with its portability, the ease of managing it since you can easily mount it and the fact that you do not have installation challenges.

There were a number of customers who experienced difficulties in installing the system. One user felt that the system required a boost pump to enhance the water pressure especially to those who had low pressure in their outlets.

How To Handle It

This product does not have the complexity of installation like other reverse osmosis systems. This one only requires users to plug the faucet to the water source, and then enjoy the purified water.

However, users are cautioned to ensure that the water being purified is within favorable temperature levels of 40-100 degrees F. This is important to avoid damaging the system and ensuring that it serves you for many years.

To benefit and gain maximum productivity levels, water being filtered should be at 100psi. Users can purchase boost pumps to enhance the pressure levels so as to gain from the system.

Apec RO-CTOP should be stored in a suitable environment away from too much sunlight or heat and cold weather conditions.

Filters need to be replaced after every six months or even a year.

Prospective buyers are advised to ensure they purchase genuine products. APEC does not engage other distributors and buyers are advised to purchase product from either their website or reliable e-commerce sites like amazon.com.

The users can only benefit from the one year warranty, if the product gets defective due to its workmanship probably due to the manufactures fault.


APEC’s 17 years in the industry have seen the manufacture, produce exceptional and remarkable products. It has indeed been among the leading brand in the industry. The fact that its products are made in the US makes more users interested to be associated with the brand.

Reverse osmosis continues to gain popularity as people find alternative sources of water. Bottle water has turned into a mega million minting venture and manufactures are not focusing much on their quality service delivery. Tap water and other water sources are becoming more contaminated with chemicals.

The APEC water countertop water filter RO-CTOP purifying water is more than a necessity at this time. Since water is life, then it best we get the best out of it.

Based in at is headquartered in the US, APEC is a water management company with more than a decade in operations. The company is a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems with a variety of water filter systems to offer. The manufacture produces its products under stringent processes to ensure quality and reliable systems. All its systems are manufactured and components sourced from the US.

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