3 Best Vacuums For The AU Market

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing which vacuum cleaner is best for your home – the appliance’s power and durability, how easy it is to operate and even how noisy it can be are all valid elements to look into.

In this article, we will present some of the best-rated vacuum cleaners for the Australia market as picked by professional cleaners from Pristine Home, to help you make a more informed decision towards purchasing the correct model.

1. Dyson V11 Absolute

Dyson’s newest model in the V-series maintains a lot of the original components of its predecessors while adding some helpful improvements. For instance, it keeps the basic aesthetics along with the large-sized bins which are quite suitable for spacious homes. However, the new V11 Absolute is now equipped with a more powerful motor, allowing it to perform better suction without compromising power consumption.

The V11 Absolute is also a lot easier to use than previous models in the series, thanks largely to the new LCD interface added to the appliance. Experienced cleaners prefer this model over the others due to how you can simply look at the screen and choose which mode to use depending on the type of cleaning you will be doing. This feature gives the user the option to adjust from low to max levels as he or she vacuums from hard floor surfaces to carpets and furniture. This new add-on also makes it much easier for the cleaner to check on the battery level of the vacuum cleaner, as the battery’s power is reflected via a countdown timer to help you understand how long you can still use it before plugging.

Like most Dyson vacuum cleaners, the V11 Absolute comes with a whole new set of accessories to use. First, there is the charging dock that you can easily mount on the wall of the room you will be vacuuming, allowing cleaners to save time by giving them convenient access for charging. There is also the High Torque cleaner head, used to adjust the vacuum cleaner’s power level to better fit the surface it will be used on. Professional cleaners use this to increase the opening between the headgates for concrete floors and other hard surfaces, which in turn allows the vacuum to suck up larger pieces of dirt and other debris. The set also includes a Soft Roller head that the cleaner can use to make sure minuscule particles are completely taken in. 

With its new technology, the V11 Absolute is a great purchase for easy cleaning over multiple kinds of surfaces. The new motor can compete with corded models when it comes to raw power, and the fact that the manual can be viewed anytime through the LCD screen should work wonders for users who are prone to forget how to operate certain appliances from time to time.


2. Karcher WD 4

The Karcher WD 4 is another highly-recommended purchase for both professional cleaners and vacuum cleaner enthusiasts. Like Dyson’s V11 Absolute, this model packs enough power to effortlessly sweep through different surfaces, and the suction capability of the WD 4 is even strong enough to absorb significant amounts of water for wet cleaning.

What makes the Karcher WD 4 model extra appealing to qualified cleaners is its ability to clean animal hair off any kind of surface. This vacuum cleaner is designed to pick up the littlest of particles and the vacuum’s relatively fast airflow helps it ensure that deep cleaning is done successfully. The WD 4 does not do too bad on larger particles, either – the powerful motor allows it to go suck up even chunky pieces of wood, plaster and other rubble with ease. 

Although the Karcher WD 4 is light on flair and accessorization, the model’s easy-to-understand design and low price tag make it an ideal purchase for users simply looking to get the job done. Quality-wise it is definitely among the best wet and dry cleaners in the market and should remain there for the foreseeable future.


3. Numatic Henry HVR200

The HVR200 uses a low-powered motor, which bodes well for power consumption but leaves something to be desired for deep cleaning purposes. Although this vacuum cleaner still gets the job done on most surfaces with its superb suction technology, it finds cleaning up fur and other small particles a little more challenging. As such, professional cleaners only use this model for houses without pets or animals in the vicinity.

As you could expect from its bargain price, the HVR200 does not come with a lot of add-ons. Some stores offer free HEPA class bags upon purchase, but otherwise, the only extra accessories would be a dusting brush, crevice tool, some changeable colored plastic bins, and a washable cloth filter you can find in a compartment just below the appliance’s top region. Despite its plain design, however, the HVR200 is still one of the better buys out there due to its budget-friendly cost.

Picking the right vacuum cleaner can go a long way into improving the quality and efficiency of your cleaning tasks, so it is important to understand the needs of your home first before making a purchase. While the products stated above have been picked by professional cleaners, it wouldn’t hurt to do personal research to ensure you get the best fit for your home.



Cleaning can be a daunting task, especially without the right kind of equipment. Whether it is for end of lease cleaning, scheduled maintenance or just a sudden urge to clean up the house, making sure you have the proper cleaning equipment should be your top priority if you want to save time and effort while also improving your chances of success.

Investing in a quality vacuum cleaner will significantly improve your efficiency in cleaning the house. At the same time, purchasing the wrong kind of appliance can also add more hours to cleaning and make the task even harder than it already is.

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